Summer Staycations and Self Storage

A map suggesting a staycation

With summer well and truly here it’s time that many of us want to start planning a little getaway. This year getting away is going to be a little bit different, as it’s likely the best advice will be against leaving the province.

How Self Storage Can Help You Plan A Summer Staycation

Fortunately, Ontario is packed with natural beauty and an abundance of places and activities to enjoy. These provide a great opportunity for some getaway time while being able to socially distance. So, this summer think about taking a staycation instead of a vacation! We’ve put together a few suggestions to inspire you to plan a summer staycation in the province, along with some tips on how self storage can help you.

Take Your Family On A Camping Getaway

If you’ve been curious about getting away from the city and taking a camping trip, there are simply hundreds of places you can go in Ontario. Whether it’s a short drive from Burlington to one of the many local campsites, or a longer drive toward cottage country and some stunning national parks, there are so many options! Here are a few recommendations from us:

A short 45 minute drive from Burlington is the beautiful Chippawa Creek Conservation area. This amazing conservation area is ideal for hiking, exploring and camping, with campsites available at 50% capacity.

A little further afield:
A two and a half hour drive from Burlington is the Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area which is offering limited camping facilities so you can stay and enjoy the spectacular trails, and winding beauty of the Saugeen River.

A long distance adventure:
If you want to go further for an adventure then three and a half hours away from Burlington is Grundy Lake Provincial Park. Here you can enjoy beaches, hiking trails, kayaking, canoes and more. With reduced camping now available, it makes a great option for a family adventure without leaving Ontario.

How Self Storage Can Help

Camping is a great option for a staycation, especially when staying socially distanced is something to keep in mind. There is, however, one thing to consider if you decide that camping trips are for you; where do you store camping equipment when you don’t need it? It can get quite bulky quite quickly when you put it all together. Tents, sleeping bags, coolers, cookware and more all need to be stored somewhere and can take up a lot of space at your home. With a self storage unit you can avoid this problem by having a safe space to keep your camping gear when you don’t need it. Having a storage unit is a great way to keep clutter away from your home and keep seasonal items safely tucked away when you don’t need them.

Cycling Trips

Ontario is lucky to have some incredible cycling trails that are easy to access and enjoy. Taking a few days, weekend, or even just a day trip from Burlington is easy to do and can be a great mini getaway. Taking a trip with your bike is easy to do and it’s a healthy way to explore the country.

Close to Burlington there are some great trips for a fun day out, like heading over to Hamilton to cycle around and see the waterfalls, heading along the lakeshore to check out the lakefront parks, or exploring a little bit of wine country in Niagara by bike.

A little further away the Bruce Peninsula and Algonquin Provincial Park have stunning bike trails which can make the perfect destination for a longer cycling staycation. Both Bruce Peninsula and Algonquin Park have a mix of camping and cottages so that you can enjoy some time away while staying suitably socially distanced.

How Can Self Storage Help Your Cycle Adventure?

Owning a bike is great for exploring stunning trails, and a healthy way to get around. Keeping it safe over the winter, however, can be a challenge. The cold weather can do a lot of damage to a bicycle over time when it is kept outdoors. The best place for it is inside so it is protected from the elements. Finding that space can be tough as bikes tend to take up a bit of room. This is where self storage can be a great help! With a storage unit to keep your bike over the winter, you’ll be able to keep your bike safe and secure over the winter without taking up valuable space in your home.

Take a Kayak Adventure

Ontario is a pretty paddle mad province, and looking at the number of lakes and waterways here it’s easy to see why. Near Burlington there are dozens, if not hundreds of amazing spots to have a kayak adventure. A day trip could take you along the Humber River which winds its way through Toronto’s West End, or to the Scarborough Bluffs where you can paddle around the stunning cliffs on the waters of Lake Ontario.

If you’re looking for a more active adventure that lets you enjoy the water for a few days or longer there are just as many possibilities. A two hour drive from Burlington will take you to the stunning Georgian Bay, which with seemingly endless shores to explore, is known as a kayakers paradise. If you want to take your adventure even further, a three and a half hour drive will take you to the world famous 1,000 islands where you can get lost in the endless opportunities to explore on offer.

How Self Storage Can Help Your Kayak Staycation

Owning a kayak is great, you know you’ll always be able to get out on the water whenever and wherever you want to. It means you can plan trips without having to worry about equipment rental, and ultimately enjoy more time on the water. However, when the season ends, you’ll need somewhere to store it safe from the elements. Self storage is the perfect solution for kayak storage. You can safely keep your kayak in a secure, climate controlled storage unit during the winter months, and take it out as soon as you want to start paddling again. Our guide to safe kayak storage can guide you through everything you need to know about using self storage for your kayak.

These are just a few ideas to help you start planning. No matter what adventure you choose for your summer staycation, Burlington Storage Barn has options for keeping your bike, kayak or camping equipment safe when you’re not using it, our unit size guides can help you to see exactly how much you can fit in a unit, and how much space you might need for; kayak storage, bike storage, or camping equipment storage. Self storage is the ideal option if you’re short on space but want to be able to enjoy as many outdoor activities and adventures as you like this summer. Reserve a unit today and you can plan the rest of your summer staycation knowing you’ll never need to worry about finding space to store your adventure equipment!

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