Items Not To Keep In Self-Storage


Storage units allow us to de-clutter our home and free up space. There’s a never-ending list of things we can store in our unit. However, there are a few select things you will want to keep out of your self-storage unit. This list identifies a few of those prohibited items.


A self-storage unit is not a living space or dwelling. It is not acceptable to live in or knowingly allow someone to occupy your storage space. Setting up a permanent residence in your unit is illegal and unsafe (for many reasons).

Animals (Living or Deceased)

For obvious reasons, living animals or pets should not be kept in a self-storage unit. Their well-being would be in serious jeopardy if left in a sealed unit. Deceased animals should not be stored in your unit either, as they can produce strong smells and attract rodents and other pests.

Strong Scents

It goes without saying that perishable food will produce scents – so that’s certainly a no-no. However, there are other items that can attract pests because of their scent. Some of these odour-emitting items that should be kept out of your storage unit include:

  • Scented candles
  • Vegetation or plants
  • Soil
  • Plastic bags
  • Corkboards
  • Bird seed

Hazardous Materials

Many hazardous materials require specific climate conditions to remain safe and secure. Your self-storage unit’s temperature is not strictly controlled and can therefore cause stored hazardous materials to leak, resulting in environmental impact or creating concentrated fumes that could become hazardous to your health when the unit is reopened. Refrain from storing the following items in your unit:

  • Paint or paint thinner
  • Bleach
  • Pesticides
  • Cleaning solvents

Fireworks and Standing Fuel

You should not store combustible or flammable materials within your self-storage space. Doing so could cause fire or even explosion. Fireworks are a good example of combustibles you should not place inside your unit. Also worth mentioning – when you are storing fuel-driven machinery (e.g., lawnmowers or skidoos), ensure their tanks are completely emptied prior to storage.

Unregistered Vehicles

It is illegal to store unregistered or uninsured vehicles within your storage space. If you plan to place a vehicle in your unit, you must be able to provide proof of valid and active insurance and registration.

Firearms and Ammunition

There are specific requirements prescribed for the safe and lawful storage of firearms and keeping them in a self-storage unit does not comply with those regulations. As an extension of those requirements, ammunition is not allowed to be stored in your unit either. Heat buildup within your storage unit could cause ammunition to fire, causing damage or potentially injuring nearby staff or patrons. It’s best practice not to store weaponry of any kind within your unit.

As a general rule, it never hurts to ask. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to reach out to the representatives of your self-storage unit facility. They have the knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of your unit and keep everyone safe while you do it.

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