Valentine's Day With Self-Storage

Valentine’s Day with Self-Storage

Sure, Valentine’s Day is overly commercialized – but, you only live once so why not show the ones you love the affection they deserve. You might ask, how will making use of a self-storage unit help me in achieving my desired Valentine’s Day? Certainly a great question and although it may not seem apparent from the outset, having a storage space to draw on can really empower your efforts in showing the one you love how much you appreciate them.

So, how does it do this? How does having a self-storage unit at your disposal make things easier on Valentine’s Day? Well, depending on what your plans are for your significant other, a storage space can help in a variety of ways. Below, we have provided just a handful of ideas where self-storage can support a romantic and memorable Valentine’s Day.

Taking the Next Step

Some couples decide that Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to take their relationship to the next level – moving in together. Taking that leap can cause some stress on a growing relationship. However, it doesn’t have to. If you take the proper approach, deciding to cohabitate can be the best decision you ever made and can be a jumping off point for becoming more committed to each other. Should the move-in go well, every Valentine’s Day following that one will be all the more special, as it will be additionally marked as the day your relationship took on new meaning. So, how does self-storage help out when you decide to merge your home-life with someone else? Well, much like a relationship, an effective approach for living with a significant other is all about identifying a healthy balance between give and take. While you may have much common ground with your partner, no two people are the same. Each of you will have different tastes, here and there, and they will reflect in your preferences for décor. When merging two living arrangements into one, you’ll need to work together to decide what pieces should stay, and which ones should go. Whether you’re moving into an apartment or a house, you want the way it is decorated to be an equal representation of both your tastes. However, just because you’re both going to need to compromise on certain prized possessions, doesn’t mean they all need to end up in the garbage. This is where the storage unit comes in. Sure, discard the things you’re fine parting with – but don’t toss things that are important to you just because they don’t mesh with the new cohabitation situation. Maybe, down the road, the two of you mutually decide to try a new look. Some of those items that are near and dear to you personally may work within the new motif. Or, maybe, after a couple of years of bliss together, you decide to scale up into a larger living arrangement. With more space now available to you, there may be an opportunity to make use of those special things you’ve stored. Whatever the case may be, a self-storage unit accommodates overflow, which you’ll definitely have when opting to share your living situation with your partner. A storage space alleviates any potential stress that could be caused by having to part with something you may not want to, and allows each person in the relationship to show they intend to respect the other by ensuring the new place is a shared space that represents both parties equally.

Hide Away

Just like for Christmas and birthdays, it is customary to buy your significant other a gift on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, you just nail it with a gift. You know, without a shadow of a doubt that your partner is going to love whatever it is that you got them. The most anti-climatic scenario in this situation is for the intended to “happen upon it” in your ill-conceived hiding place at home, spoiling your opportunity to spring it on them with great pomp and circumstance. It takes the wind right out of your sails and despite the fact that they still might love the present, its significance could be lost. After all, presentation is everything. You want to give them the present on the day you planned, in the way you intended – it matters. So, to avoid this unfortunate scenario, just don’t bring the present home. As soon as you buy it (or make it), wrap it and place it in your storage space. This way, snoopers can snoop until they don’t have any snooping left in them, and they’ll come up empty-handed because there will be nothing to find. A bonus by-product of this is if your significant other is a habitual snooper and they pride themselves on typically finding what it is they’re looking for, they’ll grow frustrated and may even start to believe that you forgot to get them something to mark the occasion. This built-up frustration will be hilarious to watch and will make the reveal all the more satisfying. Prevent the premature discovery of gifts by stowing them away in your self-storage unit, until the time is right to surprise your Valentine.

Uncovered Treasure

This is a fun one. To create a special surprise, you can do a short-term rental of a self-storage space and stage it with boxes filled only with packing materials, except for one strategically placed container that has in it a special gift for your loved one. Then, a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day, you can start mentioning an article you read about storage space bidding, and how someone recently purchased a lot for $800 and the contents were worth much, much more. Hint about how you might go bid on a sealed storage space to see if you get find the same fortune. With any luck, your significant other will shoot the idea down and try to convince you that it’s not a good idea. Then, let it go. As Valentine’s Day approaches, book a reservation at your significant other’s favourite restaurant. Whatever time you book the dinner for, tell your loved one that it’s an hour earlier than it actually is. On the way to dinner, tell your Valentine that you need to stop somewhere before you both carry on to the restaurant. Pull into the storage facility and drive up to your unit. They may recall the mention you made a couple of weeks earlier about how you were thinking of bidding on an abandoned unit. If not, remind them and say you went through with it. They will most likely get a little angry at this point, since you went ahead and did something without coming to a decision together. That’s fine – it will just make the reveal better. Apologize and say you know you should have consulted them before pulling the trigger but it was just too exciting of a concept to pass up. Promise that if nothing good comes out of this storage space, you’ll never do it again. Hopefully, by then, they will have calmed down enough to start exploring the unit. Start rifling through the boxes and ask your partner to help. Feign frustration when all you’re finding from one box to the next is packing material. Go deeper into the pile – almost out of sight, obscured by the boxes. Then, go quiet for a moment, then say, “I think I’ve found something!”. In a perfect world, your significant other will say something like, “what is it?”, or “really, what did you find?”. From behind the boxes, say, “I’m not sure, come and see”. As they come around to meet you, you can be standing there with a wrapped gift in your hand, presenting it to them. Maybe its that watch they’ve been eyeing, or that necklace they said they liked but couldn’t afford. Maybe it’s tickets and accommodations for that Paris trip they’ve dreamt of going on. Maybe it’s something even more significant, like an engagement ring. Whatever it is, it will always be remembered as special, because the way you revealed it made it significant. Sometimes, the way you give a gift and the thought you put into making it special is more meaningful than the gift itself.

Oversized Storage

Sometimes, it’s fun to buy your Valentine a gag-gift. One of the more typical joke gifts you can give is the gigantic stuffed teddy bear. It’s funny and will get a laugh, but then it becomes more of a nuisance since there’s really nowhere to put something so large and tacky (unless you live in a palace). Once the hilarity has worn off, move the monstrous stuffed animal into your self-storage unit until the opportunity arises where you can re-gift it.

Restage Your Home

Many couples like to do it up big for Valentine’s Day. That means chocolates, flowers, jewellery and other expensive gifts, and a pricey dinner at a ritzy restaurant. There’s nothing wrong with any of that, and some years you may opt for those things. However, other years, you may want to do something a little different, a little less costly, and a lot more mellow. Here’s an idea – why not plan a dinner date at home? It doesn’t sound very romantic on the face of it, but hear me out. What if you staged part of your house like a restaurant for the night? By storing some of your larger pieces of furniture in your storage unit and moving a smaller, more intimate table near a window – your living space will start to look more like a trattoria than an old familiar room. Adding a simple table cloth and strategically repositioning some of your existing flowers and decorative pieces will add to the restaurant vibe. Once you and your Valentine cook your favourite meal together, you can put some soft music on, dim the lights, light some candles, pour some wine, and sit down at your very own ristorante, in the comfort of your own home. Only a self-storage unit gives you the ability to transform your home in this way.

Plan a Get Away

If you plan to give your Valentine the gift of travel, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the security of your most prized possessions, left at your home as you explore a new and exciting destination. After you reveal the trip itinerary to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, move any items that are near and dear to you into your self-storage unit, so you can be completely at ease while you’re abroad.

Whether it’s a complex surprise or plans to take your relationship to new heights, your self-storage unit can support your efforts and make everything much more enjoyable. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be fun, so cut out the hassles and focus on the most important thing – the time you spend with your loved one.

Burlington Storage Barn would like to extend to you a happy Valentine’s Day. We hope the day finds you in the company of someone you love. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help the people of Burlington and surrounding areas lighten their load this Valentine’s Day, please click here.

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