A Successful St. Patrick’s Day with Self-Storage

St. Patrick’s Day with Self-Storage

There’s a bit of a lull after the holidays. Once new year celebrations fade into the distance, it’s back to the monotony of dark and dreary winter. However, once March comes around, there’s hope on the horizon. Days are getting longer, temperatures are slowly beginning to turn in the right direction, and people are starting to come out from hibernation.

What’s more, the first official opportunity marked on the calendar to get together with friends and family is practically here – St. Patrick’s Day. What might be the perfect kick-off to the year’s festive times, St. Paddy’s Day strikes a great balance between fun and informality – allowing you to enjoy time spent with loved ones without all the expected decorum of the larger holidays.

If you plan to host a St. Patrick’s Day themed party at your home, there are a few things you’ll want to do to ensure the festivities go off without a hitch. You certainly don’t want to bank on the luck of the Irish when it comes to pulling off a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Outlined below are some of the actions you may want to consider taking when getting yourself (and your home) ready for your St. Paddy’s Day bash – as well as the advantages you will gain when drawing on a self-storage facility during the process.

Storing Valuables & Making Space

Once the invitations have been sent and the RSVPs have been submitted, you’ll have a good idea for the size of the crowd you’ll need to accommodate for. You’ll begin imagining the events of the night and attempt to envision what space will be needed where. St. Patrick’s Day parties usually consist of eating, drinking, dancing and playing party games. This combination of activities calls for a very specific setup. You need to have areas where you can station the food and drink, but also have space for the more animated and lively goings-on. Accomplishing the setup that will allow for this unique mishmash of activities will require some rearranging and maybe removal of furniture. The large dining room table and sprawling chaise just don’t serve any utility for the type of party you’re looking to throw and it’s not like they can be tucked out of the way elsewhere. It just makes more sense to avail yourself of any furniture that will only get in the way of a good time. Store larger pieces of furniture in your self-storage unit to open up your space, so your guests can move around more freely. Other items you may want to consider placing in your storage space are your valuables and breakables. Whether it’s an expensive vase, ornamental bowl, or decorative family heirloom – it’s a great idea to prevent a costly or tragic loss of your more fragile items by simply removing them from your home entirely and placing them in the safety and security of your self-storage unit. Whatever items you think you need to store to make your party the success you want it to be, your storage facility can certainly accommodate.

Preventing & Preparing

As with every holiday, there’s never a shortage of food and drink during St. Patrick’s Day. With your fridge and pantry already stocked to the hilt, it can be difficult to figure out where to store your party provisions, ahead of the event. What’s more, your commitment to your healthy new year’s resolution can be easily threatened by idle snacks waiting to be consumed before the day of your party. You plan to partake in some treats during the festivities, but you don’t want to double-up by eating them before and during. A great way to solve your dwindling shelf-space and prevent yourself from indulging more than you’d like to is to temporarily store any non-perishable, sealed snacks and beverages in your self-storage unit. You can place your party provisions in an easy to access place in your unit, so you can gather it all up the day before the get-together. If you opted for a climate-controlled unit, your storage space will be perfect for storing sealed beverages. An added advantage of this approach is that you can avoid the large grocery store crowds that will almost certainly amass right before St. Patrick’s Day – at the last minute.


Much like any other celebration, St. Patrick’s Day usually calls for some festive décor. Cardboard leprechaun hats, shamrock sunglasses, green and white streamers, and honeycomb pots of gold are just a few of the St. Paddy’s Day decorations you may have in your inventory. With the use of a self-storage unit, you can neatly tuck away all of your holiday decorations, and even separate out the different sets for each holiday so they are easy to access when the time comes for their use. The last thing you want is for your festive decorations to clutter up your limited home storage spaces or closets. You want to be able to enjoy your decorations during the time when they are needed, and then be able to quickly and easily stow them away until another year goes by. Your self-storage space is ideal for accommodating this need. With the ability to access your decorations quickly, your home will be festive and fun for your guests. And, once the party is over, placing those decorations back in storage is as simple as can be.

Spring Shift

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly the end of winter and the beginning of spring. A couple of days after the dust settles on your party, you will be able to officially bid farewell to winter and breathe a sigh of relief. Congratulations, you’ve survived another cold, dark and harsh season. Now, there’s so much to look forward to. You can really start thinking about shifting your winter gear into storage and your warmer weather gear out. This is the single greatest thing about having a self-storage unit – the ability to customize your at-home inventory based on the season. Once winter is over, you don’t want to be made to look at your snow-blower over and over again when you enter your garage or shed. Our climate forces you to be well-acquainted with your winter equipment more than enough – no need to spend more time with it than absolutely necessary. With the snow slowly melting away and the temperatures on the rise, you can start thinking about spending more time outside with your warm weather gear. With drive-up access to your storage unit, rotating equipment in and out is a breeze.

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect way to welcome spring with friends and family. Don’t waste any time stressing about how you’re going to prepare your home for the festivities. Draw on your self-storage unit, so your space can be open and accommodating to guests. Then, rotate your winter equipment into your storage unit and your warm weather gear out, and enjoy a clutter-free home as the temperatures continue to rise over the next few months.

Burlington Storage Barn is prepared to provide you with a self-storage unit that will match your needs, whatever they may be. Whether you’re storing holiday decorations, valuables, furniture or seasonal equipment, we have a unit that will accommodate. If you’d like to learn more about how we’re the perfect storage facility for you, please click here.

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