Toast Success! 7 Ways to Properly Save Wine in Self-Storage Units

Southern Ontario is a vineyard oasis. With world-class VQA wines stemming from Niagara and PEC, you're likely eager to indulge in a taste of national pride.

Certain wines are known for ageing gracefully. They can last decades or even centuries when appropriately stored – becoming a heirloom of great value. However, it would help if you kept vino properly to avoid spoilage. Thankfully we're storage experts, offering storage units in Burlington of all sizes and functions. So whether you're an Ontario grower or toasting an international collection, we have seven proven methods to store wine effectively!

1.)Keep wine at the right temperature

Temperature control is arguably the most critical factor to consider when storing your wine. To prevent spoilage, the ideal temperature for wine storage is roughly 13°C, although it varies between varieties of wine. Nevertheless, wine should never be kept below -4°C, which causes wine to freeze, or above 20°c, which accelerates ageing.

Luckily, we offer-climate controlled storage in Burlington to retain the integrity of your wine for years to come. Unlike a home refrigerator which keeps food cold and dry, our storage units maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels for wine.

2.)Store your wine bottles horizontally

Storing wine bottles horizontally is crucial if you plan on retaining them for later sale. In addition, keeping wine on its side helps keep the cork moist – as a dried-out cork causes premature ageing due to air seepage.

It's not necessary to keep screw top wine bottles on their sides. However, horizontal storage helps with efficient placement in your self-storage units – helping prevent breakage and allowing easy access.

3.)Ensure wine is stored at the proper humidity

Another reason to consider our self-storage service in Burlington? Our climate-controlled units ensure proper humidity.

Changes in humidity negatively impact your wine's lifespan. Lower humidity will dry corks out, allowing oxygen to seep in and out. Contrarily, higher humidity causes labels to peel from bottles, a significant concern when selling or displaying them. Therefore, we recommend keeping humidity between 60 and 68 percent when storing wine.

4.)Store wine in the dark and away from technology

Wine must be protected from light and vibrations – another reason why it's wise to rent storage. The sun's UV rays damage wine's compounds, flavours and aromas. Additionally, home vibrations such as laundry machines, stereo systems and TVs stir sediments in bottles – interfering with the wine's ageing process.

Therefore, it's best to keep your wine in storage until you intend to drink or sell it.

5.)Serve wine at the right temperature

Allowing wine to reach its proper serving temperature prepares it for better longevity. Furthermore, it helps amplify the wine's flavour and aromas.

Red wine is best served slightly below room temperature at about 12-19°C. The exact temperature is determined by the age of the wine, with older wines best served higher on the spectrum and lower ones at a cooler temperature.

White wines, however, should be served at cooler temperatures between 8-12°C – with sparkling and sweet white wines on the cooler end.

Champagne is best served at 5-8°C.

6.)Properly store open wine bottles

When stored properly, an opened bottle of wine retains optimal quality for 3-5 days. Recorking it promptly and tightly is the key to extending its shelf life.

The best way to recork wine is by placing wax paper around the cork and sliding it back into the opening. The wax paper ensures no cork splinters fall into the bottle. A rubber wine stopper is another option if you've discarded or damaged the cork. Lastly, you might want to invest in a wine vacuum pump, which allows you to suck the air out of an open bottle and create a leakproof seal.

7.)Consider your wine's expiration date

Most retail wines aren't meant to be aged or kept in a cellar beyond 1-3 years. For example, many $20 wines would not last or gain value over a decade and often spoil. However, fine wines, which have a unique balance of sugars and tannins, can be worth upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Consult with a vendor on wines that specifically get better with age and last decades.

Most bottled white wines can be kept in a rental storage unit for one to two years, whereas red wines often last up to three years.

Wine down – don't stress out!

We've offered self-storage in Burlington, Ontario, for over 30 years. As a recap, our experts recommend you rent storage for wine to:

  • Keep wine away from light and vibrations
  • Ensure your wine is stored at the proper humidity level
  • Keep wine at the right temperature
  • Ensure adequate space to avoid breakages
  • Allow it to age long-term
  • Recork wine properly, and invest in a wine vacuum pump

As mentioned, renting climate-controlled rental storage units is the best investment when storing wine. For further information, read our post on Regular Vs Climate Controlled Storage.

Are you ready to make the move?

Then call us today! You can move in your belongings right away – or reserve a storage unit online, free of additional charge!

Toast Success! 7 Ways to Properly Save Wine in Self-Storage Units

Southern Ontario is a vineyard oasis. With world-class VQA wines stemming from Niagara and PEC, you're likely eager to indulge in a taste of national pride.

Certain wines are known for ageing gracefully. They can last decades or even centuries when appropriately stored – becoming a heirloom of great value. However, it would help if you kept vino properly to avoid spoilage. Thankfully we're storage experts, offering storage units in Burlington of all sizes and functions. So whether you're an Ontario grower or toasting an international collection, we have seven proven methods to store wine effectively!

1.)Keep wine at the right temperature

Temperature control is arguably the most critical factor to consider when storing your wine. To prevent spoilage, the ideal temperature for wine storage is roughly 13°C, although it varies between varieties of wine. Nevertheless, wine should never be kept below -4°C, which causes wine to freeze, or above 20°c, which accelerates ageing.

Luckily, we offer-climate controlled storage in Burlington to retain the integrity of your wine for years to come. Unlike a home refrigerator which keeps food cold and dry, our storage units maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels for wine.

2.)Store your wine bottles horizontally

Storing wine bottles horizontally is crucial if you plan on retaining them for later sale. In addition, keeping wine on its side helps keep the cork moist – as a dried-out cork causes premature ageing due to air seepage.

It's not necessary to keep screw top wine bottles on their sides. However, horizontal storage helps with efficient placement in your self-storage units – helping prevent breakage and allowing easy access.

3.)Ensure wine is stored at the proper humidity

Another reason to consider our self-storage service in Burlington? Our climate-controlled units ensure proper humidity.

Changes in humidity negatively impact your wine's lifespan. Lower humidity will dry corks out, allowing oxygen to seep in and out. Contrarily, higher humidity causes labels to peel from bottles, a significant concern when selling or displaying them. Therefore, we recommend keeping humidity between 60 and 68 percent when storing wine.

4.)Store wine in the dark and away from technology

Wine must be protected from light and vibrations – another reason why it's wise to rent storage. The sun's UV rays damage wine's compounds, flavours and aromas. Additionally, home vibrations such as laundry machines, stereo systems and TVs stir sediments in bottles – interfering with the wine's ageing process.

Therefore, it's best to keep your wine in storage until you intend to drink or sell it.

5.)Serve wine at the right temperature

Allowing wine to reach its proper serving temperature prepares it for better longevity. Furthermore, it helps amplify the wine's flavour and aromas.

Red wine is best served slightly below room temperature at about 12-19°C. The exact temperature is determined by the age of the wine, with older wines best served higher on the spectrum and lower ones at a cooler temperature.

White wines, however, should be served at cooler temperatures between 8-12°C – with sparkling and sweet white wines on the cooler end.

Champagne is best served at 5-8°C.

6.)Properly store open wine bottles

When stored properly, an opened bottle of wine retains optimal quality for 3-5 days. Recorking it promptly and tightly is the key to extending its shelf life.

The best way to recork wine is by placing wax paper around the cork and sliding it back into the opening. The wax paper ensures no cork splinters fall into the bottle. A rubber wine stopper is another option if you've discarded or damaged the cork. Lastly, you might want to invest in a wine vacuum pump, which allows you to suck the air out of an open bottle and create a leakproof seal.

7.)Consider your wine's expiration date

Most retail wines aren't meant to be aged or kept in a cellar beyond 1-3 years. For example, many $20 wines would not last or gain value over a decade and often spoil. However, fine wines, which have a unique balance of sugars and tannins, can be worth upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Consult with a vendor on wines that specifically get better with age and last decades.

Most bottled white wines can be kept in a rental storage unit for one to two years, whereas red wines often last up to three years.

Wine down – don't stress out!

We've offered self-storage in Burlington, Ontario, for over 30 years. As a recap, our experts recommend you rent storage for wine to:

  • Keep wine away from light and vibrations
  • Ensure your wine is stored at the proper humidity level
  • Keep wine at the right temperature
  • Ensure adequate space to avoid breakages
  • Allow it to age long-term
  • Recork wine properly, and invest in a wine vacuum pump

As mentioned, renting climate-controlled rental storage units is the best investment when storing wine. For further information, read our post on Regular Vs Climate Controlled Storage.

Are you ready to make the move?

Then call us today! You can move in your belongings right away – or reserve a storage unit online, free of additional charge!

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Keeping art in a self-storage unit? Consider These 9 Tips

Did you know the Halton region is a thriving artist hub? If you’re an artist, collector or dealer, you know the burden of a cluttered studio. You may alternate materials between seasons or stow away work between galleries. Luckily, we offer storage units in Burlington of all sizes to support artists of all backgrounds! Your work is your identity, passion and gift to the world, and our storage experts have insights to help it avoid damage and ageing. So read on and learn how to keep it in mint condition.

1. Allow adequate room between pieces

Your artwork needs breathing room and should never be crushed beneath other pieces. Ensure there’s enough room around each work of art so it isn’t in contact with other items or shoved as you move objects around.

When storing unframed pieces flat, consider using a conservation mat board that is at least two inches larger than your artworks on all sides to avoid creasing and chemical reactions between pieces.

Visit our self-storage unit size guide to choose a solution that meets your needs.

2. Avoid Bright Light

Paintings and antiques deteriorate from exposure to bright lights, especially sunlight. Fading, discolouring and warping can occur due to chemical reactions when the paint encounters ultraviolet radiation. If your storage unit is lit, keep your items in boxes or envelopes to prevent deterioration.

3. Clean your art before storing

It’s wise to clean canvas art, sculptures and antiques before storing them long-term. Give items at least a light dusting to ensure dirt and germs don’t gather on them.

Always choose a cleaning product suitable for the material you’re storing. Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning antiques and vintage art, as old age makes them further susceptible to damage.

4. Choose climate-controlled storage

Your artwork risks permanent damage from heat, moisture and humidity. Therefore, choosing a climate-controlled storage unit is a long-term investment if art is your source of income.

Luckily, we offer climate-controlled storage in Burlington to retain the complete integrity of your art pieces.

5. Wear gloves

Did you know natural oil from your hands can cause chemical reactions to paint? Additionally, your hands can smudge and cause irreversible damage to pieces. Wear cotton gloves when handling art to avoid leaving fingerprints or oil on work and accidentally scratching them with your fingernails.

6. Inspect art for damage

Art is a long-term investment that can gain value over time. Therefore, it’s important to document its condition beforehand to determine if further damage occurs during storage.

Take photos and written reports for each art to account for damage and loss. Visual proof may be required when you’re dealing with insurance.

7. Insure your art

Your art is one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. As art is an investment, consider insurance for unexpected damage, disaster or deterioration.

At Burlington Storage Barn, all storage units must be insured. Don’t have off-site insurance with your home policy? No problem – we offer third-party policies at affordable rates. Otherwise, you may consider insurance plans geared explicitly towards fine art.

8. Don’t roll your art inside a tube

Although convenient, rolling paintings in a tube can result in permanent cracking and creasing. Store your pieces flat if you don’t plan on framing and hanging them.

9. Keep smaller works in a solander box

A solander box is an acid-free, clamshell case for storing precious documents, smaller paints, prints, maps and manuscripts. They’re suitable for smaller pieces and won’t take up much space in your self-storage units.

Your peace of mind is our top priority

Your art is deeply sentimental, priceless, irreplaceable and priceless. Our storage facilities are gated, guarded and under surveillance 24/7.

We’ve offered cheap storage for over 30 years. Additionally, Burlington Storage Barn is highly accessible. Located near the QEW and 403 highways, our storage units near Hamilton allow quick access to your art between galleries, sales and seasons. Additionally, we offer drive-up access to some of our units – helping avoid potential damage while transporting artwork. No need to climb stairs, wait for an elevator or walk from a parking lot.

Ready to make a move? Call us today – you can move your art in immediately – or reserve a storage unit online – free of additional charge!

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10 Small-Space Tips to Keep Your Living Room Organized & Spacious

10 Small-Space Tips to Keep Your Living Room Organized & Spacious

Are you one of many folks in the GTA living in a tiny condominium? With skyrocketing real estate costs, many of us are subject to living in spaces smaller than 500 square feet. We have provided storage units in Burlington for over 30 years, and we've mastered the art of apartment living through our process. Read on to discover ten ridiculously simple methods to make your living room feel more spacious!

1.)Consider multifunctional furniture

To keep a small space organized, adopt a minimalist mindset. So often, we fill our space with excessive (and unnecessary) furniture.

Consider foldaway and multipurpose furnishings if you need more furniture than your space allows. For example, using a foldable recliner chair can eliminate the need for a leg rest or an ottoman. Additionally, nesting chairs or tables will enable you to stack additional surfaces or units away for later use.

Do you find yourself exchanging furnishings throughout the seasons? Then consider our rental storage units – convenient spaces that allow you to stow away and alternate goods for temporary display.

2.)Donate, sell or store

If you've read this far, chances are you're making a proactive attempt to declutter your home. You can't afford any wasted space, so eliminate any unneeded objects.

Consider using woven baskets and pantries. They are excellent for concealing everyday goods – helping your living room remain clean and uncluttered while acting as storage units that add a decorative touch. Remain organized by labelling or colour-coding them to keep similar items together.

3.)Buy furniture with small or tight arms to create the illusion of space

We often overlook the space consumed by large, rolling arms of couches and chairs. Instead, choose furniture with no or tight arms, straight sides and rounded backs to optimize every inch of your living space. They also create the illusion of more space and give visual hierarchy to artwork, walls and windows!

4.)Choose a brighter colour scheme

Although darker hues make a space seem cosier, choosing white and bright, neutral colours can make a small living room appear larger.

By painting your trim and walls in similar tones, you will create less contrast and make your space appear more expansive.

5.)Choose a round coffee table or ottoman

Tables and ottomans are often the largest objects in our living rooms. Therefore, choosing a round one will allow more space for other things, allowing easier navigation of your room – making it feel more organized.

6.)Make use of bookcases and shelves

Bookcases and shelves act as multipurpose, vertical storage spaces that prevent the need to purchase additional baskets and boxes. By painting them the same colour as your walls, you can further harness a minimal and organized appearance.

If you have a bookcase or shelf in your rental storage unit, they are an effective way to keep items off the floor and away from your entrance.

7.)Illuminate corners

Unlit corners often make a room appear smaller and unwelcoming. Make your space appear more spacious and inviting by using wall, floor and table lamps to spread light throughout the room.

8.)Use glass lamps and furnishings

Clear glass lamps, vases and tables are ideal for smaller spaces. They allow your eyes to navigate a room freely, as they command minimal visual hierarchy while providing function and elegance.

9.) Hang your curtains close to the ceiling

If your windows are lower than your ceiling, consider hanging curtains or blinds closer to the top.

By covering the tops of your windows, you will create the illusion of taller ceilings, larger windows and a bigger room.

10.) Use a wall mirror to expand the boundaries of your room

Wall mirrors can make a room seem bigger, as they reflect light and empty space to enhance the liberating effect of windows, although you must consider what your mirror reflects. For example, if it mirrors back clutter or a disorganized view, your space will appear more crowded.

Move your mirror between multiple areas and angles to optimize your view and determine the best reflection.

Consider a storage unit near Hamilton

We've offered self-storage in Burlington for over 30 years. During this time, the Greater Toronto Area has become a global centre of commerce, development and entertainment. Therefore, we offer rental storage units that accommodate small spaces and your ever-changing demands.

Curious about the benefits of storage rentals? Read our post Why Self-Storage?

Are you ready to optimize your space? Call us today. We allow you to move belongings in immediately. If you prefer, reserve a storage unit online, free of booking costs!

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Spring Cleaning? Declutter Your Home With Rental Storage & Simple Tasks

As temperatures rise, grass turns greener, and days grow longer, a spring clean is likely inevitable in your near future.

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming – but planning ahead and utilizing our self-storage service in Burlington can help you clean your home faster than ever before. Additionally, following these simple tips can help your home remain organized and decluttered long-term.

Make a spring cleaning checklist

Spring cleaning your home is a time-consuming task with many steps involved. Write a checklist to keep you on track and ensure there are no missed steps.

Before cleaning, go through your home and observe areas that need maintenance. Entail specific tasks for every room, such as:

  • Dusting
  • Cleaning air filters/vents
  • Cleaning lights and light switches
  • Vacuuming
  • Washing walls

Making a checklist promotes good habits long-term and helps streamline your cleaning routine for the seasons to come!

Clean one room at a time

We get it: the thought of spring cleaning your entire home at once is overwhelming. Hence why our self-storage experts recommend choosing one room at a time.

You likely won't be able to clean your entire home in one day. By cleaning a single room 100% before moving on to the next, you can avoid tearing your home apart and ensure you don't forego any tasks.

Clean from the top down

Create as little work as possible for yourself by cleaning each room from the top down. Dust, dirt, and other debris will fall to the ground as you clean.

Consider starting with objects nearest to the ceiling, such as lights, fans and fire detectors. After dusting them and replacing batteries, you can wash your windows and walls.

Apply the 'top down' method to your furniture and appliances. After cleaning them, pull out your fridge and stove to wash the floors under them.

In addition to sweeping, mopping and vacuuming your floors and rugs, consider shampooing your carpets and mattresses. Although they look clean, there can be dirt and mould hiding in your fabrics. Removing pathogens is particularly important in the spring if you're prone to seasonal allergies.

Donate, sell or discard

Spring cleaning your home and getting into each corner and crevice will be more accessible with fewer items obstructing your space. Start by creating four different categories for items: discard, donate, sell or store.

Belongings that are stained, broken or expired should be discarded, as they're too worn out to sell. However, for items you no longer want but are still in good condition, you might want to arrange a garage sale or sell them online to earn some extra money.

Consider a rental storage unit for any extra items you want to keep but don't have space to accommodate. Our Storage units in Burlington are conveniently located next to the QEW and 403 highways to provide homeowners with safety, convenience, and peace of mind throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Organize Your Storage Unit

When you rent storage, consider it an extension of your home. An annual spring clean will work wonders, and remember to start cleaning from the top and work downwards.

Begin with dusting and wiping the ceiling and walls of the unit. Next, wipe off boxes and free-standing goods, as additional dust and debris have likely fallen from the ceiling.

Continue by going through all your belongings and determining what you still need. If you haven't used it in over a year, you may consider discarding or selling it. Additionally, we recommend creating an inventory log to help you remember what's present in your rental storage.

Furthermore, using a rental storage unit for seasonal goods will free up immense space in your home. Objects that are seldomly used consume valuable space – and confining them to storage makes your area more livable, comfortable and clean.

Seasonal storage suggestions include:

  • Snow tires
  • Winter clothing
  • Snow Shovels, blowers and other yard equipment
  • Patio furniture
  • Christmas and holiday decor
  • Collectables – consider rotating your displays throughout the year
  • Seasonal household items – boot racks, rugs etc.
  • Paperwork and tax documents

Experience spring – not stress

We've offered self-storage in Burlington, Ontario, for over 30 years. Our facilities offer storage arrangements of all sizes to accommodate your ever-changing needs.

Additionally, we offer climate-controlled units to protect seasonal and sensitive goods from the elements. For more information, read our post on Regular Vs Climate Controlled Storage.

Are you ready to book your spring storage? Then Call us today. You can move in your belongings right away–or reserve a storage unit online, free of charge!


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7 Ways Self-Storage Can Streamline Your E-commerce Business

Online shopping continues to skyrocket throughout the pandemic. Global e-commerce sales were nearly 5 trillion USD in 2021 alone. Experts predict this figure to grow almost 50 percent by 2025–with sales reaching 7.4 trillion USD!

As a business owner, your opportunities to enter a remote, global marketplace are better than ever. Additional rental storage units can help expedite your e-commerce business towards long-term success. As leaders in the self-storage space, we've identified a few ways our services can help facilitate your online business and assist with work-life balance:

1.) Cost-effective inventory space

The cost of real estate is sharply rising in the GTA annually. Therefore, renting or purchasing commercial space to manage your inventory often isn't worth it. Luckily, you can rent storage to better fit your budget.

Our rental storage units are an excellent means of affordable inventory space–and can help free up space at home. Additionally, Burlington Storage Barn is accessible. We're next to the QEW and 403 highways–offering storage units near Hamilton, where an Amazon fulfilment centre will open this year!

2.) Enhanced security measures

Self-storage further benefits your e-commerce business by providing additional security for your goods. Inventory can be challenging and expensive to replace, and home insurance is often timely and complicated to reason with. Storing with us is far safer than using your garage or home space, and our staff will assist you with on-site insurance.

Burlington Barn is brightly lit and monitored by surveillance cameras, 24/7. Additionally, our entrances are securely gated, allowing daily access between 7 a.m. and 8:45 p.m.

3.) Indoor and climate-controlled units

Sales of electronics, books, media products, leather and wine are skyrocketing across e-commerce. Suppose your business distributes these or any other sensitive goods. In that case, we recommend renting one of our indoor climate-controlled units, which are available in many different sizes. 

The use of these units helps protect your inventory from mould, dust, mildew, moisture and elemental damage–in addition to freezing or fluctuating temperatures. Therefore, climate control is a must if your inventory consists largely of sensitive items.

As mentioned, our storage units in Burlington are conveniently located next to the Junction (QEW & 403). Our easy access to the Greater Toronto Area allows for fast, reliable and safe expedition of temperature-sensitive goods citywide.

4.) Allows for work-life separation

A key benefit of owning an e-commerce business is the convenience of operating from home. However, this makes it challenging to engage in a healthy work-life separation. Storing work items away from home allows you to detach business from your personal life.

Furthermore, If you share your household, inventory space is likely scarce. With hybrid and remote work here to stay, you'll want as much space available for your personal belongings. 

5.) Store away seasonal items

Do your offerings and sales fluctuate between seasons? Self-storage is ideal if you sell seasonal items such as garments, decorations, and equipment that are not relevant to customers throughout the year. Storage units allow for the flexibility of saving extra inventory until it's needed again.

Additionally, you can place personal, seasonal belongings in your storage rental. Consider stowing away weather-specific attire; baggy parkas, heavy boots, sweaters and outdoor equipment. You'll notice improvements in your daily life through better organization and allocation of trivial belongings. 

6.) Opt out of business fulfilment

In e-commerce, fulfilment refers to the process of preparing and delivering a customer's order. Companies can store, produce, pack, label and ship your orders. However, it's a costly service–often claiming upwards of 20% of your sales.

If your business operates locally, you may choose to save money and deliver online sales yourself or have customers come directly to a physical location. E-commerce services such as Amazon charge fees to resellers for storing inventory. Therefore, many emerging businesses turn to rental storage unit spaces as an economical way to fulfil orders. Our affordable plans and flexible rentals support businesses of all sizes and every stage of your growth.

7.) Flexible arrangements

Your business is routinely changing, and you should never be locked into contracts, unnecessary fees or terms that are longer than needed. At Burlington Storage Barn, we rent by the month, and you can stay for as long as you need. Additionally, as your business grows, you'll need additional space to expand inventory. We make it convenient to rent additional storage units or choose a larger space to accommodate your growing inventory.

All we require is a 14-day notice before you move out of your unit. Whenever possible, we'll pro-rate you out upon your move-out request.

Are you ready to make the move?

We've offered self-storage in Burlington, Ontario for over 30 years and invite you to come to see our facilities first hand. 

Burlington Storage Barn has arrangements to assist businesses of all sizes. Touring our facilities gives you a chance to meet our staff, assess the location and view our state-of-the-art security arrangements.

Call us today; you can move in your belongings right away–or reserve a storage unit online–free of charge!

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Moving Abroad? Consider These Five Storage Essentials

Are you ready to embark on an adventure abroad but aren't sure how or where to store your belongings?

For many, the first step in any remote travel journey is figuring out what you will do with your furniture and personal items. While this may seem to be a daunting task initially, we've helped hundreds of people find storage solutions that fit their long and short-term needs while abroad.

As industry leaders in the self-storage space, we've learned a thing or two about how to store your most valuable possessions safely. With these tips, you'll be ready to pack up and make your travel dreams a reality.

1. Confirm your budget

Self-storage costs much less than residential renting, but you’ll need first to decide what size of unit you need to determine your monthly budget.

Using the unit size guide will give you an idea of what size unit will fit your belongings. For example, if you’re looking to store a small apartment worth of boxes and furniture, you’ll want a 5 x 10 unit. There are many size options to choose from – some units can even fit a full-size car!

If you’re going away for a fixed amount of time, you may take advantage of get one month free deals or monthly discounts.

Also, because you won’t need to visit your unit regularly, consider selecting a self-storage facility outside of the city for even bigger savings.

2. Choose the right boxes and packing supplies

One of the top self-storage tips is to get the right equipment for storing your stuff. You can keep items in bags and old boxes, but it's often better to put them in appropriate containers designed for the job.

Types Of Boxes

Cardboard Boxes: Cardboard storage boxes are cost-effective, durable and can be broken down for future use or easily recycled.

Plastic Bins: plastic boxes with sealable lids are more durable, more easily stackable, and keep moisture out.

Specialty Boxes: These boxes are used for fragile-type belongings so that you can pack sensitive items inside the specialty box.


Small-Size Boxes: These are the standard packages with dimensions 16 x 12.5 x 12.5. Small-sized boxes are suitable for packing small items in size and are not bulky in weight.

Medium-Size Boxes: These boxes have a dimension of 18 x 18 x 16 and are used to pack medium-sized items safely.

Large-Size Boxes: Extra-large size boxes carry up to 70 pounds, beneficial for large store items that don't fit in large containers.

Also, consider using packing supplies such as bubble wrap, tissue paper, mattress covers, and of course, investing in a secure padlock for your storage unit for peace of mind.

3.Climate-controlled storage for delicate items

Always consider the season you'll be storing your stuff. Extreme cold and heat can have a severe impact on your stored items. Certain belongings will do better in a climate or temperature-controlled environment.

Here are some reasons you may want to go the climate/temperature-controlled unit route:

• Keeps your clothes and upholstered fabrics smelling fresh

• Keep your wooden furniture in good shape

• Keep your appliances and electronics from moisture damage

• Keep Your books, magazines, and important documents from being damaged.

Pro tip: find a unit with easy drive-up access for those cold, snowy months.

4.Store your car

Storing your car in self-storage is prudent to give you peace of mind while abroad – you don’t want that dreadful phone call while away that your car has been towed or, worse, burglarized.

Follow these steps before storing your car to ensure your vehicle is tip-top, ready to drive shape upon your return:

•Fill your car tires with air

•Leave a full tank of gas and add fuel stabilizers

•Change the oil

•Block your exhaust pipe to avoid bugs and rodents from making themselves at home.

5.What NOT to put in a storage unit

When it comes to self-storage tips and tricks, it's just as important to know what not to store in your unit.

Make sure you don't leave any food or perishables behind to avoid mold, unwanted pests, and damage to any of your belonging.

Also, hazardous or illegal materials should never be stored, including illicit drugs, propane tanks, acid, or anything that can potentially melt, burn, explode, dissolve or freeze.

People and animals are strictly forbidden. Your storage unit is not a place for dwelling, and your animal's health and well-being will be in serious jeopardy – this includes your 8-foot python, which only requires monthly feedings.

Check out our complete naughty list of items not to keep in self-storage.

How Burlington Storage Barn Can Help

Renting a storage space is a great idea so that you can have peace of mind while you’re traveling the world. If you are looking for storage space in Burlington, Ontario to store your items, you can reserve a unit online now or give us a call at 1 (905) 637-8085 to learn more.

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Why Self-Storage?

Many people find that they have too much stuff and there's not enough room in their homes to store it all, so they use self-storage to keep some of their items securely stored away. Whether you're storing a car, furniture, bike or tools, self-storage offers a convenient easy, convenient, and affordable solution.

Self-storage is a facility that offers storage spaces for rent. The unit sizes vary, but typically range from 5 x 10 ft. to 10 x 15 ft. Self-storage can be used for any number of things, but most commonly it is used for storing furniture, household items, vehicles and more. Self-storage facilities are also often used as a location to store business records or documents in the event of an emergency.

Self-storage units are an excellent solution for people who are looking to free up more space but there are many scenarios where someone needs to store something so it might not surprise you to know that as many as 1 in 10 people use storage facilities. Self-storage units are an ideal solution for many challenges; people who have seasonal equipment, are in-between homes (for example, during a move), or are doing renovations and want to protect their belongings from damage.

Things To Consider: Self-Storage in The Winter

If you are looking to store your stuff during the winter, here are some things to keep in mind.

Climate Control

First, you’re going to want to use a storage facility that is heated. It's best if you can find one that has climate-controlled units like we have at Burlington Storage Barn. This will keep your items at a constant temperature and humidity level throughout the colder months. You'll want one with easy access so you can get in when it starts snowing as well.

Drive-up Access

Burlington Storage Barn provides drive up access to larger units to make loading and unloading your possessions much easier. This will be very important if you need regular access because it will save you a lot of time. It’s also convenient if you are storing larger items that you are loading and off-loading form a trailer – snowmobiles for example would require this type of storage.

More than that, winter self-storage is a useful service for those who need to store their furniture and other possessions that they use rarely or are seasonal. Packing and storing summer lawn decorations or backyard furniture will help extend their life by protecting them from the harsh winter weather we get in Canada. Your items will be safe from potential damages that may occur for a very reasonable fee. Again, if you’re storing larger bulky items the drive-up access will make your life so much easier.

Safe Storage Practices

Be sure to follow best practices when storing your belongings. You’ll want to make sure that your belongings are clean, dry, and well packed, and dry. Did we mention dry? Packing we items in boxes, even in a climate-controlled facility, can leave you with an unfortunate surprise when you unpack your things again. One way to help protect against moisture damage is to use breathable packing materials, a cardboard box, for example, is a much better idea than a garbage bag. If you need supplies to pack things that you don’t anticipate needing for some time you can visit our store for all your needs.

Elevate packed belongings

If you’re particularly concerned about an item being protected, you might want to invest in a shelving unit for your locker to help you stay organized and, importantly, to elevate your belongings off the ground and allow air to flow freely. Look for shelves that have a mesh or rack as opposed to something more like a bookshelf. The idea is to let everything breathe. If you’re not looking to invest in shelving or want a cheaper option to do the same trick, milk crates or apple boxes will work well.

Location, Location, Location

When getting a storage unit, you’re effectively renting a property and you’re going to want to consider location if is a place you’re planning on visiting on a regular basis. That means you’ll want a facility that is along your commuter route and isn’t far from your home. Burling Storage barn is conveniently located near the intersection of the 403 and the QEW for exactly this reason.

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Filling The Gap Between Move-In & Move-Out Dates

This is a something we get asked this about a lot. When you’re moving, it’s not always going to be a perfect transition. If you just bought or rented a new home, the move in and move out dates don’t always line up.

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you where need to make accommodations for a month or longer before you take possession of your new home.

A short-term rental is an obvious solution to the problem of where you’ll stay but there is still another issue - what do you do with your belongings in the meantime?

Whether you bought a new home, but the closing dates don’t line up, or you’ve rented new apartment, but you have a month gap before you move out of your old one and into the new, one thing is for sure you’re going to need a storage unit.

Moving is incredible stressful and requires good planning. Finding a well-reviewed and reputable moving company is probably where you’ll start. One of the first question you have after you’ve done that is, “what size truck do I need?”

Answering this question can give you some good insight into what size storage unit you need too.

When it comes to moving trucks, conventional wisdom is to air on the side of caution and go a little bigger than you think you’ll need. You’ll want to be sure you can move it all in one trip – especially if you have a long way to go.

It’s important to remember, that when you’re renting a truck, you should think of your belongings in terms of how much cubic space they would take up – think Tetris. You’ll want to pack the truck relatively tightly, so things don’t shift in transit.

So, should you get a storage locker that’s the same size as your truck? Afterall, if all your belongings fit in a truck what’s the difference?

If you have a bachelor (500-700 sq ft) or a small one-bedroom apartment that’s sparsely furnished you’d be well suited to arrange for a 12–14-foot truck – think the classic mail truck. If you’re moving from a home that 900-1200 sq ft, look to a 15 to 17-foot truck. If you’re moving out of a 3 bedroom in the then you’ll want something in the 20-24 ft range.

So how much space is there in a 15-foot truck?

Depending on the model, a 15ft truck has a space that is about 12’ 5” x 7'8" x 7' 2" (plus a cubby above the cab). You can expect to fit a mattress, a sofa, some chairs, and a bunch of boxes in this range. That said, if you’ve never moved before or it’s been a long time, you might be surprised by just how much stuff you have.

You can load that space up and pack it tightly when your belongings are only going to be in in there for hours or maybe a day or two even. A storage locker of the same size would of course fit your belongings the same way - but we wouldn’t recommend it.

Consider this, you have your Livingroom furniture in the truck then you’re packing boxes on top of if it. That’s not likely going to be an issue for a few hours of travel before it’s unloaded. Now imagine that same packing job sitting for a month or more. You’d come back to get your things only to find a box shaped indent in your favorite seat for one thing. Or maybe worse, you find that because you packed your belongings tightly there is no airflow between them - they haven’t been able to breathe leading to a musty smell after being stored improperly for two months. Not a good scenario.

Needless to say, you’ll want to make sure you get the right size storage locker by going bigger than the truck size you need. You can check out our handy sizing guide with images to get an idea of what to expect.

Notice in this guide how items are packed. This is not just to give you a good idea of what you can expect to fit into your locker, but also to show how you might want to go about it – boxes are on shelves and platforms, and there is a reasonable amount of space between items for access and to air can pass between them.

While movers think in cubic space, your storage locker should be thought of in square feet. So for example, a 12-foot truck is approximately 65 square feet and so you’re likely going to want a 10x10 (100 sq ft) unit over a 10x5 (50 sq ft). A 15-foot truck is approximately 114 square feet so if you can fill that you’ll want at least a 10x15 (150 sq ft) and so on.

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Get Your Garage Rocking This Winter

We’re all going to be stuck inside again soon enough but this time it’s because winter is coming. Now is the time to get a start on your winter cleaning. It sure seems like the whole world has been on a home improvement kick since the beginning of the pandemic. From backyard improvements, like new patios and gardening, to rearranging the furniture and making the perfect home office it seems the whole world has been on a home improvement kick. Still, there is likely one project left and it’s time to get on it. It’s time to reclaim your garage.

Declutter Your Home

As Ontarians, contrary to popular opinion, we have no shortage culture. For starters, you’d be hard pressed to find a group of people who can answer a yes or no question in a more confusing way. Well confusing for anyone but us that is. Yup, we are the masters at it not giving a straightforward yes or no answer. You know how we do. It’s, “Yeah, no”, “No, yeah”, “Yeah no, yeah”, and of course the greatest of all, “Oh yeah, no yeah, yeah no, for sure”.

But we don’t just have our own way of talking. Oh no, we have a hallmark time honored tradition. For generations we’ve gathered with our neighbours to celebrate our love of the game. It’s not a fancy affair, and it’s not on the back of a pick-up truck like our football loving neighbours to the south. No up here, we’re the winter champions. We throw on a jersey, put on the foil, and invite the neighbors for a few pops on game night. We don’t call to send invites either, oh no, there’s no need. Nope, we sent out the signal like Chief Gordon calling out for Batman. We turn the lights on and open the garage doors when our favorite time hits the ice.

Your garage is valuable space

Now, we’ve all seen some pretty awesome garage setups and for good reason. For starters, it’s a lot more fun and easier to have an impromptu garage hang than getting the people together at the local pub for game night. If you’re garage isn’t already set-up as your winter backyard then pitter patter. Chances are you have summer stuff stored in there like your mower and patio furniture. Maybe you have a pile of old boxes that haven’t yet made it to the curb. Time to get on clearing that stuff out that’s for sure. That space is worth a lot and shouldn’t be wasted.

Real estate isn’t cheap and it sure isn’t getting any cheaper. From a purely financial perspective, there are about 180,000 reasons to reclaim that space and turn it into your neighbourhood hang out. The average price per square foot of a house in Burlington is 500 dollars. That means a double car garage, which is about 20x18 – 306 square feet, is right around 180,000.00 worth of real estate. Now I don’t know about you, but that seems like an awfully valuable space to be used just to store things for the winter. If you get a start on it now, you’ll be having a garage bash by the holidays. As an added bonus, a garage with the doors open is a well-ventilated space.

Get out of the house while staying in with your friends

So, what do you need to do to get your garage in shape to entertain? Your best bet is to start sorting out what to keep, what needs to stay, what to donate, and what to throw away. Could be that you have a few items to put up for sale online – not a bad way to good way to get yourself a TV, a wall mount or maybe a space heater.

Now what do you do with all that stuff you do want to hang onto? That’s easy – get yourself a storage locker. A storage locker is an affordable and an easy way to get your space back. Not to mention, if that stuff isn’t worth paying to store off property, then it’s probably not worth storing in our garage either. If you have items that you wouldn’t value enough to pay to have stored in a storage locker then you have to ask why you’re hanging on to these things at all. We are all guilty of holding on to stuff we just don’t need – boxed for years and never making it to the curb.

Storing your summer car in the garage all winter?

If you have a summer car that gets parked in the garage all winter long then why not store that at in a unit too? Seeing as so many people are going out less, the money you’ll save by having your own at home hangout for you and your friends makes this an easy decision financially. Afterall, just a few nights out will pay for the difference of keeping your car in your garage vs getting it safely tucked away in a locker until late spring. That said, you’d better get a move on, you don’t want to be driving your summer car with slick tires once the snow starts to come down and the roads freeze up.

Deck out your rumpus room

So, what exactly do you need to pimp out your garage? First of all, get some lights strung up or get yourself a good standing lamp or two. No one likes the look of an exposed bulb in the middle of the ceiling. Next up, get yourself a decent sound system. If you don’t still have that old stereo you loved - you know, the one that doesn’t look good in the living room anymore - then you can get one cheaply second hand these days. The right cable and you can get that classic beauty hooked up to your tv too. Last but not least, you need to get yourself some good seating. Now this one is easy, just set up your summer patio furniture! If it’s not in your garage already it should be, afterall it’s not doing any good under a tarp in the back yard.

How Burlington Storage Barn Can Help

Decluttering and clearing out space is one of the best ways max out the cold winter months.. Renting a storage space is a great idea so that you don’t have to take up space in your garage. If you are looking for storage space in Burlington, Ontario to store your items after doing a winter, you can reserve a unit online now or give us a call at 1 (905) 637-8085 to learn more.

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Regular Vs Climate Controlled Storage

When you’re searching for the best storage unit to get for your needs, you might wonder how well your items will be protected and what types of storage units will be best for your items. Or you might wonder if climate controlled self storage is worth the extra price. In this article you will have all those questions answered so you can ease your mind about putting items into storage or decide what kind of storage is best for you.

What Types Of Storage Units Are There?

Climate controlled self storage is a storage unit that has the ability to keep the climate inside the unit consistent throughout the entire year in both extreme heat and cold. By climate, this means that both the temperature and the humidity of the unit will remain consistent. There are also temperature controlled units, they will prevent extreme temperature changes but will not control the humidity. Then there are regular storage units which do not control the climate or temperature but are still very secure so your items are kept safe.

If you are considering renting a self storage unit but wondering how each type will benefit you, keep reading to learn how items will be kept safe. Climate and temperature controlled storage will help protect your belongings from different types of damage that certain conditions could cause to more sensitive items. While regular storage units will put a secure roof over your belongings and protect it from direct sunlight, rain, snow, wind, and animal/bugs.

Storing In A Regular Storage Unit

Regular storage units without any climate or temperature control usually come at a lower price. These storage units are great for storing items short term while in between moves or doing renovations on your home. Regular storage units are also good for cheaper long term storage. If you will be storing items that will not be easily affected by changes in climate and temperature then regular storage units are great for storing items without worrying about theft or regular day to day weather. If you will be storing items that are more likely to have some damage due to changes in climate then you can take steps while packing your items to protect them from things like moisture. Regular self storage units are a great way to go if you are looking for secure storage on a budget.

Storing Items In A Climate Or Temperature Controlled Unit

A climate or temperature controlled self storage unit will come at a more premium price but might be the best way to go if you will be storing items long term. Such as, if you are storing items that you are not sure when you’ll end up using again. Or if you are moving away for a while but you know you will be back one day to collect the items. There are certain items that will do better in a climate or temperature controlled environment. These are items that are more fragile or tend to hold onto moisture and scents. Here are some reasons you may want to go the climate/temperature controlled unit route:

Keeps Your Clothes Smelling Fresh

Climate controlled storage units will help to keep any clothes you store smelling fresh. Sometimes when you store away your clothes they can collect moisture which can cause them to end up having a musty or stale smell after a period of time. With the moisture control the climate controlled units provide you clothing will be less likely to be affected by moisture and when you go to collect your storage items they should still smell good and be in fresh condition.

Protects Upholstered Furniture Items

Furniture is not cheap so you’ll definitely want to make sure that your fabric and leather furniture items and cushions will be safe while in storage. If you have fabric cushions then without the humidity in the storage unit being under control they could collect moisture which will then start to grow mold and mildew and they could also start to smell. For leather furniture without climate control,l the leather could start to crack if the storage unit environment becomes too cold or too dry. If there is too much humidity in the unit the leather could also start to grow mold and mildew as well.

Keep Your Wooden Items In Good Shape

Wooden furniture could get damaged due to changing climates and temperatures. One way that damage could happen is that with temperature and humidity changing throughout the year it could cause cracks from the wood expanding and contracting. Wooden furniture is another item that could end up growing mold and mildew when there is high levels of humidity. Another worry when it comes to wooden furniture is extreme temperatures and changing humidity could cause the wood to become discolored. By keeping your furniture in a climate controlled environment you will help protect it from damage and keep it looking the same as it did when you first stored it.

Keep Your Appliances And Electronics From Moisture Damage

Any items that would be considered electronics or mechanical absolutely need to be in a climate controlled storage unit. Oven, TVs, computers, game consoles, etc. These are items that can easily get damaged due to moisture in the storage unit. If they get damaged it might be pricey to get repaired or replaced. Keeping your electronics and appliances in a climate controlled storage unit will help prevent moisture damage and might save you some money you would have to spend if they got moisture damaged.

Keep Your Paper Items From Aging

If you will be storing a lot of books, collectible magazines and newspapers, or important files then climate controlled self storage would be the way to go. With the climate control helping keep the humidity at a moderate and consistent level it’ll prevent paper from getting damaged by the moisture. If paper items get damaged by the moisture then it could cause the pages to become discolored and the pages to become wavy and look very old. There is not really any way to repair water damaged paper so you’ll want to keep them safe.

How Burlington Storage Barn Can Help

At Burlington Storage Barn we have a range of regular, climate controlled, and temperature controlled storage units so you have a freedom to choose whichever one would suit your needs the best. If you are looking to rent a storage unit in Burlington, Ontario soon give us a call at (905) 637-8085 or reserve a unit online now. We’d be happy to help!

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Storing Off Season Summer Items

The weather is getting cool and crisp, the smell of pumpkin spice and apple pie is in the air, pretty soon the sound of crunching leaves will be under your feet. Fall is approaching and it’s about time to put all your summer toys and tools away until next year. Here are some tips on how to store different kinds of summer goods.

How To Store Camping Gear

If you’re a summer camper then you probably have lots of camping gear that you’ll want to store away until the weather gets warmer and you start going on camping trips again. Camping gear can consist of tents, folding chairs, cooking supplies, sleeping bags, and lots of other supplies depending on the type of camping you do.

The tent is probably the most important item when it comes to camping and good tents are costly so you’ll definitely want to make sure it’ll be good to use again next year. The first thing to make sure to do before storing your tent is to ensure there is no dirt or debris inside or on the tent. Check your tent over and see if there are any tears or damage and if there is, repair them before storing. You'll then want to make sure you have all the pieces to assemble it, organize them and put them into the tent bag so everything is kept together and nothing gets lost.

To keep your tent safe in storage you’ll want to keep it in a cool and dry place, so a climate controlled unit would be best to keep your tent at a consistent temperature year round. This will help prevent your tent from growing any mold or mildew on it. Your folding chairs and sleeping bag will also benefit from climate controlled storage.

For your camping cooking supplies it’s important to make sure everything is clean before storing. Usually cooking supplies for camping are not breakable so these should be able to be stored safely in a plastic storage container. Keep it all organized such as having all the plates and bowls together, and all the different types of utensils organized by their different types. This will make it much easier for you to know what you have next year.

How To Store BBQs

Since the summer family barbecues and camping trips are over you might want to put your bbqs in storage until you’re ready to use them again next year. There are a few different types of bbqs which of course will require different ways of storing.

First thing you’ll need to do for all types of bbqs is clean it inside and out. Lots of dirt and grease from grilling gets built up and you do not want to risk any bugs or critters making your bbq their home for the winter. Use a brush to scrape all the debris into a drip bowl or catcher and do not forget to clean the bowl or catcher out as well when you’re done brushing. Cleaning your grills will also prevent mold from growing in it.

If you have a grill that uses propane you will need to disconnect the propane from the grill. Propane tanks should never be stored inside and no storage facilities allow for propane tanks to be stored in their units. Propane tanks should be left outside and kept upright. For the gas line of the grill you’ll want to cover the opening with something like a plastic bag to keep bugs from entering it.

Lastly for your bbq you should cover it with a waterproof bbq cover. This will prevent it from collecting moisture and possibly rusting. It will also prevent it from collecting dust while it is in storage.

How To Store Swimming Pools

Above ground backyard swimming pools could definitely be a concern when it comes to storing. In order to keep your pool in good shape it won’t just be a matter of draining, disassembling and putting it into a box.

One of the most important things to do for your pool before storing is making sure that it is completely dry. You might need to do some planning ahead for this so that you can let it drain and dry on a warm sunny day which will be much easier than trying to dry it with towels. Make sure every crease and piece of pool material is completely dry so that it does not grow mold while in storage.

When folding your pool up you’ll want to minimize the amount of creases in it to make things easier for next year. One good method of folding the pool is to first fold it in half as flat as possible and then roll it up and put it in a large plastic storage container along with all the pool framing so you can keep all the pieces together.

Another important step before storing your pool away for the winter is to make sure to remove any rust from the metal frames for the pool. If you let the rust stay there then it could badly damage the framing and might not be able to support the pool next year.

How To Store Patio Furniture

You may want to store your patio furniture in a storage unit to keep it in good shape throughout the winter. Although patio furniture is meant to be outside, very cold or moist weather can cause damage to the pieces over time. Plastic and wood furniture could crack, metal or wrought iron furniture could rust, and wicker and cushions could get mold and mildew.

For wooden furniture the best way to protect it is to apply a protective coating over the wood. This protective coating would help to prevent moisture from getting into the wood which would cause it to start to crack and could also cause the paint to chip and not look as fresh next year.

Plastic furniture should not be left out in super cold temperatures, this is because if the plastic gets too cold then it could crack. If you are storing your plastic patio furniture it’s recommended to store it in a climate controlled storage unit so that it remains at a good consistent temperature throughout the winter.

Metal and wrought iron furniture is pretty strong but that is only until rust starts to take it over causing it to break down. Metal and wrought iron furniture could be stored covered outside but it is best to store it inside a storage unit for the winter to lessen the chances of it rusting. Before storing metal or wrought iron furniture check it all over and find any spots where it may already be starting to rust and use a rust remover to get rid of it. You can also apply a protective coating to this furniture to prevent rust from forming in the first place.

Wicker furniture is another kind of furniture that is best to keep in a climate controlled storage unit. If wicker furniture is left outside throughout the cold and changing weather then it will be more prone to growing mold and mildew on it. To keep it safe you should first clean the furniture to remove any mold or mildew that might have already formed and then apply some kind of moisture repellant to prevent any further mold and mildew from growing while it’s in storage.

The cushions for your patio furniture definitely cannot stay outside during the winter months. From freezing and thawing it’s almost sure that mold and mildew will grow on the cushions. Storing your patio furniture cushions in a storage box in a climate controlled storage unit is best to keep them in good condition. Before storing them you should also do a deep cleaning so they are fresh and don’t attract any rodents. They could also be protected with a cushion wrap to prevent moisture and dust from collecting on them.

Other Summer Goods

There are many other summer goods that you might have that need to be stored during the winter. Such as golf clubs, canopies, gardening tools, pool toys, etc. In the end they all have some similar things in common when it comes to storing them for the winter season. These things are to first make sure all the items are clean before storing, second is to make sure all the items are completely dry before packing and storing, and third is that the items will most likely be safest in a climate controlled environment. Keep these things in mind for any summer items you are planning to store for the winter months.

How Burlington Storage Barn Can Help

Burlington Storage Barn is a great storage solution for you when it comes to storage your items for the winter months. We offer safe and secure storage and also have climate controlled units available to help keep your belongings in top shape. If you are looking for a place to store your summer items in or around the Burlington, Ontario area then give us a call today at 1(905)637-8085 or rent or reserve a unit online now!

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Back To College With Self Storage

Summertime is coming to an end and pretty soon all the college students will be heading back to college or leaving home for the first time to go to college. There’s going to be some packing and moving involved and self storage units can help to make this a bit easier. Dorm rooms are not very spacious so you might not be able to fit everything you’ll need throughout the year in it. College students' parents might also want to use the students room for something else while they are away.

Here are some ways you can use self storage when heading off to college:

Put Your Home Furniture And Items In Storage While You’re Away

You won’t need a lot of the items that are in your bedroom at home. If you’re moving into a dorm on your college campus then you will already most likely have a bed, desk, chair, and dresser there waiting for you. You probably also have a lot of small items like books you’ve already read, decorations, and collectibles from over the years that will not all be able to fit in your dorm room. Putting these items into storage until you have your own permanent place to live is a good idea. Then your parents would be able to use your room for something else or make it into a guest room.

In college you are usually only in a dorm for 8 months then the next school year you move into a different dorm room. Not having absolutely everything you own will make your life a lot easier at the beginning and end of each school year.

Make Space In Your Closet By Storing Out Of Season Clothes

The closet in your dorm room probably won’t be very big, so if you have a lot of clothes, it’s best to store some that won’t be worn away to make some space. Since you’ll be on campus from about September to May you could put all your summer clothes away in a storage unit, maybe leaving just a few summer pieces out for the beginning of September when it’s still a bit hot.

It’s also a good idea you purge your closet before going away to school to see if there are any items you could sell or donate. You might be surprised how many pieces of clothing you forgot you had because you haven’t worn them in years and most likely won’t start wearing them now.

Store Your Vehicle If It Won’t Be In Use

A lot of college students will not need to bring their vehicle when they go away for college. For instance if you are going to a college in a big city, parking is most likely going to be expensive and scarce. Also if you are moving far away from your home to go to college then it’s probably best to leave the vehicle behind than to move it across the country or borders.

Instead of bringing your vehicle to college with you, you can put it in storage. It could make things a lot easier especially in your first year of college so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on gas and parking. Parking spots in a single location can be up to $150 per month alone! Also if your car is parked in storage you might be able to pay less for auto insurance while the vehicle is not in use. Almost all colleges provide their students some kind of transit pass so that you can get around places by bus and it’s included in your tuition.

You Can Use The Storage Unit Next Time You Go Home For The Summer

You’ll only be in your dorm room for 8 months out of the year unless you are going to be doing summer courses as well. Your dorm room is only going to be a short term stay then you’ll be on to the next one. Instead of bringing all your clothes back home from college you can also use the storage unit to store the items you’ll need for when you return to college in the Fall.

You can switch out the summer clothes in the storage unit and replace them with your winter clothes. Store away your heavy textbooks and school supplies. You can also put all your bed linens and dorm room decor in the storage unit until next time. This will help save a lot of time and stress instead of bringing everything home then moving it all back to college in the next school year.

You Can Store Your Moving Boxes and Container For Next Time

When moving into college you're going to have boxes and plastic storage containers that your items will be packed in. There might not be any space in your dorm room to keep all those boxes and containers. Getting rid of the boxes and containers would not be a good idea because you will need them again at the end of the school year.

Storing your extra boxes and containers in a small storage unit would be a good idea. By storing them you’ll be saving them for when they are useful in the future and you will also save yourself some space in your dorm room. The boxes can also be used in the storage unit if you decide there are some things you would like to store away throughout the school year.

How Burlington Storage Barn Can Help

At Burlington Storage Barn we provide you with different sizes of storage units, some that are indoors with climate control and others that have outdoor drive-up access. We also have outdoor rental space where you can store vehicles. You’ll be able to have more peace of mind when going back to college with Burlington Storage Barn’s safe and secure storage solutions. If you’re looking for storage in Burlington, Ontario call us today at 1 (905) 637-8085 or reserve a unit online now.

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Why You Need A Summer Storage Unit

Summer is just around the corner! Many people like to rent a self storage unit in the summer and not only because they may be moving. There are many other reasons why renting a summer self storage unit could be beneficial for you.

Clear The Winter Tools Out Of Your Garage

When you live in a snowy area you definitely probably have winter tools sitting in your garage that are taking up space. Snow blowers, ice drills, snow plow attachments, large push shovels, etc. There’s no point in having them take up space in your garage when they are not going to be used for a few months. You can put these types of items into your self storage unit so they are out of the way, but will be easily accessible when you do need them when it starts to get colder.

Store Away The Winter and Holiday Decorations

If you decorate for the holiday season you probably have a lot of plastic totes or cardboard boxes filled with different holiday decorations. You probably also have an artificial christmas tree, or two, or three. All these christmas decorations only get used for 1-2 months, then they sit and take up space while they wait for the holiday season to come around again. Instead of having them take up space in your home you can get them out of the way and put them into storage.

This also applies to just winter decorations in general. A lot of people will have different decorations in their home depending on the season, this goes from decorative pillow cases, table cloths, wall art, etc. When summer comes around the decorations throughout the home will change and all the winter ones will be stored away.

Make Space In Your Closet By Clearing Out The Winter Clothes

Cold weather clothes are bulky! Instead of taking up space in your closet during the summer time, make some room by putting all your cold weather clothes in storage! You can put all your winter jackets, winter boots, christmas sweaters, knit cardigans, etc., in storage where they will stay safe and in good condition. Climate controlled storage units will help to make sure your clothes do not get musty due to humidity and changing temperatures.

Store A University Student's Items Away Until The School Year

If you have a university student that comes home for the summer a storage unit would be a good place to keep their things until they head back to school. A lot of times university students who live in dorms will have extra dishes, bedding, dorm room decorations, etc that they will not need when they are at home for the summer.

Also there are students who might have lived in an apartment and had to bring all their furniture back home for the summer while they sublet the apartment or plan to move to a new spot when they return to school. A storage unit would be the perfect place to store their items so that your home doesn’t get too crowded and cluttered.

Keep Valuables Safe While You Are On Vacation Or At Your Summer Home

The most popular time to go on a vacation is in the summer. You might even go on a couple months long vacation. Some people might have a summer home they travel to and stay for a couple months as well. If you are going to be away from home for a long period of time you might rent out your home, or leave it unattended. In these cases it’s best to keep your valuables somewhere safe where no one will get at them who isn’t supposed to.

A storage unit is the perfect safe place to store all your valuable belongings while you are away. Storage units are on secure property, they are not easy to break into, and many are also climate controlled so you should have no worries about anything going missing or getting damaged.


Having a storage unit during the summer is very helpful to clear up space in your home. Instead of having so many things stored in your garage you can clear it out to have space for things like camping supplies and bbq equipment instead. All your items will be safe and at easy access in storage. If you are interested in getting a storage unit in Burlington, Ontario this summer, Burlington Storage Barn can give you just what you are looking for. You can reserve a storage unit online now or give us a call at 1(905) 637-8085.

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Are Heated Storage Units Worth It?

Are Heated Storage Units Worth the Additional Expense?

Many storage offer heated or climate controlled units for an additional charge, but are they really necessary?

You know you need to rent a storage space, but what type would be the best option? Storage units are not a one size fits all type of deal. While sorting through the different options, you discover that some units are climate controlled and are kept at a consistent temperature which is always above freezing but below 80 or 90 degrees. Sure, the area you live in gets below freezing in the winter, but will that really affect your belongings? Is it worth the extra expense? It depends on where you live, what season you will be needing storage, along with what items will be kept in the unit.

Why Would a Climate Controlled Unit Be Necessary?

The reason for storing your possessions in a climate controlled unit is to protect them from extreme temperatures. If the unit gets too hot, your items can warp, crack or split. High humidity levels can create excess moisture, which can create mildew, mould, or rust and completely ruin items like books, photographs, and electronics. Freezing temperatures can also cause excess moisture, which will destroy certain items.

While indoor climate-controlled storage cost a bit more than your standard, conventional storage unit, if you have temperature-sensitive items, it is well worth the extra expense.

Items that you should keep in a heated unit:

  • Art and antiques
  • Collectibles
  • Paperwork
  • Metal
  • Liquids
  • Electronics
  • Photographs

Freezing temperatures are not great on any type of product, but for the items listed above, they could be completely destroyed if they are susceptible to freezing conditions. Metal, for example, will crack and rust. Liquids may freeze and become unusable. Any paper products can become damaged or discoloured, so if you are storing important documents or even your passport, the heated unit would be in your best interest so that they are not ruined.

Extra Care

Even if you do opt for the heated storage unit, there are still some additional steps you should do to ensure your items are safe and do not get damaged while in storage. It would be best if you packed your fragile belongings in high-quality storage boxes or enclosed plastic containers, which will prevent any moisture from seeping in and ruining your items. You can also buy high-quality moving boxes and work in extra layers of protection by using towels or blankets for highly sensitive items.

Other Considerations

If you are on the fence about storing your items in a heated unit, consider when you will be needing to access the unit.

If you will be moving your belongings in and out during the coldest time of year, even if your items will hold up okay, do you want to be exposed to freezing temperatures for extended periods of time?

On the other hand, if you are planning to store your items in spring when you know there is little chance for freezing temperatures, you may be able to forgo the heated storage unit.

Bottom Line You have decided to rent a storage unit for items that are obviously important to you. If they weren’t, you would probably be able to get rid of them. For that reason, storing them in a heated unit is worth the additional expense to ensure they are not damaged or destroyed when temperatures get low. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry! If you’d like more information on our heated units, give us a call. We can discuss sizes, prices and availability.
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What to ask before renting a storage space?

Whether you are looking for RV storage, car storage, or need free up space for stashing your valuable stuff. You must have some questions in mind that you want to ask before renting a storage unit. Some people might confuse regarding their items when using self-storage containers, whereas some worry about their valuables' safety and security. To avoid any kind of confusion, below, I've mentioned some questions you should ask before moving everything into storage units.

Can I Rent A Storage Container For Both The Short And Long Term?

It's necessary to ask about the duration of storage containers. Some companies offer both short and long-term services even on a contract basis. In contrast, some self-storage companies have their own rules and regulations where minimum storage limits are one month.

Do You Provide Proper Security To My Valuables?

Ask your self-storage providers whether they provide security to your valuables to keep your stuff safe. Security means are they providing special access, a camera facility, and high walls to protect your items?

When Can I Access My Storage Container?

You need to know about the hours of access to pick and drop your stuff. According to self-storage companies, most storage containers are accessible during the 9 – 5 business hours, but it doesn't mean all companies have the same timings.

What About Pricing Packages?

Always ask about the packages as the majority of self-storage providers give special discounts like seasonal inventory discounts, new renter specials, and student package. It's good to look on the websites and social media pages of the company to let yourself know regarding the deals they're offering.

What Type Of Customer Care Do You Offer?

Many storage facilities do not have onsite management and proper customer care. Ask them about the customer services they're offering to their customers. So, if you would have any concerns or questions, you could ask them through call, email, or face-to-face.

Is The Storage Facility Maintain Cleanliness?

Perhaps, it's one of the essential questions you should ask the self-storage providers. Maintaining the storage containers' cleanliness is vital as it helps avoid debris, dust, or dirt from the stuff you're storing.


If you're considering renting self-storage units, it's significant to ensure that you're taking each step precisely. It's good to clear questions circulating in your mind to avoid any difficulty later as it's a matter of valuables!

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How can you organize your storage units for frequent access?

People prefer using self-storage units due to lack of space at home or office, but it might frustrate you if it's not been appropriately organized. Improper and careless handling of boxes can damage or damage your sensitive items and other stored items inside the containers. Whenever you try to find the stuff, you will have stress and frustration because without managing the storage unit, it will be slightly challenging to find what you are looking for. To prevent the every time chaos and stress, you should have to organize your storage unit precisely and accurately for frequent access. Below, I've shared some useful tips that might help you in managing your storage units.

Choose The Same Sizes Of Durable Boxes

It's significant to choose the same sizes of durable boxes significantly if you're saving your stuff for an extended period. Small and medium-sized durable boxes are highly preferable because the things inside durable boxes can't be destroyed by moisture easily. Besides, large boxes take extra space, whereas small and medium-sized boxes are perfect for storing most of your belongings, as they are easily accessible even by multiple times.

Write On Each Box

Do labeling on the top of each box you're going to pack so later it would be easy for you to find anything you've stored. For further assistance, you can write a list of items you packed and place it on the box using tape, so you don't need to check all the boxes that require much energy and time.

Leave Some Space While Self-Storing

Leaving a space in a self-storing unit will solve most of your problems and help rearrange the belongings whenever you want. If you stack everything and fill your storage unit, it will get you in trouble, especially when you need to take off the stuff you need. It's good to leave a small space while storing the belongings to avoid superfluous work.

Install Shelves Inside A Storage Unit

You can install shelves inside the storage unit, especially if you're renting a storage unit for a long time. Installing freestanding shelves will make it easy for you to put small or medium-sized items as per your needs.

Correctly organizing storage units is crucial for frequent access to valuables and has plenty of benefits as it will save most of your time and energy in the future.

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Choosing The Right Boxes And Containers

Are you going to move your belongings into a self-storage unit but are confused will it be safe? It will be safer if you've chosen the right boxes to fit your belongings in a defined space and pack them properly. Choosing the right boxes is essential, especially for business purposes and for keeping your entire belongings secure. On the other hand, it's slightly tricky to select the right boxes for your belongings because it comes in different qualities, shapes, and sizes. In contrast, it's undoubtedly erroneous to throw all the stuff in a large box, which can cause damage. To prevent item damages, you'll have to select the right boxes and storage containers to ensure your belongings are safe in a self-storage unit.

Choosing the right boxes and storage containers mostly rely on the belongings you want to pack. There are different types, sizes, and quality of packages you can choose from.

Types Of Boxes

Cardboard Boxes: The choice of containers used for moving and storing belongings. Cardboard boxes are cheap, easy to pack, and light in weight that you can easily recycle for future use.

Specialty Boxes: These boxes are used for fragile type belongings so that you can pack sensitive items inside the specialty box.

Plastic Bins: Perfect for storing that even can protect against heat, moisture, and other things that might get inside.


Small-Size Boxes: These are the standard type of packages with dimensions 16 x 12.5 x 12.5. Small-sized boxes are suitable for packing small items in size and are not bulky in weight.

Medium-Size Boxes: These boxes have a dimension of 18 x 18 x 16 and are used to pack medium size items safely.

Large-Size Boxes: Extra-large size boxes carry up to 70 pounds, beneficial for large store items that don't fit in large containers.

Ensure that the type of packaging you're selecting are high-quality, sturdy, and right in shape. Also, stack your boxes wisely, label your boxes clearly to prevent breakage of fragile items. Moreover, fill in the stacked boxes' gaps to avoid shifting and needless movement, so it will keep your belongings stable and safe.

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Storage Over The Holidays

The holidays are always a busy time, and as with many busy periods - space can become limited! With decorations to get out, things to clear away, presents to hide and space to make, there’s always something people can use a little extra space for over the holiday season.

Self Storage This Season, Your Secret Holiday Helper.

If you’re looking for a secret space saving helper over the holidays, look no further than self storage! There is so much space saving help that self storage can give you over this time of year, it can be like having an extra room in your house. There are a lot of things that self storage can help you with, here are some of our top uses for it over the holidays.

1. Free up some space around the house for decorations!

When you are getting your decorations organized and finding space for your Christmas tree it can be difficult to find what to do with any existing clutter around your home. With self storage you can get anything that you do not immediately need over the holidays out of the way. This way you’ll have more room for decorations and festive fun!

2. Hide your presents!

Sometimes it can feel impossible to find anywhere around your home that can be a secret! With a self storage unit, you can rely on having a top secret location to hide your presents this year, we guarantee it’ll be 100% hidden away from any curious little ones!

3. Make space for a guest room.

This year, unlike other years we might be finding our holidays less filled with guests than normal. However, if you are in a situation where you will have visitors it is always helpful to have enough space for them to comfortably stay. You can use self storage to clear some of the larger items out of any room in your home that you need to convert for a holiday guest.

4. Store your decorations after the holidays.

It’s great to make your home look festive and appealing for the holidays, especially to have lights or large decorations out front to brighten up the neighbourhood. But what do you do when the holidays are over? Outdoor lights and decorations can take up a lot of space to store. That’s where a self storage unit can come in handy. Having self storage allows you to keep items that you only use for a short time of year safe and sound when you do not need them.

5. Keep seasonal items out of the way.

Seasonal items can take up a lot of space over in your home when you’re not using them. During winter there are some things that you’ll have laying around that you just won’t need. Think about items that you use a lot in summer but have no need for in winter. Anything you are struggling to find space for when you’re not using it should be a contender for storage.

These are just a few of the ways that self storage can be your secret helper this holiday season! At Burlington Storage Barn we have storage units that come in all shapes and sizes and can serve any need that you have over the holidays Reserve yours today with us at Burlington Storage Barn.

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Self Storage in Winter, What Should You Think About?

Preparing for winter before it fully kicks in is important. There are always changearounds you need to make when it comes to your possessions over the winter.

Self Storage in Winter, What Should You Think About Storing?

Here are some things you’ll need to think about when winter arrives.

Your Tires!

It’s that time of year when the temperature has taken a turn and the roads are starting to look frosty. Late October to early November is the best time to get your winter tires changed so you are ready for driving in those dangerous frosty conditions - then you will be ready for everything the season will throw at you!

Putting on your winter tires

Late October to early November is the general guide for a good time to get your winter tires on, but the best way to be sure is to look at the temperature. If it is seven degrees Celcius or less, you need your winters on. This way you’ll be able to enjoy greater traction, handling, and safer breaking.

Why do you need Winter Tires?

Winter tires are essential when it comes to winter driving in Canada. Without them you are vulnerable to skidding, losing traction, and not safely being in control of your car. Although there is not a legal requirement to have winter tires fitted in Ontario, living in a cold climate, it is the safest way to operate your vehicle during the winter months.

The best ways to store your tires when you change them

If you have the space to store your tired at home, the best way to do this is off the ground and tightly wrapped in a waterproof cover. If, however, you do not have the right space to store your tires you should consider self storage. A small self storage unit is perfect to keep your tires safe and secure without the risk of damage until you need them again.

Your Seasonal Clothes

When winter rolls around you’re going to want to be making sure you have your big coats, winter boots, and all the rest of your warm clothing. You also probably won’t be needing some of your summer clothes, so it’s a good idea to swap them out.

How to store your clothes when you don’t need them

When you’re not going to use your clothes for an extended period of time it’s important to store them properly, otherwise they may be damaged. Things like damp, mould and mildew can creep into your clothing unless you store it in a dry, ventilated space.

Sealable storage containers are one great way to store your seasonal clothes that you do not need for the winter months. Make sure that your clothes are dry and neatly folded so that they are in the best condition when you need them again. Another great way to safely store your clothing for an extended period is to vacuum pack it. This keeps your items safely sealed and protected until you need them again, and also saves a great deal of space!

Once you have swapped your summer sandals with winter boots and so on, you can put away your packed clothes for the season you’ll want to make sure you have a dry space for them. If storage space in your home is limited, a self storage unit can be the perfect answer! With secure and dry units of all sizes, self storage can be a great way to make sure your seasonal clothing is kept safely when you do not need it.

Larger Seasonal Items

As well as clothing, many of us have slightly larger seasonal items that need to be swapped out. Larger items that you might not need over winter such as gardening equipment, outdoor furniture, sports equipment, motorbikes and more. All of these things take up a fair amount of space around the home, so it is always a good idea to think carefully about what you need over the colder months, and what you don’t.

Seasonal Sporting Equipment

Sports like mountain biking, paddleboarding, kayaking, and so on are great fun in spring, summer and fall, in winter - not so much. If you have larger sporting gear you will not be using during the colder months, you can safely store it in self storage and take it out anytime you need to. Our guide to Kayak Storage is a great example of how you can safely store large sporting and recreational items like kayaks or canoes easily using self storage.

Other Seasonal Items

As well as sporting goods, there are always other seasonal items around the home that you will not be needing over the winter. Do you have outdoor furniture that you won’t be using in the colder months, a motorbike, or gardening equipment that will take up space you may want to be using over the winter? All of these things are great candidates for seasonal self storage.

At Burlington Storage Barn we have storage units of all shapes and sizes to suit all of your storage needs. Reserve your unit today to organize your seasonal storage requirements.

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Special Occasions with Self Storage

With the seasons changing and some big events coming up, it’s likely you’ll be wanting to host some family or friends. But, getting your home ready to host can be a challenge...

How Self Storage Can Help You To Host This Season

Whether you’re planning a family gathering for Thanksgiving, hosting friends for a spooky Halloween party or getting ready for the festive season with friends, there are plenty of ways that Self Storage can help.

Decorating for a special day

Whether it’s festive wreaths for Thanksgiving or spooky additions to your home for Halloween there are lots of ways to get your home ready for special occasions. It’s always exciting breaking out decorations and dressing up your home.

Before you decorate, think about giving your home a comprehensive clear out and declutter! Take a look at our handy guide to decluttering your home for some tips on getting your space well and truly clear so you have a blank canvas for decorating! Now you can get into the really fun bit of preparing your home. The biggest upcoming days are Thanksgiving and Halloween, and both have very different decor styles!


When you’re decorating your home for Thanksgiving you should think about the theme of the holiday, think:

  • Fall colours rich earthy tones, with vibrant reds and yellows
  • Fresh produce with a focus on seasonal vegetables you see at this time of year
  • Decorative wreaths are somewhere to showcase your fall colour palette
  • Stunning centrepieces to add another level of seasonal decor to your home


Now for a completely different style! Halloween decor should be fun, spooky, and unique to your tastes, think:

  • A Jack O’ Lantern! The first item on any Halloween decor list, carving out a pumpkin is a great way to get into the spooky season
  • Decorations for your front yard, these are always a great way to show your house is in the Halloween spirit
  • Skulls, Skeletons, Spiders Webs, and more… Oh my! If it’s spooky it can be part of your Halloween decor

Preparing large meals and plenty of party snacks

Large meals and small snacks are an integral part of family gatherings, if you’re cooking a big feast, or just a whole lot of snacks and cookies, you might need a few extra bits.

Preparing a large meal for the family and more, like a thanksgiving meal can come with some challenges. It’s not every day you need to cater for a large number of people, and you might find yourself short of pots, pans, plates, and places at the table! If you’re not a regular host you can ask your guests to bring along some extras, however, if you’re looking to make cooking for a number of guests a regular thing, it could be an idea to invest in some spare cookware that you can store away when you’re not using it - and break out for preparing feasts!

Preparing a large amount of snacks can come with the same challenges. If you’re looking to make a big batch of Halloween cookies, or spooky snacks! Having extra baking trays, serving plates and mixing bowls can help you out, but you don’t want them to cutter up your kitchen. Having some hosting and party supplies that you can store away is helpful, you can plan when you need them and they won’t take up your space when you don’t.

The same goes for seating, not every house has room at the dinner table for a number of guests. Instead of having to eat buffet style or serve a large meal in shifts, one good way to solve the problem of finding space for guests at the table is to invest in some temporary chairs and tables. With some light decor like tablecloths and place settings you can make temporary place settings look elegant. The best bit about temporary seating is that you can fold it away and store it when you’re not using it.

Hosting overnight guests

It’s not uncommon for gatherings and events to include overnight guests. Thanksgiving dinners and Halloween parties are no exception. It could be just a few relatives who have travelled a little far, or it could be a full contingent of family that you need to find space for. If you’re struggling to find places to put them we have some tips on how to create a cozy and comfortable space for overnight guests:

  • Give them a proper bed, even if it’s a temporary one. Instead of relegating your guests to the couch or having to try to find a comfy way to curl up in a chair, give them their own bed space. A perfect way to do this is to invest in an inflatable mattress. They’re easy to inflate and turn into a comfortable spot to sleep for a night, and you can pack them down small for storage when you don't need it.
  • Create a private area for guests to sleep. By sectioning off a part of the room your guests are staying with a curtain or screen it can create a relaxing spot where your guests can feel comfortable.
  • Make sure they’re not sleeping around clutter and mess! Even if it’s staying after a party, try to make sure that the area that your guests are staying is free of clutter and mess. Keep in mind the area they will be staying and ensure it’s easy to clear to set up their sleeping space.

After your guests have enjoyed their cosy spot to sleep, you can easily pack it away and pop the mattress, curtains, or screens away stored safely until the next time you need them.

After your big event is over and your guests are on their way, you’ll probably be wanting to think about what to do with those extra place settings, decorations, and any cozy temporary spare room items. A great option for special items like this is self storage. You can store them safely until you need them, and as an added bonus you can use your storage unit to get any of your day to day items out of the way whilst you’re hosting! At Burlington Storage Barn we have units of all sizes to fit your storage needs. Reserve yours today!

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Self Storage In Fall

With the colours changing, the temperature dropping, and the evenings drawing in, Fall is a transformative time. It’s a good time to reflect on a well spent summer and time to plan ahead for winter.

Self Storage in Fall

Fall can be the ideal time to make changes at home, and is the perfect period to get your home ready for the coldest months without having to worry about any freezing temperatures! Whether it is having a final clear out of the year, storing away your seasonal items, packing summer sporting equipment away, or getting your winter gear ready - self storage can be a great help during fall.

Store Your Summer Seasonal Items

A great place to start with organizing self storage for Fall is to think about any items around your home that you won’t be needing during the colder months. Some seasonal items that can take up room or just not be easily stored at home are ideal candidates for self storage. This can include sporting goods, tools and equipment you won’t be needing over winter, camping gear, garden toys and games, and more. When you do store larger items, especially large or delicate items take care to store them appropriately, our guide to safe kayak storage is a good example of some good tips for storing a larger delicate item.

Along with your seasonal items you might want to think about having a good declutter around your home after the summer. This will help you to catch any summer items you won’t need in the coming months as well . Take a look at our guide to decluttering your home using self storage for some tips of how best to organize a big de-clutter.

You might want to think about any items you have currently stored outside and how you’d like to look after them in the colder months. Items that are currently kept outside could be prone to damage from the cold weather or the moisture in the air. It’s always a good idea to take advantage of the dry weather to pack up anything you’re storing outdoors and move it to a safe, secure storage unit before the weather turns.

Unpack Your Winter Seasonal Items

As well as the seasonal items to put away for the winter, it’s a good idea to consider bringing items that you’ll want to be bringing out of storage for the season. It could be your winter clothes, winter sports gear, or larger equipment like snow blowers. Getting these out of storage in Fall ready for the snow means that you’ll have everything you need at home, so you won’t need to worry about winter unpacking or unloading of a storage unit. You also won’t find yourself caught out the first time you need to clear your driveway or head out to enjoy some winter sports!

Alternatively, you might take the opportunity to enjoy the space in your home in the time between needing your summer seasonal items and your winter ones. This way you can enjoy having some extra room, which can come in handy for some of the special holidays coming up over Fall.

Prepare For The Holidays

With Thanksgiving and Halloween coming up in Fall, it is the perfect season for getting your home ready for holidays and special days. Self storage can be a big help with these. Before the holiday season is in full swing you can organize all of the spooky and seasonal decorations you’ll need, work out your seating arrangements for big family meals, and anything else you will need to think about for all of those big holiday gatherings. It’s never a bad idea to give yourself as much time and space as possible to plan a spooky Halloween and a memorable Thanksgiving!

After your Thanksgiving and Halloween are finished, a storage unit is the perfect space for keeping decorations you will only need once a year, staching away extra furniture that you only need for large family events, and much more.

Fall is the perfect time to think about storage. As the colours change, so do the things you’ll need around your home. At Burlington Storage Barn we have storage units to fit every kind of need, we can even help you out with boxes, bubble wrap and other moving supplies that are great for storage if you have delicate items. Take a look at our storage unit size guide for an idea of what you can fit in a particular unit. Ready to take the step and take a unit? Reserve your storage unit right now online.

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Picking The Right Storage Unit

Renting a self storage unit is as easy as 1,2,3. Renting the right storage unit for your needs might require a little more thought. When you choose a storage unit you need to think about several things in order to make sure it is the right unit for your requirements.

Picking The Right Storage Unit

Choosing the wrong unit can be frustrating and can take up extra time and money to resolve. There are some fairly simple things to consider when you are looking for a storage unit to decide which kind is right for you.


Size should be the first thing you think about when you are choosing a unit. This can only really be considered once you know how much you have to store. Are you looking to store a few easily packed down items, or are you looking to store larger items like furniture or outdoor equipment? Our storage unit size guide can help you to work out what will fit in a unit.

At Burlington Storage Barn our units come in several shapes and sizes:

  • Small: Small units measuring either 5x5 or 5x10 are the smallest available. They are perfect for storing the contents of a large closet, smaller seasonal items, smaller furniture, and smaller rooms or a bachelor apartment.
  • Medium: Medium units measure either 10x10 or 10x15. With a medium sized storage unit you can hold a lot more, roughly the contents of two rooms, sofas, appliances, bedroom furniture and more. In the larger medium sized unit you could even fit a smaller motor vehicle if you needed to.
  • Large: The biggest available. Large units measure 10x20 and 10x25. In a large unit you can store the contents of an average home and still have room for other small items. You can store most vehicles in a large unit.


After size, the next most important thing to consider is the kind of access you will need. If you need to have easy access for items that may be difficult to load and unload then you may want a drive-up unit. Our drive up units allow easy access without the need to worry about climbing stairs or navigating elevators. If you don’t need frequent loading and unloading, or are happy to use elevators to load and unload you could consider one of our great indoor units.

Indoor or outdoor:

If you are going to be using your storage unit more in the winter or rainy months than dry warmer months then it may be a good idea to consider an indoor unit so that you’re not having to worry about harsh weather while you are loading and unloading. Alternatively, you might be needing to load and unload a lot, or have an item you just want to quickly grab and load when you need it, like a kayak. In this case, a drive up unit would be perfect for you.


Security should be a big consideration when you are renting a storage unit. At Burlington Storage Barn our units are monitored 24/7 with a secure gated entrance, meaning your things will always be safely under lock and key.

Easy to use:

Renting a storage unit that is difficult to access and manage can make the whole process feel like a challenge. When you choose a storage unit, choose one that will make accessing it, and managing your unit as easy as possible. At Burlington Storage Barn we believe in making the process of picking, renting, and using a self storage unit as easy as possible. We don’t require long term leases, complicated reservations, or deposits. Once you have stored your things you can also manage your account with ease online anytime.

At Burlington Storage Barn we have units of all sizes to suit any need. Contact us to book your unit today.

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How To Pack Like A Pro

When you are moving house, or getting your belongings ready for storage, it can be a bit of a challenge to pack efficiently. It gets a bit overwhelming and tiring making sure that everything is wrapped and packed as well as it can be.

How to Pack Like A Pro

Following some simple guidelines on packing makes the process so easy that anyone would think that you are a total pro.

Picking your boxes

The best, and only sensible place to start with packing is with boxes, you need something to put your things in after all! We would recommend strong, sturdy boxes that will maintain their structural integrity when you are loading them, unloading them and while they are stored away. This way you can be confident that your belongings will be as protected as possible, and easy to move around until you are ready to unpack them.

For delicate or heavier items it is better to use smaller, sturdy boxes. For lighter items, larger boxes are good to use. You can also get wardrobe boxes for your clothes, so you will be able to store your clothing without having to worry about folding or creasing it.

You can purchase boxes at many locations. Burlington Storage Barn has a handy moving and packing supplies store where you can get all of your packing supplies. If you are looking for free boxes, you can find them at grocery or liquor stores. However, you should be careful that they are not damaged, and are also free of anything that could attract insects.

Organizing your packing supplies

Along with boxes you will need some other packing supplies. It’s a great idea to have all of your packing supplies organized before you start. There’s nothing more frustrating (and distracting) than having to make any trips to the store when you’ve already started. A good idea is to make a little checklist of items you might need, it could look like something like this:

  • Boxes
  • Packing Tape
  • Packing Paper
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Marker Pen
  • Scissors
  • Zip Seal Bags (for loose items, screws, liquids etc...)

Once you have your packing supplies organized, you are good to go!

Fragile items

Fragile items obviously need the most attention and care taken when you are packing them. Make sure that each item is individually wrapped, and choose a suitable box. Smaller, more sturdy boxes are the best for delicate items, this is because there is less chance that the box will be damaged, and it also ensures that there are not as many things sharing space with your delicate items. Put a layer of bubble wrap along the bottom of your box as well as around the sides, this will give your items an extra layer of protection. Make sure that your delicate items are packed in securely, but also are kept separate so that they can’t knock into one another and cause any damage.

Important documents

Important documents should be stored separately to other items. It is a good idea to give them a dedicated box. Place them in individual plastic sleeves, preferably sealable ones, so that you can keep them safe. Make sure you make the box with your documents easily accessible and identifiable just in case you need to grab something urgently. It is a good idea to keep any absolutely vital documents with you and not in storage, just to make sure that you always have them whenever you might need.

Heavy items

Like fragile items, heavier items are best kept in smaller boxes. This is not so much for their protection, but for yours. It’s easy to keep adding items into large boxes, and you can quickly make a large box too heavy to easily carry and move. To avoid this, don’t overload one box with heavy items, instead either only add one or two to a larger box, or keep them separated in smaller boxes. This way you won’t risk injuring yourself while you are moving your boxes and packing your storage unit.

Lighter items

Lighter items are a lot easier to pack and less of a worry than heavy ones. These can be packed in larger boxes, as long as you keep delicate items protected and you make sure you don’t over pack, lighter items are the easiest things to pack away.

Label your boxes

It’s surprising how often people can forget this step, but it is very frustrating when it comes to unpacking your things if you do! Remembering to label your boxes will save you a huge amount of time when it comes to unpack. It’s easiest to pack in room order, so your labels can be pretty simple, i.e. kitchen, bathroom, office, and so on. You should also mark items that are fragile and which way up boxes should be carried.

You don’t need to worry about printing any fancy labels, just writing on the side of the box in a marker pen will do the job.

Stacking boxes

The last thing to think about when you are packing is how you stack your boxes. This may seem like an obvious point, but, make sure that when you stack boxes the heavy ones go at the bottom and the lighter ones go on top, with fragile items kept separate and safe. Packing this way, with some organization will make it so much easier to get every room in your home packed away in no time!

When it comes to putting your items into storage once they are packed it is a good idea to look at our guide to protecting your belongings in storage to make sure you keep your items as safely as possible. Burlington Storage Barn has self storage units to suit all size and space requirements. Contact us today to reserve your unit.

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Protecting Your Belongings

When you put your things in self storage you can be confident of a level of protection given to you with 24-hour security and safe dry conditions. However, there are some things you can do to enhance how your belongings are protected.

Protecting Your Belongings in Self Storage

Self storage is a great way to safely and securely store items that are important to you, it’s great to have a space you can leave things you don’t immediately need knowing that you can access them at any time. Self storage is very secure and self storage units are great at protecting your items, but there are some things you can do to make sure your belongings are extra safe when they go into storage so that they will be in the best possible condition when they come out.

Cover your belongings

A good first step in protecting the belongings you put in storage is to make sure they are appropriately covered. This helps to protect your belongings from dust. It also helps to stop your items getting scratched or scuffed as you add or move things around your storage unit. Some good coverings to use include; moving blankets, old bedsheets, or our mattress covers.

Raise sensitive items off the floor

A good way to ensure your items are safe in storage is to make sure that they are raised off the floor. Raising your items off the floor can greatly reduce the chances of damage from any damp, mould, or pests. You can use almost anything to raise your items off the ground, clean pallets or open shelving are both great solutions.

Make sure your things are clean and dry

Any dirt or moisture that comes into your storage unit with your belongings can potentially damage them. To avoid this make sure that your belongings are clean and dry. It’s a good idea to take a towel with you when you load your unit so that you can wipe off any moisture that might get on to your belongings.

Prevent rust

When you store bikes or tools there is always a slight risk of rust forming. A good way to prevent this is to rub a little bit of oil on them before you put them into storage, this will help prevent any rust from forming. It’s also a good idea to store tools and bikes away from any furniture to avoid stains.

Don’t store anything you shouldn’t

A good way to make sure that your belongings are safe in storage is to make sure you’re only storing things that you should be storing. There are a few items that don’t really belong in a storage unit, some could potentially damage the rest of your belongings, so it’s important to make sure you’re not planning on storing anything that shouldn’t be kept in self storage. If you’re unsure, take a look at our guide to items that you should never keep in self storage.

Follow our storage tips

If you’re looking for any extra hints on looking after your things, or just general help with self storage, take a look at our storage tips. Some larger items can require a little extra thought when you are getting them ready for storage, you need to make sure you have the right kind of unit and have made all of the suitable arrangements. Our kayak storage guide is a handy guide for storing a larger item that needs some special considerations.

Making sure your belongings are stored as well as they can be is the best way to protect them while they’re packed away. Making sure that you’ve picked an appropriate unit using our unit size guide can help you to ensure that you can pack your unit without any trouble. Burlington Storage Barn has long and short term storage solutions to suit any needs. Get in touch to reserve your unit today.

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10 Items That Shouldn’t Go In A Storage Unit

Self storage is a great way to keep your things safe and secure when you’re not immediately using them. You’re able to take a unit for as much or little time as you need it and know that your belongings will be protected in a secure and climate controlled unit. That being said, not everything belongs in a self storage unit.

10 Things That Should Never Go In A Storage Unit

Some items by their nature do not suit long term storage, and others are against our storage policies. Here are the top 10 items that do not belong in a self storage unit.

  1. Food and Perishables

    This should be obvious, but you could be surprised how easy it is to forget items of food that are stashed away somewhere unexpected. Make sure that you don’t accidentally leave any food items in your storage unit. Food left will mold, potentially attract unwanted pests to your unit and risk damaging anything else in your unit. To avoid running the risk of this, make sure you dispose, donate or eat any food you have when you’re packing your things for storage!

  2. Medications and Drugs

    Illegal drugs are of course prohibited. But, it is also a good idea to avoid keeping medications or vitamins in a storage unit. Any unmarked medication may look suspicious and be confused with something more concerning. Medications and vitamins can also go out of date if they are forgotten about.

  3. Dangerous Materials

    Any hazardous materials can not be stored in a self storage unit. Hazardous items can include; propane tanks, gasoline, acid of any kind. A general rule to follow is if it melts, burns, explodes, dissolves or freezes then it has no business being in a storage unit.

  4. People

    We can’t be clear enough on this point, it is against the law for a person to stay in a self storage unit. No matter what the reason, people do not belong in self storage units. It is not just against the law and our terms, but it is also very dangerous.

  5. Pets

    For the same reasons as above, you can’t store pets in self storage, no matter how hard it might be to find someone to look after them if you’re going away!

  6. Plants

    It’s not a great idea to keep plants in your storage unit. Plants need light and water, and both of these things are pretty scarce in a storage unit. We can guarantee that leaving a plant in a storage unit for any amount of time will not have great results. If a pant dies and starts to rot in a storage unit it can also damage your other things.

  7. Scented Items

    Scented items can be great, after all who doesn’t like a nice and interesting scent? Well, unfortunately rodents and insects do. Storing strongly scented items can attract pests to come and investigate which in turn can lead your things to get ruined in no time.

  8. Uninsured or Unregistered Vehicles

    Unregistered and uninsured vehicles aren’t allowed in storage units, this is because the insurance that you can purchase through a storage facility does not always cover vehicles. It’s also important that your vehicle is registered as only fully registered, fully insured, fully operational vehicles can be stored in a self storage unit.

  9. Damp or Wet Items

    When you are putting your items in storage you need to pay special attention to the condition of everything you’re putting in. If any items are wet or damp then you’re running a risk of mould developing. Mold and mildew can cause havoc in a storage unit if left unchecked, and will quickly wreck your things. The best way to avoid this is to just make sure all of your things are dry when you’re putting them into storage. Taking a towel with you when you’re loading your things into a unit is an easy way to make sure you avoid any unwanted mould or mildew.

  10. Anything Illegal

    This one should go without saying, but then again, sometimes even the most obvious points need repeating. Illegal items are absolutely prohibited from being kept in self storage.

With all of these things in mind you can be ready to store your items knowing there won’t be any items that could cause damage or unintentionally cause any issues for you. Storage units come in all shapes and sizes and can serve any need other than those listed above! Reserve yours today with us at Burlington Storage Barn.

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How Self Storage Can Help Home Projects

This summer most of us won’t be taking the same trips and holidays we usually would, meaning we’re having to be a little more creative with plans. There are plenty of things to do to change your space and make your home feel like a new place to spend the summer. So if you have a home improvement project you’ve been meaning to get round to, or just want to make a few changes around the house.

How Self Storage Can Help You With Home Improvement Projects

Both inside and outside, there are plenty of ways you can make changes to your space, and self storage can help.

Changing Your Outdoor Space

Starting outside, why not give your outdoor space a fresh look? With this hot weather it’s hard to not want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. You may have been thinking about revamping your outdoor space for a little while, or you might just want to figure out some ways to make it a little more comfortable on these hot sunny days. Whichever it is, there’s a lot you can do to make your garden a great place to spend time. It could be a small project with a few minor changes, or it could be a complete overhaul.

Start by looking at the space you have and plan from there. If you have a smaller space then you’re going to need to be smart with how you use it. If it’s a bigger space, you might want to get creative and make some different areas which serve different purposes - after all, it’s not too cozy to try to relax in one big open space.

A good place to start is with furniture. As one of the larger features of any outdoor space it’s a good idea to get this right. Thinking creatively here can give you excellent results. Instead of going for a standard table and chairs, think about creating a space where you can relax, lounge, and unwind. Think about big cushions, warm blankets for cooler evenings, and the kind of furniture that you can relax on, as well as share a meal al fresco. Once you’ve got your space for sitting, lounging and eating food ready, maybe you want to think about creating a space where you can prepare food? A barbeque area is a great addition to a garden, and the smell of grilling is the perfect match for summertime. Another great touch for spending time in your outdoor space is to add some garden games and activities. There are many options for purchase, however, with a little bit of DIY skill you can easily create your own Cornhole, Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers or if you feel like getting really creative - a Mini-Golf course! Finally you’ll probably want to add some life to your outdoors, planters, hanging baskets, and raised beds are a great way to bring some more greenery into your garden.

Something that is important to consider when you’re creating your outdoor oasis is how to keep it all protected when the winter arrives. Leaving everything in situ is fine in many places, but not in Canada. A Canadian winter can quickly take a toll on outdoor furniture, games, barbecues, coolers, and anything else you might have brightened your space with. This is where Self Storage can help you out. A Storage Unit can be the ideal place to keep all of the more fragile parts of your new garden set up so that they are safe over winter. It’s easy to rent a storage unit for as long or as little as you need, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with any long term leases. You just need to pick a unit that is the right size for you and make sure you’re not trying to store anything that doesn’t really belong in a storage unit like propane tanks or perishable items. It’s safe, speedy, and simple.

Changing Your Indoor Space

There may be a home improvement project you’ve had in mind for a while now, or having spent more time at home than expected this year, you might now be planning one! Either way, this summer is a great time to get it done. Home improvement projects can be a fun and exciting way to turn around your living space and make it feel brand new.

It could be that you’ve had an eye on a particular room for some time now thinking; how can I make this more livable? Well now is the perfect time to start to plan. You may want to make some small changes around your house, or it could be that you’re planning some more major changes. Whatever the plan, a great first step is to get rid of anything that is getting in your way. Decluttering the room you are working on is a great way to make sure you have the space to make the changes you want to. Our guide to decluttering your home can give you some great tips on how to best get started.

Planning a home improvement project doesn’t have to be scary, and it definitely doesn't have to break the bank. Making changes around the house that have a lasting impact can start with steps as simple as changing the way that furniture is arranged in a room, or moving large items to other places or into storage to give yourself new space. If you’re looking to make some more dramatic changes, a fresh coat of paint can completely reinvent a room. Make sure that you’ve cleared enough space for yourself to work and put masking tape on surfaces you don’t want to make any mess with and you’re good to go! The final step you can take if you have some really big designs on a room is to fully remodel. When it comes to full remodelling projects, the right planning and skills means that the sky's the limit with what you can do in your home!

Whether you are making small changes or going all out on remodelling your home, you can always rely on self storage to give you a safe, secure space to keep your belongings while you work. Whether you only need a unit for a little while to make sure your things stay protected while you paint, or a longer period of time to keep your household items while you fully remodel, there is an option for you. With drive up access and climate control, Burlington Storage Barn has any unit sizes you could need for any home project.

You don’t need to spend time away from your home to make great summer plans. Home improvement projects can change your living space so much you’ll want to spend as much time as possible there in it. Self storage can help you with any home projects you might have planned this summer. No matter if you need a storage unit for improvements around your house or garden, Burlington Storage Barn has units that can suit any need. reserve a unit today and get your summer home improvement project started.

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Summer Staycations and Self Storage

With summer well and truly here it’s time that many of us want to start planning a little getaway. This year getting away is going to be a little bit different, as it’s likely the best advice will be against leaving the province.

How Self Storage Can Help You Plan A Summer Staycation

Fortunately, Ontario is packed with natural beauty and an abundance of places and activities to enjoy. These provide a great opportunity for some getaway time while being able to socially distance. So, this summer think about taking a staycation instead of a vacation! We’ve put together a few suggestions to inspire you to plan a summer staycation in the province, along with some tips on how self storage can help you.

Take Your Family On A Camping Getaway

If you’ve been curious about getting away from the city and taking a camping trip, there are simply hundreds of places you can go in Ontario. Whether it’s a short drive from Burlington to one of the many local campsites, or a longer drive toward cottage country and some stunning national parks, there are so many options! Here are a few recommendations from us:

A short 45 minute drive from Burlington is the beautiful Chippawa Creek Conservation area. This amazing conservation area is ideal for hiking, exploring and camping, with campsites available at 50% capacity.

A little further afield:
A two and a half hour drive from Burlington is the Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area which is offering limited camping facilities so you can stay and enjoy the spectacular trails, and winding beauty of the Saugeen River.

A long distance adventure:
If you want to go further for an adventure then three and a half hours away from Burlington is Grundy Lake Provincial Park. Here you can enjoy beaches, hiking trails, kayaking, canoes and more. With reduced camping now available, it makes a great option for a family adventure without leaving Ontario.

How Self Storage Can Help

Camping is a great option for a staycation, especially when staying socially distanced is something to keep in mind. There is, however, one thing to consider if you decide that camping trips are for you; where do you store camping equipment when you don’t need it? It can get quite bulky quite quickly when you put it all together. Tents, sleeping bags, coolers, cookware and more all need to be stored somewhere and can take up a lot of space at your home. With a self storage unit you can avoid this problem by having a safe space to keep your camping gear when you don’t need it. Having a storage unit is a great way to keep clutter away from your home and keep seasonal items safely tucked away when you don’t need them.

Cycling Trips

Ontario is lucky to have some incredible cycling trails that are easy to access and enjoy. Taking a few days, weekend, or even just a day trip from Burlington is easy to do and can be a great mini getaway. Taking a trip with your bike is easy to do and it’s a healthy way to explore the country.

Close to Burlington there are some great trips for a fun day out, like heading over to Hamilton to cycle around and see the waterfalls, heading along the lakeshore to check out the lakefront parks, or exploring a little bit of wine country in Niagara by bike.

A little further away the Bruce Peninsula and Algonquin Provincial Park have stunning bike trails which can make the perfect destination for a longer cycling staycation. Both Bruce Peninsula and Algonquin Park have a mix of camping and cottages so that you can enjoy some time away while staying suitably socially distanced.

How Can Self Storage Help Your Cycle Adventure?

Owning a bike is great for exploring stunning trails, and a healthy way to get around. Keeping it safe over the winter, however, can be a challenge. The cold weather can do a lot of damage to a bicycle over time when it is kept outdoors. The best place for it is inside so it is protected from the elements. Finding that space can be tough as bikes tend to take up a bit of room. This is where self storage can be a great help! With a storage unit to keep your bike over the winter, you’ll be able to keep your bike safe and secure over the winter without taking up valuable space in your home.

Take a Kayak Adventure

Ontario is a pretty paddle mad province, and looking at the number of lakes and waterways here it’s easy to see why. Near Burlington there are dozens, if not hundreds of amazing spots to have a kayak adventure. A day trip could take you along the Humber River which winds its way through Toronto’s West End, or to the Scarborough Bluffs where you can paddle around the stunning cliffs on the waters of Lake Ontario.

If you’re looking for a more active adventure that lets you enjoy the water for a few days or longer there are just as many possibilities. A two hour drive from Burlington will take you to the stunning Georgian Bay, which with seemingly endless shores to explore, is known as a kayakers paradise. If you want to take your adventure even further, a three and a half hour drive will take you to the world famous 1,000 islands where you can get lost in the endless opportunities to explore on offer.

How Self Storage Can Help Your Kayak Staycation

Owning a kayak is great, you know you’ll always be able to get out on the water whenever and wherever you want to. It means you can plan trips without having to worry about equipment rental, and ultimately enjoy more time on the water. However, when the season ends, you’ll need somewhere to store it safe from the elements. Self storage is the perfect solution for kayak storage. You can safely keep your kayak in a secure, climate controlled storage unit during the winter months, and take it out as soon as you want to start paddling again. Our guide to safe kayak storage can guide you through everything you need to know about using self storage for your kayak.

These are just a few ideas to help you start planning. No matter what adventure you choose for your summer staycation, Burlington Storage Barn has options for keeping your bike, kayak or camping equipment safe when you’re not using it, our unit size guides can help you to see exactly how much you can fit in a unit, and how much space you might need for; kayak storage, bike storage, or camping equipment storage. Self storage is the ideal option if you’re short on space but want to be able to enjoy as many outdoor activities and adventures as you like this summer. Reserve a unit today and you can plan the rest of your summer staycation knowing you’ll never need to worry about finding space to store your adventure equipment!

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Declutter Your Home With Self Storage

After what’s been an unexpectedly long time spent staying at home, most of us are probably thinking it’s time for a clear out, but what’s the best way to declutter your house? Well, at Burlington Storage Barn we’re pretty good at organizing and saving space, so we have some great tips!

Our Guide To Decluttering Your Home With Self Storage!

Even though it may seem tempting to try to do everything in a day, it’s usually a much better idea to take things room by room. This way you’ll be able to keep track of what you are clearing, and give yourself a tidy room to escape to if you need a break! A good tip is to completely finish one room before you move on to the next. When you’re decluttering we’d recommend sorting everything into five categories:

  1. Keep:Clean and put aside everything you’ll want to be keeping in a safe space so that it doesn’t get mixed up with items you might be getting rid of.
  2. Throw Away:Designate a clear place for anything you want to go straight to the trash or recycling so that it doesn’t get mixed up with the rest of your things.
  3. Fix/Repair:Set aside a box of things that you need to give a bit of attention to, like a coat you love but need to stitch some buttons on to.
  4. Donate:If you have any household items you no longer need but someone else could really use, put together a donation box ready to take to a local charity.
  5. Store:Any items you don’t want to get rid of, but don’t have space to keep are perfect candidates for storage. This could be anything from furniture you don’t want to part with but don’t have space for, seasonal leisure equipment like kayaks and camping gear, winter clothes, or generally any items you want to keep but don’t have the room for.

Now you’re ready with a plan, here’s our room by room guide to decluttering and clearing out your home in time for summer!


The kitchen is always a great place to start as it can be quite difficult to keep free of mess and clutter. Start by emptying out larger storage areas like your pantry and any cabinets you tend not to use as much. Then move on to the more used cabinets and then your worktops. Sort everything into one of the five categories we’ve mentioned above. Are there food items that are still good but you’re not going to use? Donate them to a foodbank. Out of date produce sitting at the back of your pantry? You’ll want to get rid of that! Is there any china, cookware or tableware you never use, but can’t bear to give away? Items like these are the perfect candidate for self storage, make sure you safely wrap them up and set aside before you put everything back.

Living Room

As it is generally the focal point of all activity in the house, the living room can be a real challenge to keep tidy! This is why it’s a great idea to tackle it early, plus, you’ll be needing a nice relaxing space to chill out after a hard day's work! Start with any surfaces around the edge of the room and move inwards. When you empty your bookcases, clear your coffee table and any cabinets you have, think; am I using this? If the answer is no, then make sure you sort it into one of the five categories we mentioned earlier. Remember, the key to successfully decluttering is being as honest and practical about what you want in your home as you can be.


It’s so easy to forget exactly what you’ve got in your bathroom! Start by emptying any bathroom cabinets and get rid of any out of date makeup or medicine. Then do the same with items around your bath/shower, under the sink and on any shelves. Put the items you’re most likely to use at the front of any cabinets, preferably at eye level. It shouldn't take too long to sort items in your bathroom into the five categories, and you can clean up everything else and put it back in a suitable spot.


The easiest way to start clearing your bedroom is by tidying any laundry you have out of the way and into a laundry basket, then make your bed. Now that you don’t have any dirty clothes around the room or an unmade bed to look at you’ll be able to concentrate on getting to that clutter. Start with anywhere random items are likely to build up like bedside cabinets or the top of chests of drawers. Tidy away any books you’re finished reading, look for anything you no longer use that is just gathering dust and decide if you’re going to; keep, throw away, recycle, fix, donate, or store. Go through your drawers and find any clothing you might want to donate. A good rule for this is: if you’ve not worn it in over six months, you’re probably not going to miss it.


There are so many ways to organize and declutter a closet, and it can seem like a daunting task. The key is to keep things simple, start by pulling out anything that shouldn’t be there. At this time of year, it’s probably a good idea to take out any winter coats and boots that are taking up space on your rail or shoe rack and pack them away for the season. The same applies for any seasonal items that are taking up space, whether it’s that Christmas sweater or Halloween accessory that’ll be sitting there without being used for a while. Next, find anything that is in need of cleaning or repair and set it aside. Now you should be able to work through everything else in your closet bit by bit. Do this by grouping things together so you’re sorting all your jeans or shirts or sweaters at the same time. This will make it far easier to spot anything you don’t want to be hanging on to!

Safely Storing Your Things

Once you’ve finished all of your rooms it’s time to relax and probably enjoy a well earned rest! Then, you’ll want to start thinking about places to donate your unwanted things, and where to get any of your broken or damaged items repaired. You’re also going to need to think about what you’re going to do with all of that stuff you want to keep but don’t have any space for! This is where a storage unit comes in handy. You can safely store any of your household items in a secure, climate controlled unit. At Burlington Storage Barn we have storage units to fit every kind of need, we can even help you out with boxes, bubble wrap and other moving supplies that are great for storage if you have delicate items. Take a look at our storage unit size guide for an idea of what you can fit in a particular unit. Ready to take the step and pack away that clutter from your home? Reserve your storage unit right now online.

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Safe Kayak Storage With Self Storage

Summers in Ontario are spectacular and offer an almost endless range of activities. With a seemingly endless number of lakes and rivers in the province, kayaking is high on the list of popular activities to enjoy in the season. Any paddle enthusiast will tell you that this can take up a fair amount of space, especially when you need to put it away for winter. Don’t let this put you off if you are considering purchasing a kayak, because there are plenty of options to easily store it away for the winter!

Kayak Storage, A Problem Solved With Self Storage!

Using a climate controlled self storage unit to store your kayak is the best way to keep it protected and in the best possible shape over the winter. As possibly one of the largest items to store for the winter, a kayak needs to be stored carefully. It is preferable to store them indoors, otherwise there is a risk of the fibreglass cracking with repeated freezing and thawing. Doing this also avoids any other problems that can be associated with outdoor storage such as theft, UV damage, unwanted animal visitors, and more.

Picking the right unit:

Self storage units come in all shapes and sizes, which is fortunate because kayaks and canoes also come in a variety of sizes. For smaller models like river kayaks you won’t need the largest storage unit. Something a little bigger like a canoe or sea kayak will need a larger unit, a 10x10 or larger in this case would be the best option. If you’re looking to stow away an inflatable kayak for the winter and don’t quite have enough space at home you’ll only need the smallest unit. If you’re looking for an extra touch of convenience you could consider a drive up unit. This means you’ll always be able to drive right up to your unit to load and unload without having to worry about stairs or elevators. Learn about the different unit sizes you can make use of at Burlington Storage Barn here.

Preparing your kayak or canoe for storage:

Follow some simple steps to make sure that your kayak or canoe is in the best condition for storage;

  1. Hand wash your kayak or canoe with warm soapy water.
  2. Rinse it off with a hose to clean off any excess soap.
  3. Make sure it is completely dry.

Safe Kayak or Canoe Storage:

Once you’ve picked out your unit and are ready to store your craft, you need to think about how you’re planning to store it in the unit. It’s never recommended to leave a canoe or kayak on the flat on the floor as it will damage the bottom over time. Instead, try one of these storage unit friendly methods for keeping it safe:

  1. Use a freestanding storage rack:There are a number of racks available that will safely store your kayak which don’t require any installation, this means they’ll easily work with your storage unit.
  2. Make One Yourself:Use a couple of wooden planks up against a wall of the unit to securely lean your kayak at an angle. Using this method you’ll need to turn it every month or so to keep the weight evenly distributed.
  3. Adapt your car rack:As you probably already have a car rack for transporting your kayak, you can make the most of it by adapting it for longer term storage. Most can be placed on the ground to be used for winter kayak storage.

Storage units at Burlington Storage Barn come in a variety of shapes and sizes, meaning that there’s plenty of space no matter the type of kayak you’re looking to store. You can choose a drive up unit for easier loading and unloading, and best of all you don’t have to sign a long term contract meaning you can enjoy safe kayak storage for as long or short a time as you like. Find our unit rates here.

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Self-Storage in a Time of Crisis

We’re all currently living through unprecedented times. The Coronavirus Pandemic has certainly changed how we navigate through our daily lives. However, even though this situation can be quite unnerving and overwhelming, we aren’t completely in the dark. We know there are steps we can take to protect ourselves and those who represent the most vulnerable in our society. The most effective method for preventing contraction of the virus is to practice a high standard of personal hygiene and adhering to self-isolation, quarantining and physical distancing procedures.

Since we are being strongly encouraged to stay at home and minimize unnecessary social interactions, our living spaces have suddenly become all the more important and present in our day to day lives. It can become somewhat mentally straining to shelter-in-place. However, there are things each of us can do to optimize our spaces so they are conducive to a healthy existence (physically, mentally and emotionally).

Below, we have provided several ways that you can draw on a self-storage unit to help you make your living spaces exactly what you need them to be to support your isolation efforts over the next weeks or months.

Working Remotely

One of the ways many of our lives have changed for the foreseeable future is that we are being asked to work from home. In an effort to reduce the spread of the virus, remote working has been implemented in many organizations across the country and world. Some people may be familiar and comfortable with working at home in a productive manner. However, for many, this is new territory. There will, of course, be more distractions at home than in your office. But there are many things you can do to set yourself up for success and to continue contributing in a meaningful way to your organization. One of the main things you should do when attempting to work from home is to establish a room or area that will be your designated workspace. Accomplishing this may require the removal of certain pieces of furniture, so you can create an uncluttered space where you can truly focus on the work at-hand. Temporarily shifting a room around is no trouble when you have a self-storage unit available to you. Simply offload those items you don’t need at the moment into your storage space, and voila – you’ve got your own home office.

Spring Cleaning Progress

This isolation period has left most of us with a lot of extra time on our hands – making it the perfect opportunity to do that spring cleaning you’ve been meaning to get around to. Whether it’s a cluttered garage or shed, or just seasonal decorations or furniture that needs to be stored, make use of your self-storage unit. One of the worst subconscious and psychological impacts you can inflict upon yourself is to allow your living spaces to be encumbered with disarray. The more open and free-flowing we can make our spaces, the better we will feel. Anything you can do to make yourself more comfortable during this time, do it.

At-Home Gym

With the gyms now shutdown, it can become a bit of a downer when it comes to your exercise routine. However, you can’t let this roadblock stop you on your path to self-improvement and living a healthy lifestyle. One of the worst things you can do is allow yourself to become sedentary. You need to keep up your regimen and keep moving during this quarantine. Sticking to your healthy routine will empower a positive mindset. So, how do you stay active when restricted to your home? For those with a proper home gym, it’s pretty simple. However, I think it’s safe to say many of us do not have that. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do with just a cleared space, your body, a mat and some household items. There are a million video tutorials online that can give you pointers on how to do cardio and weight training, all in the comfort of your own home – with little to no proper equipment. The other part of the equation is just designating an area for yourself. Just like your workspace, you need to carve out an area that is earmarked for exercise. Designating a workout zone will give you a greater chance of staying committed to your adapted exercise regimen. Move whatever pieces of furniture that are in the way into your storage unit, so you can free up space to move around in a safe manner. What’s more, maybe you have a few neglected dumbbells or tension cords laying around in your storage unit. Now would be a great time to pull those out and make use of them.

Stocking Up

There’s no need to panic-buy. However, just like with every potential emergency scenario, it is prudent (and recommended) to have a certain amount of surplus provisions should specific scenarios unfold. Stocking up can put a serious strain on your pantry and storage cupboards. To avoid overflow and frankly, to keep from feeling like a doomsday prepper, avail yourself of your sealed first aid kits and unopened non-perishable items by storing them safely and securely in your self-storage unit. The name of the game for the foreseeable future is to minimize the amount of time we spend around others. The less we can be in a crowd, the better. So, the fewer trips we make to the grocery store, the better chance we will have of preventing infection. Having that surplus to draw on, in a location that does not require you to interact with others is a huge advantage.

Leaving the Dormitory

Many post-secondary students who live in dorms on their campus have been asked to return to their family home, if possible. Many students will already have a self-storage unit at their disposal and should draw on it further, prior to leaving their dormitory. Any valuables that you don’t want to leave unprotected in your dorm room, but you also don’t want to take them home, you should place them in your self-storage unit. There, they will be safe and will be easy to access once you eventually return to school. You’re most likely trying to figure out how best to stay on top of your studies while your education is on hold – the last thing you want to be worrying about is the well-being of your things. With self-storage, that’s one worry you can take off your list.


These are uncertain times, but we will get through by being responsible and respecting the guidelines established by public and health officials. Lean on your self-storage unit to help you make your isolation time as comfortable as it can be.

Burlington Storage Barn is happy to work with you through this challenging time. Please contact us to discuss how we can support your storage efforts through this pandemic. Above all, we wish you all to remain safe and healthy.

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A Successful St. Patrick’s Day with Self-Storage

There’s a bit of a lull after the holidays. Once new year celebrations fade into the distance, it’s back to the monotony of dark and dreary winter. However, once March comes around, there’s hope on the horizon. Days are getting longer, temperatures are slowly beginning to turn in the right direction, and people are starting to come out from hibernation.

What’s more, the first official opportunity marked on the calendar to get together with friends and family is practically here – St. Patrick’s Day. What might be the perfect kick-off to the year’s festive times, St. Paddy’s Day strikes a great balance between fun and informality – allowing you to enjoy time spent with loved ones without all the expected decorum of the larger holidays.

If you plan to host a St. Patrick’s Day themed party at your home, there are a few things you’ll want to do to ensure the festivities go off without a hitch. You certainly don’t want to bank on the luck of the Irish when it comes to pulling off a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Outlined below are some of the actions you may want to consider taking when getting yourself (and your home) ready for your St. Paddy’s Day bash – as well as the advantages you will gain when drawing on a self-storage facility during the process.

Storing Valuables & Making Space

Once the invitations have been sent and the RSVPs have been submitted, you’ll have a good idea for the size of the crowd you’ll need to accommodate for. You’ll begin imagining the events of the night and attempt to envision what space will be needed where. St. Patrick’s Day parties usually consist of eating, drinking, dancing and playing party games. This combination of activities calls for a very specific setup. You need to have areas where you can station the food and drink, but also have space for the more animated and lively goings-on. Accomplishing the setup that will allow for this unique mishmash of activities will require some rearranging and maybe removal of furniture. The large dining room table and sprawling chaise just don’t serve any utility for the type of party you’re looking to throw and it’s not like they can be tucked out of the way elsewhere. It just makes more sense to avail yourself of any furniture that will only get in the way of a good time. Store larger pieces of furniture in your self-storage unit to open up your space, so your guests can move around more freely. Other items you may want to consider placing in your storage space are your valuables and breakables. Whether it’s an expensive vase, ornamental bowl, or decorative family heirloom – it’s a great idea to prevent a costly or tragic loss of your more fragile items by simply removing them from your home entirely and placing them in the safety and security of your self-storage unit. Whatever items you think you need to store to make your party the success you want it to be, your storage facility can certainly accommodate.

Preventing & Preparing

As with every holiday, there’s never a shortage of food and drink during St. Patrick’s Day. With your fridge and pantry already stocked to the hilt, it can be difficult to figure out where to store your party provisions, ahead of the event. What’s more, your commitment to your healthy new year’s resolution can be easily threatened by idle snacks waiting to be consumed before the day of your party. You plan to partake in some treats during the festivities, but you don’t want to double-up by eating them before and during. A great way to solve your dwindling shelf-space and prevent yourself from indulging more than you’d like to is to temporarily store any non-perishable, sealed snacks and beverages in your self-storage unit. You can place your party provisions in an easy to access place in your unit, so you can gather it all up the day before the get-together. If you opted for a climate-controlled unit, your storage space will be perfect for storing sealed beverages. An added advantage of this approach is that you can avoid the large grocery store crowds that will almost certainly amass right before St. Patrick’s Day – at the last minute.


Much like any other celebration, St. Patrick’s Day usually calls for some festive décor. Cardboard leprechaun hats, shamrock sunglasses, green and white streamers, and honeycomb pots of gold are just a few of the St. Paddy’s Day decorations you may have in your inventory. With the use of a self-storage unit, you can neatly tuck away all of your holiday decorations, and even separate out the different sets for each holiday so they are easy to access when the time comes for their use. The last thing you want is for your festive decorations to clutter up your limited home storage spaces or closets. You want to be able to enjoy your decorations during the time when they are needed, and then be able to quickly and easily stow them away until another year goes by. Your self-storage space is ideal for accommodating this need. With the ability to access your decorations quickly, your home will be festive and fun for your guests. And, once the party is over, placing those decorations back in storage is as simple as can be.

Spring Shift

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly the end of winter and the beginning of spring. A couple of days after the dust settles on your party, you will be able to officially bid farewell to winter and breathe a sigh of relief. Congratulations, you’ve survived another cold, dark and harsh season. Now, there’s so much to look forward to. You can really start thinking about shifting your winter gear into storage and your warmer weather gear out. This is the single greatest thing about having a self-storage unit – the ability to customize your at-home inventory based on the season. Once winter is over, you don’t want to be made to look at your snow-blower over and over again when you enter your garage or shed. Our climate forces you to be well-acquainted with your winter equipment more than enough – no need to spend more time with it than absolutely necessary. With the snow slowly melting away and the temperatures on the rise, you can start thinking about spending more time outside with your warm weather gear. With drive-up access to your storage unit, rotating equipment in and out is a breeze.

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect way to welcome spring with friends and family. Don’t waste any time stressing about how you’re going to prepare your home for the festivities. Draw on your self-storage unit, so your space can be open and accommodating to guests. Then, rotate your winter equipment into your storage unit and your warm weather gear out, and enjoy a clutter-free home as the temperatures continue to rise over the next few months.

Burlington Storage Barn is prepared to provide you with a self-storage unit that will match your needs, whatever they may be. Whether you’re storing holiday decorations, valuables, furniture or seasonal equipment, we have a unit that will accommodate. If you’d like to learn more about how we’re the perfect storage facility for you, please click here.

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Valentine's Day With Self-Storage

Sure, Valentine’s Day is overly commercialized – but, you only live once so why not show the ones you love the affection they deserve. You might ask, how will making use of a self-storage unit help me in achieving my desired Valentine’s Day? Certainly a great question and although it may not seem apparent from the outset, having a storage space to draw on can really empower your efforts in showing the one you love how much you appreciate them.

So, how does it do this? How does having a self-storage unit at your disposal make things easier on Valentine’s Day? Well, depending on what your plans are for your significant other, a storage space can help in a variety of ways. Below, we have provided just a handful of ideas where self-storage can support a romantic and memorable Valentine’s Day.

Taking the Next Step

Some couples decide that Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to take their relationship to the next level – moving in together. Taking that leap can cause some stress on a growing relationship. However, it doesn’t have to. If you take the proper approach, deciding to cohabitate can be the best decision you ever made and can be a jumping off point for becoming more committed to each other. Should the move-in go well, every Valentine’s Day following that one will be all the more special, as it will be additionally marked as the day your relationship took on new meaning. So, how does self-storage help out when you decide to merge your home-life with someone else? Well, much like a relationship, an effective approach for living with a significant other is all about identifying a healthy balance between give and take. While you may have much common ground with your partner, no two people are the same. Each of you will have different tastes, here and there, and they will reflect in your preferences for décor. When merging two living arrangements into one, you’ll need to work together to decide what pieces should stay, and which ones should go. Whether you’re moving into an apartment or a house, you want the way it is decorated to be an equal representation of both your tastes. However, just because you’re both going to need to compromise on certain prized possessions, doesn’t mean they all need to end up in the garbage. This is where the storage unit comes in. Sure, discard the things you’re fine parting with – but don’t toss things that are important to you just because they don’t mesh with the new cohabitation situation. Maybe, down the road, the two of you mutually decide to try a new look. Some of those items that are near and dear to you personally may work within the new motif. Or, maybe, after a couple of years of bliss together, you decide to scale up into a larger living arrangement. With more space now available to you, there may be an opportunity to make use of those special things you’ve stored. Whatever the case may be, a self-storage unit accommodates overflow, which you’ll definitely have when opting to share your living situation with your partner. A storage space alleviates any potential stress that could be caused by having to part with something you may not want to, and allows each person in the relationship to show they intend to respect the other by ensuring the new place is a shared space that represents both parties equally.

Hide Away

Just like for Christmas and birthdays, it is customary to buy your significant other a gift on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, you just nail it with a gift. You know, without a shadow of a doubt that your partner is going to love whatever it is that you got them. The most anti-climatic scenario in this situation is for the intended to “happen upon it” in your ill-conceived hiding place at home, spoiling your opportunity to spring it on them with great pomp and circumstance. It takes the wind right out of your sails and despite the fact that they still might love the present, its significance could be lost. After all, presentation is everything. You want to give them the present on the day you planned, in the way you intended – it matters. So, to avoid this unfortunate scenario, just don’t bring the present home. As soon as you buy it (or make it), wrap it and place it in your storage space. This way, snoopers can snoop until they don’t have any snooping left in them, and they’ll come up empty-handed because there will be nothing to find. A bonus by-product of this is if your significant other is a habitual snooper and they pride themselves on typically finding what it is they’re looking for, they’ll grow frustrated and may even start to believe that you forgot to get them something to mark the occasion. This built-up frustration will be hilarious to watch and will make the reveal all the more satisfying. Prevent the premature discovery of gifts by stowing them away in your self-storage unit, until the time is right to surprise your Valentine.

Uncovered Treasure

This is a fun one. To create a special surprise, you can do a short-term rental of a self-storage space and stage it with boxes filled only with packing materials, except for one strategically placed container that has in it a special gift for your loved one. Then, a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day, you can start mentioning an article you read about storage space bidding, and how someone recently purchased a lot for $800 and the contents were worth much, much more. Hint about how you might go bid on a sealed storage space to see if you get find the same fortune. With any luck, your significant other will shoot the idea down and try to convince you that it’s not a good idea. Then, let it go. As Valentine’s Day approaches, book a reservation at your significant other’s favourite restaurant. Whatever time you book the dinner for, tell your loved one that it’s an hour earlier than it actually is. On the way to dinner, tell your Valentine that you need to stop somewhere before you both carry on to the restaurant. Pull into the storage facility and drive up to your unit. They may recall the mention you made a couple of weeks earlier about how you were thinking of bidding on an abandoned unit. If not, remind them and say you went through with it. They will most likely get a little angry at this point, since you went ahead and did something without coming to a decision together. That’s fine – it will just make the reveal better. Apologize and say you know you should have consulted them before pulling the trigger but it was just too exciting of a concept to pass up. Promise that if nothing good comes out of this storage space, you’ll never do it again. Hopefully, by then, they will have calmed down enough to start exploring the unit. Start rifling through the boxes and ask your partner to help. Feign frustration when all you’re finding from one box to the next is packing material. Go deeper into the pile – almost out of sight, obscured by the boxes. Then, go quiet for a moment, then say, “I think I’ve found something!”. In a perfect world, your significant other will say something like, “what is it?”, or “really, what did you find?”. From behind the boxes, say, “I’m not sure, come and see”. As they come around to meet you, you can be standing there with a wrapped gift in your hand, presenting it to them. Maybe its that watch they’ve been eyeing, or that necklace they said they liked but couldn’t afford. Maybe it’s tickets and accommodations for that Paris trip they’ve dreamt of going on. Maybe it’s something even more significant, like an engagement ring. Whatever it is, it will always be remembered as special, because the way you revealed it made it significant. Sometimes, the way you give a gift and the thought you put into making it special is more meaningful than the gift itself.

Oversized Storage

Sometimes, it’s fun to buy your Valentine a gag-gift. One of the more typical joke gifts you can give is the gigantic stuffed teddy bear. It’s funny and will get a laugh, but then it becomes more of a nuisance since there’s really nowhere to put something so large and tacky (unless you live in a palace). Once the hilarity has worn off, move the monstrous stuffed animal into your self-storage unit until the opportunity arises where you can re-gift it.

Restage Your Home

Many couples like to do it up big for Valentine’s Day. That means chocolates, flowers, jewellery and other expensive gifts, and a pricey dinner at a ritzy restaurant. There’s nothing wrong with any of that, and some years you may opt for those things. However, other years, you may want to do something a little different, a little less costly, and a lot more mellow. Here’s an idea – why not plan a dinner date at home? It doesn’t sound very romantic on the face of it, but hear me out. What if you staged part of your house like a restaurant for the night? By storing some of your larger pieces of furniture in your storage unit and moving a smaller, more intimate table near a window – your living space will start to look more like a trattoria than an old familiar room. Adding a simple table cloth and strategically repositioning some of your existing flowers and decorative pieces will add to the restaurant vibe. Once you and your Valentine cook your favourite meal together, you can put some soft music on, dim the lights, light some candles, pour some wine, and sit down at your very own ristorante, in the comfort of your own home. Only a self-storage unit gives you the ability to transform your home in this way.

Plan a Get Away

If you plan to give your Valentine the gift of travel, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the security of your most prized possessions, left at your home as you explore a new and exciting destination. After you reveal the trip itinerary to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, move any items that are near and dear to you into your self-storage unit, so you can be completely at ease while you’re abroad.

Whether it’s a complex surprise or plans to take your relationship to new heights, your self-storage unit can support your efforts and make everything much more enjoyable. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be fun, so cut out the hassles and focus on the most important thing – the time you spend with your loved one.

Burlington Storage Barn would like to extend to you a happy Valentine’s Day. We hope the day finds you in the company of someone you love. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help the people of Burlington and surrounding areas lighten their load this Valentine’s Day, please click here.

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Give Those New Year Resolutions a Boost with Self-Storage

It’s fair to say that many of us set goals for ourselves each new year. For the most part, it’s also fair to assume that many of us fall short in realizing these goals. What’s unfortunate about this phenomenon is that, more and more, people are becoming cynical about establishing resolutions. It’s too bad since failing at something doesn’t preclude you from succeeding in the future. Accomplishing your goal may take several attempts. What’s more, each time you fail to rise to the occasion, you learn something about how you failed. Thus, making it more advantageous to succeed in following efforts.

Whatever your resolution(s) may be, it’s important to set yourself up for success. For each goal, there may be several preparatory steps that will better equip you in executing on your efforts. One of these preparatory steps is ensuring you are providing yourself with a healthy environment to nurture your resolutions within. Drawing on a self-storage unit will support your ability to sustain an organized and structured environment to accommodate the meaningful application of your efforts and the realization of your resolutions.

Provided below are some of the ways a self-storage unit can help you see your resolutions through.

Free Yourself of the Holiday Clutter

The first thing on your list should be wiping the slate clean at home. Remove the holiday clutter that is taking up space in your living room and mind. Festive decorations are great and can bring happiness. However, the longer they linger after the holiday season, the more they weigh on you and stand as a constant reminder that merry times have passed you by for another year. Avail yourself of the clutter so you can move forward into the new year instead of clinging to what has already gone by. Carefully box up your heirloom ornaments and disassemble the tree so they can be securely stowed in your self-storage unit until next holiday season. With your home back to normal, you’ll have room to breathe and will be able to hone your focus in on those things you intend to accomplish in the coming weeks and months.

Reduce Your Anxiety

There’s nothing more calming than having things in order. A cluttered home has the potential to cause a cluttered mind. And, it goes without saying that you’ll be put at a disadvantage (when striving for improvement) if your thoughts are tied up in the disorganization of your living spaces. The more control you exercise over your life, the more at peace you’ll feel. When someone allows too many aspects of their life to fall into disarray, the lack of control or direction can cause severe compounded anxiety. Then, instead of focusing on accomplishing your resolutions, you’ll need to figure out how to deal with the toll being taken on your mental health. Fortunately, there’s no need to let clutter build-up and negatively impact your mental well-being. Keeping things tidy at home and organizing any excess or seasonally unnecessary items in your self-storage unit will allow you to interpret your living spaces the way you should – a comfortable place that allows you to rest and rejuvenate when recovering from striving after your resolutions.

Empower Your Health

Stacked up and unused clutter can eventually gather dust. This particulate can get kicked up and negatively impact the air quality in your home. Flared up allergies or dust-related respiratory illnesses are not going to put you in a position to successfully accomplish your desired outcomes. Whatever your resolution is, you need to empower your health. Staying at the top of your game will give you the best chance at realizing your goals. By moving your excess clutter into a self-storage unit, you’ll eliminate the potential for compromised air quality and will prevent yourself from becoming unnecessarily ill.

Respect Your Time

When you’ve got a bunch of clutter stacked here and there throughout your home, it can be very easy to misplace items you need to use every day – such as car keys, cell phones and other small items that can become obscured. We’ve all annoyingly misplaced out keys within our home before. You know they aren’t completely lost but for whatever reason, you can’t track them down. What’s more, this always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time – when you are trying to get out the door and are in a rush. Trying to find items that should be readily available is a frustrating waste of time and is totally unnecessary. Save yourself from hiding items on yourself by ridding your house of unused clutter that only serves to conceal the things you use on a day-to-day basis. Placing unused items in a self-storage space will keep your home clutter-free and allow you to find what you are looking for much easier.

Improve Recuperation

When striving to accomplish a new year’s resolution, getting a good night’s sleep allows you to recover from your day’s efforts and get right back at it the next morning. However, many find it a struggle to fall asleep since they have so much on their mind. A great start to calming your mind, so you may achieve better sleep, is to eliminate any unnecessary concerns. One of these unnecessary concerns may be the state of your home. If you’ve let your living spaces become cluttered, disorganized or in disarray, this is just another thing that will nag at you when trying to let go of the day’s stresses. The less you can have on your mind when you place your head to the pillow, the better chance you will have of getting the restful and recovering sleep you need to replenish your determination and drive to attack your efforts throughout the week. Draw on your self-storage unit and unclutter your home to prevent from having a cluttered mind when the lights go out.

Stimulate Productivity

Accomplishing new year’s resolutions typically involves inflicting some unsatisfying activity upon yourself to improve over time. The old adage, “no pain, no gain” definitely applies at this time of year for many of us. However, to create a sustainable change in your behaviour for the better, you need to become obsessed with productivity. Not just with your resolutions, but also with the activities you find appealing. When your home is disorganized and messy, it wears on you. This causes your will to devote time to advancing your resolutions or conducting activities you enjoy to dwindle extensively. When making a change in your life, you need every advantage in stimulating the get-up-and-go necessary to do the work. Store any unused items, overflow or clutter within your self-storage unit so you can be comfortable at home and have a one-track focus on accomplishing your goals.

Realize Your Fitness Goals

Manipulating your day’s schedule to accommodate a new fitness routine can be one of the frustrations you run into when establishing a new year’s resolution involving the improvement of your health. The best approach for ensuring continued dedication to the new fitness plan is to remove as many barriers getting in the way of your exercise as you can (both figuratively and literally). You may decide that something as fickle as having to get in your car and drive to a gym will be enough to discourage your initiative – and, that’s alright. Knowing that about yourself is half the battle. So, you may decide that your exercise regiment (to be successful and sustainable) must occur at home. Fortunately, with all of the resources and equipment available now, that’s very easy to accomplish. All you’ll need is a dedicated exercise room or space. However, it’s important that you don’t workout in between or amongst packing boxes or stacked clutter – for two reasons. One, because it’s not safe. And, two, because if you don’t take pride in your exercise area, you won’t take pride in your exercise. Designate your area and move any excess clutter into your self-storage unit, so you may use the space to benefit your efforts in the greatest way possible.

Explore a New Hobby

Too often, we go through life not exploring things that interest us. If your new year’s resolution is to take up a hobby you’ve been dreaming of for the last few years, a self-storage unit is a great help in supporting that new pastime. Whether it’s a hobby that requires you to make room in your house or one that requires space to store associated equipment from time to time, a self-storage space is the optimal support system for accommodating your amusement.

Get Out There and Spend Less Time Idle

Many people’s new year resolutions revolve around travelling more and staying at home less. If you plan to be footloose in the coming year (as much as possible), you don’t want to be worrying about the security of your most prized possessions while exploring new places. By placing those things you plan to leave behind in a self-storage unit, you can truly enjoy your travels. And, since self-storage units are so simple to access, as soon as you return from seeing the world, you can repatriate your stored items back in your home (until the next trip, that is).

New year’s resolutions usually involve big life changes. Big life changes tend to require some purging, moving and shifting around of your things to accommodate your efforts in achieving your resolution. By drawing on a self-storage unit, you are taking one of the necessary steps in ensuring you are setup for success. There’s no need to fight with clutter and disorganization when attempting to improve yourself or try something new – so don’t.

Burlington Storage Barn is conveniently located, easy to access and will support your efforts in making your new year’s resolutions a reality. Please contact one of our representatives now so we can help you get the storage space that will accommodate your needs.

From the Burlington Storage Barn team, we would like to extend a happy and healthy new year.

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Deck Your Halls with the Support of Self-Storage

How has the year already gone by? Yes, it’s the holiday season again. Some see it as “the most wonderful time of the year”, others – not so much. However, whatever camp you fall into, the reality is that it’s a hectic time and you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Soon (if not already), you’ll be pulling out boxes stuffed with decorations to trim up the tree, welcoming extended family into your home, setting the dining room table with the fine china, wrapping and hiding presents, as well as all the other checklist items you have to take care of through the holidays. With so many moving parts, things can easily get overwhelming and cluttered. It’s for this reason you should draw on a self-storage unit to free up your space for the festive season.

Here are a few of the ways making use of a self-storage unit will allow you to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Accommodating Family Visitors

That spare room you’ve been using as a makeshift storage space – that’s the one Uncle Bernard and Aunt Harriet are going to be using during their visit. And, the way you have things stacked up, there’s no way anyone is going to be able to stay in there comfortably. Don’t play the “how many of these boxes can I shove into closets” game. Before the in-laws arrive, transfer your boxes into your self-storage unit so your relatives don’t have to trek through a maze of storage bins just to go to sleep at night. Showcase all of the spaces in your home by making them accessible and open (and clutter-free).

Organizing Your Decorations

Every so often, you may want to change things up in the decorating department. Maybe you’ve decided to go with coloured string lights instead of plain white this year. Your old set still works great, but there’s nowhere for them to go. Whenever there are decorations that you’ve decided not to use, don’t let them take up precious space in your closets, attic, garage or shed. Place them in your self-storage unit so they are out of your way. You want to “deck your halls with boughs of holly”, not fill your closets with stacks of boxes. Winter is the time of year when we make use of our closet spaces the most – with all the parkas, toques and boots coming back into circulation. The last thing you want when your guests are attempting to hang their coats is for them to have to contend with a storage box avalanche. Eliminate the potential for an ornament landslide by exploiting your storage space’s capacity.

Snooping Prevention

We all have at least one in our family. That sneaky, stealthy type that just doesn’t have the patience to wait for the presents to be placed under the tree to find out what they’ve received. They are known as the snooper. When you put thought and effort into securing the perfect gift for a loved one, the last thing you want is for them to spoil your surprise by uncovering your ill-conceived hiding spot. Even if you fancy yourself somewhat of a present concealment specialist, some snoopers will stop at nothing (searching high and low) to locate your gift treasure trove. Make it so, no matter how hard they search, it will be impossible for them to foil your surprise. Store your gifts in your self-storage space so there’s literally nothing to find in your home. Once you have your holiday stash tucked away in your storage unit, you can sit back and relax by the fire as the snoopers take on the fool’s errand of searching for gifts where there are none to be found. Only with a self-storage unit can you make your home truly snoop-proof.

Decluttering Your Home

With a tree going up, stockings being hung, garland being strung, and various trinkets and decorations being scattered about – there’s going to be less real estate in your living spaces. During the holidays, you don’t want to feel cramped or uncomfortable in your own home. And, if you happen to be hosting get-togethers or providing room and board to relatives – that just adds to the closing in of your spaces. Fortunately, there’s something you can do to open your spaces back up, while accommodating the festive additions. By subtracting an armchair here, an accent table there, a decorative vase here, and an ottoman there – all of a sudden, your space is comfortable and welcoming again. Strategically removing furniture from your cozy spaces and placing them in your self-storage unit will allow you to truly showcase your home in all its festively decorated glory. You don’t need to feel crammed in or barricaded by your furniture. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the season in comfort by using your self-storage space to its fullest potential.

Storing Your Party Inventory

Quite a few people host holiday parties each year – sometimes two. Family, friends and neighbours look forward to that party all year long. It’s part of their tradition. However, all they need to do is bring some finger-food. You’re the host, so the rest falls in your lap. Depending on how large the party is, you’re going to need to add those extra leaves to the dinner table and ensure there’s enough seating for everyone to claim their place. These party additions have a tendency to take up quite a bit of space when not being used for their intended purpose. That being the case, don’t allow them to clutter up your home any longer than needed. Once you’ve hosted a successful party, rotate these pieces of furniture back into your self-storage unit. If you plan to have another get-together, rotate them back into circulation accordingly. When you have a self-storage space at your disposal, transitioning your home from status quo to holiday party mode and back again is as simple as can be.

Your holidays should be as enjoyable as they can be. Ridding yourself of unnecessary clutter plays a large part in making sure that is the case. As the song goes, “there’s no place like home for the holidays”. By drawing on your self-storage unit, your home can truly be a wonderful place to behold through the festive season.

If you’d like to secure a self-storage unit that will help you in making your holiday celebrations run smoothly, contact Burlington Storage Barn and we will ensure you get a space that is perfectly matched to your storage needs.

From all of us at Burlington Storage Barn, we wish you and yours a happy holiday and a wonderful new year.

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Here’s Why Fall is the Best Time to Rent a Self-Storage Unit

The temperature is dropping, the sun is sticking around less and less, and the leaves are trying to hang on for dear life. There’s no doubt about it – it’s Fall. That means cozy nights by the fire, warm beverages, cross-country skiing and the holidays are all just around the corner. However, before you can enjoy any of the trappings the colder months of the year have to offer, you need to get yourself Winter-ready.

You might think, “why would I winterize in Fall?”. Well, in many ways, getting ready for the snowy season now is a great move – especially if you plan to rent a self-storage unit to free up space around your home.

Here are a few of the reasons why Fall is one of the best times of the year to move your things into a storage facility.

Lower Volume of People Moving

When it comes to moving things from one place to the next, the Fall and Winter months are not the typical time to do that. Students moved into their dorms in August and September and most people who are moving into a new home don’t choose to do so in the colder seasons. Since there are far fewer people having to store this or that, self- storage facilities are far less hectic. This means there will be a larger variety of unit sizes available to you for rent. So, no matter how much Summer furniture and equipment you have to store, you should have no trouble finding a self-storage unit to accommodate your needs.

Holiday Takeover

In a couple of blinks, the holiday season will be in full swing. With your halls decked in garland and a trimmed tree dominating your living area, you’ll have less space to work with than you’re accustomed to. Before your ornaments go up, de-clutter your home by moving furniture into a self-storage space. The last thing you want in a living room is to feel cramped for space or stuffed in. You want to feel comfortable while enjoying the festive season with family and friends. Envision and reorganize your rooms to accommodate for the decorative additions and safely store the rest in your easy access storage unit. The holidays can be hectic – adjust your home before you are too busy.

Dry Storage is Good Storage

As we all know, once snow starts falling, things get wet. Moisture is nobody’s friend in a storage unit. You want to make sure, whatever you store in your self-storage unit, it’s clean and completely dry. Moisture can cause irreparable damage to your equipment by rusting or breaking down surfaces, or by freezing – resulting in cracks, breaches or tears. Why put up with having to wipe down all of your things prior to storage when you don’t have to? Move your Summer equipment and furniture into your storage unit before the first snowflake makes its appearance. Also, you may want to consider a climate- controlled space when renting. Being able to control the temperature of your storage unit is a great way to prevent moisture accumulation or freezing of moving parts.

Avoid the Chill

It’s getting a little cool out there now, but it’s not yet the frigid, teeth-chattering temperatures of the Winter months. There’s no need to subject yourself to the sub-zero freeze over. If you move your Summer things into a self-storage unit now, you can enjoy the process in comfortable, temperate conditions instead of frost-bitten, blustery white- outs.

Enjoy Your Space

If you’re in the practice of rotating your Summer and Winter gear in and out of storage when the conditions call for it, you’ll never be able to reclaim as much of your space at home and in your garage or shed as you can right now. Your Summer equipment and furniture is no longer needed and the weather doesn’t call for your Winter gear just yet. That means, both your Summer and Winter equipment can be stowed away in your self- storage unit, and your home can be free and clear of both. Having your seasonal equipment cleared out of your spaces can allow you to efficiently reassess and rearrange (if needed) your at-home inventory.

Make sure when you are moving your seasonal equipment into your storage unit that you arrange it in such a way that the coming season’s gear is easiest to access. If you maintain good organization throughout the use of your self-storage space, it should always be relatively simple to shift your equipment around so it can be easily rotated in and out.

Special Pricing

The colder months are usually the less busy season for self-storage facilities. Since this is the case, they tend to offer discounted pricing to incentivize rental of their units. As this article suggests, there are already so many great reasons to draw on a self-storage space in the Fall – might as well capitalize on a deal as well.


The more you can stay off the roads in Winter, the safer you will be. Moving your Summer gear into your storage unit before the roads freeze and the snow piles up will mean less time you have to be out driving on slippery, icy roads. Plan ahead and save yourself from treacherous driving by moving your things into a self-storage unit now.

Having your choice of storage unit, de-cluttering your home for the holidays, preventing equipment damage, avoiding the cold weather, reorganizing your home inventory, capitalizing on potential savings and ensuring your safety are all fantastic reasons why you should seriously consider moving your things into a self-storage unit now instead of later. What’s more, you get to enjoy the beautiful Autumn colours before the leaves have all fallen.

Contact Burlington Storage Barn today to secure your self-storage space. We are the most convenient, easy-to-access self-storage facility near you.

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Items Not To Keep In Self-Storage

Storage units allow us to de-clutter our home and free up space. There’s a never-ending list of things we can store in our unit. However, there are a few select things you will want to keep out of your self-storage unit. This list identifies a few of those prohibited items.


A self-storage unit is not a living space or dwelling. It is not acceptable to live in or knowingly allow someone to occupy your storage space. Setting up a permanent residence in your unit is illegal and unsafe (for many reasons).

Animals (Living or Deceased)

For obvious reasons, living animals or pets should not be kept in a self-storage unit. Their well-being would be in serious jeopardy if left in a sealed unit. Deceased animals should not be stored in your unit either, as they can produce strong smells and attract rodents and other pests.

Strong Scents

It goes without saying that perishable food will produce scents – so that’s certainly a no-no. However, there are other items that can attract pests because of their scent. Some of these odour-emitting items that should be kept out of your storage unit include:

  • Scented candles
  • Vegetation or plants
  • Soil
  • Plastic bags
  • Corkboards
  • Bird seed

Hazardous Materials

Many hazardous materials require specific climate conditions to remain safe and secure. Your self-storage unit’s temperature is not strictly controlled and can therefore cause stored hazardous materials to leak, resulting in environmental impact or creating concentrated fumes that could become hazardous to your health when the unit is reopened. Refrain from storing the following items in your unit:

  • Paint or paint thinner
  • Bleach
  • Pesticides
  • Cleaning solvents

Fireworks and Standing Fuel

You should not store combustible or flammable materials within your self-storage space. Doing so could cause fire or even explosion. Fireworks are a good example of combustibles you should not place inside your unit. Also worth mentioning – when you are storing fuel-driven machinery (e.g., lawnmowers or skidoos), ensure their tanks are completely emptied prior to storage.

Unregistered Vehicles

It is illegal to store unregistered or uninsured vehicles within your storage space. If you plan to place a vehicle in your unit, you must be able to provide proof of valid and active insurance and registration.

Firearms and Ammunition

There are specific requirements prescribed for the safe and lawful storage of firearms and keeping them in a self-storage unit does not comply with those regulations. As an extension of those requirements, ammunition is not allowed to be stored in your unit either. Heat buildup within your storage unit could cause ammunition to fire, causing damage or potentially injuring nearby staff or patrons. It’s best practice not to store weaponry of any kind within your unit.

As a general rule, it never hurts to ask. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to reach out to the representatives of your self-storage unit facility. They have the knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of your unit and keep everyone safe while you do it.

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Free Yourself of Cold-Weather Equipment with Self-Storage

Believe it or not, summer is on its way to Burlington. Each day, it’s getting warmer and brighter. That means the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of patio parties and enjoying the sunshine and longer days as much as you possibly can.

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Safety Tips for Moving Your Stuff into Storage

Give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve already made a proactive decision in protecting your safety by deciding to store your things in a self-storage unit. Having unnecessary clutter stored at your home can create several hazards that have the potential to threaten your well-being.

However, now that you’ve made the choice to free up space, you’ll need to plan out how you intend to move your things to the self-storage unit, so you can protect yourself and others throughout the moving process. Here are a few tips for planning a safe and successful storage experience.

Choose a Self-Storage Provider Near You

Do a search to identify a conveniently located storage facility. Search “self-storage near me” and you will be provided with a map showing the various options and locations. If you are a resident of Burlington, the Burlington Storage Barn is centrally located. The more you can cut down on travel time between your home and your choice of self-storage facility, the better off you’ll be.

Ask for Help

You should never plan to do manual lifting alone. Moving your things into a self-storage unit will most likely require that you do some lifting, pushing and pulling. Ask for help from friends or family members, to lighten your load. By working as part of a team, the exertion is equally spread over a group of people and should be manageable. What’s more, should someone sustain an injury, there will be others there to help immediately. Besides these advantages, having people help will make the moving process more enjoyable and the time will go by quicker.

Make a Plan

Prior to starting the packing and moving, sit down with everyone who will be involved and discuss amongst yourselves what you all believe to be the best approach. Talk about what potential hazards could be involved during the move and what can be done to protect someone from being impacted by them. Make sure everyone feels empowered to speak up if they see something out of place or something that concerns them.

Don’t Over-Pack

When filling up your packing boxes, don’t place so many items in a box that the walls of the box begin to bend or bulge. First off, doing this will impact the integrity of the box causing it to either fail during the move or collapse when it’s placed in the self-storage unit – spilling your things all over. Secondly, over-packing your boxes or storage bins may make them unnecessarily heavy. Separate your things evenly across your storage boxes and bins so the loads aren’t too heavy for those lifting them.

Remove Batteries

Leaving batteries in electrical devices can cause corrosion, damaging your property or worse – igniting a fire and engulfing the self-storage facility or injuring people. Make sure all devices are checked for batteries. If you find some, take them out of the item and place them in a zip-bag to save them for future use.

Separately Pack Fragile Items

Any of your things that can be easily cracked, crushed, shattered or broken should be separated into their own storage boxes and should be well wrapped / padded in bubble-wrap and / or soft items like blankets or small pillows. Pack carefully to avoid damaging fragile items and clearly mark the box “FRAGILE”. Ensure these boxes / bins are strategically placed within your self-storage unit so the “FRAGILE” labelling is apparent and visible.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques

Prior to lifting any load, make sure you plan out your path of travel. When lifting and moving packing bins, always bend your knees and lift with your legs. Do not use your back as a lever. Also, do not twist or wrench your back when carrying the load. By staying mindful of these techniques, you will be able to avoid back and shoulder injuries.

Eliminate Tripping Hazards

When de-cluttering, there is the potential to encounter tripping or snagging hazards. Where needed, do a bit of tidying up before moving items. Make sure routes are clear and remove any items that are jutting out and could cause someone to take a fall. Slips, trips and falls are one of the major causal factors resulting in injury – so pay due attention to this one.

Limit Distances When Carrying a Load

When deciding what self-storage facility you’d like to store your things in, confirm that the provider has drive-up access to your allotted unit. Being able to position your vehicle in close proximity to your unit will allow you to limit the amount of lifting and moving you will need to do.

Take Frequent Breaks

Lifting and moving can be strenuous work. Make sure you and your helpers take breaks from lifting. During your break, take a load off by having a seat and also take the time to do a little light stretching to keep your legs, back and shoulders limber.

Pack Heavy Items Lower

When placing storage boxes / bins into your vehicle or moving truck, make sure to place heavier items down low. Packing heavy boxes up high can cause toppling and back injuries. Lighter items should be packed last.

Strategically Place Your Storage Boxes for Transport

As you place your storage boxes into your vehicle, make sure the items are placed in such a way so as to not obstruct your view while driving. Statistically, the transport portion of your move will be the most hazardous, so make sure you can see the road from all vantage points. Also, make sure you disperse your boxes so the load is balanced and secure. This will prevent the load from shifting while in transit.

Follow the above suggestions and stay aware throughout the moving process and transitioning your things from your home to your self-storage unit should go off without a hitch.

Safe moving into your self-storage unit!

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If I need storage again, I will definitely return for their service.”

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