How Self Storage Can Help Home Projects

Paint swatches during a home improvement project

This summer most of us won’t be taking the same trips and holidays we usually would, meaning we’re having to be a little more creative with plans. There are plenty of things to do to change your space and make your home feel like a new place to spend the summer. So if you have a home improvement project you’ve been meaning to get round to, or just want to make a few changes around the house.

How Self Storage Can Help You With Home Improvement Projects

Both inside and outside, there are plenty of ways you can make changes to your space, and self storage can help.

Changing Your Outdoor Space

Starting outside, why not give your outdoor space a fresh look? With this hot weather it’s hard to not want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. You may have been thinking about revamping your outdoor space for a little while, or you might just want to figure out some ways to make it a little more comfortable on these hot sunny days. Whichever it is, there’s a lot you can do to make your garden a great place to spend time. It could be a small project with a few minor changes, or it could be a complete overhaul.

Start by looking at the space you have and plan from there. If you have a smaller space then you’re going to need to be smart with how you use it. If it’s a bigger space, you might want to get creative and make some different areas which serve different purposes - after all, it’s not too cozy to try to relax in one big open space.

A good place to start is with furniture. As one of the larger features of any outdoor space it’s a good idea to get this right. Thinking creatively here can give you excellent results. Instead of going for a standard table and chairs, think about creating a space where you can relax, lounge, and unwind. Think about big cushions, warm blankets for cooler evenings, and the kind of furniture that you can relax on, as well as share a meal al fresco. Once you’ve got your space for sitting, lounging and eating food ready, maybe you want to think about creating a space where you can prepare food? A barbeque area is a great addition to a garden, and the smell of grilling is the perfect match for summertime. Another great touch for spending time in your outdoor space is to add some garden games and activities. There are many options for purchase, however, with a little bit of DIY skill you can easily create your own Cornhole, Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers or if you feel like getting really creative - a Mini-Golf course! Finally you’ll probably want to add some life to your outdoors, planters, hanging baskets, and raised beds are a great way to bring some more greenery into your garden.

Something that is important to consider when you’re creating your outdoor oasis is how to keep it all protected when the winter arrives. Leaving everything in situ is fine in many places, but not in Canada. A Canadian winter can quickly take a toll on outdoor furniture, games, barbecues, coolers, and anything else you might have brightened your space with. This is where Self Storage can help you out. A Storage Unit can be the ideal place to keep all of the more fragile parts of your new garden set up so that they are safe over winter. It’s easy to rent a storage unit for as long or as little as you need, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with any long term leases. You just need to pick a unit that is the right size for you and make sure you’re not trying to store anything that doesn’t really belong in a storage unit like propane tanks or perishable items. It’s safe, speedy, and simple.

Changing Your Indoor Space

There may be a home improvement project you’ve had in mind for a while now, or having spent more time at home than expected this year, you might now be planning one! Either way, this summer is a great time to get it done. Home improvement projects can be a fun and exciting way to turn around your living space and make it feel brand new.

It could be that you’ve had an eye on a particular room for some time now thinking; how can I make this more livable? Well now is the perfect time to start to plan. You may want to make some small changes around your house, or it could be that you’re planning some more major changes. Whatever the plan, a great first step is to get rid of anything that is getting in your way. Decluttering the room you are working on is a great way to make sure you have the space to make the changes you want to. Our guide to decluttering your home can give you some great tips on how to best get started.

Planning a home improvement project doesn’t have to be scary, and it definitely doesn't have to break the bank. Making changes around the house that have a lasting impact can start with steps as simple as changing the way that furniture is arranged in a room, or moving large items to other places or into storage to give yourself new space. If you’re looking to make some more dramatic changes, a fresh coat of paint can completely reinvent a room. Make sure that you’ve cleared enough space for yourself to work and put masking tape on surfaces you don’t want to make any mess with and you’re good to go! The final step you can take if you have some really big designs on a room is to fully remodel. When it comes to full remodelling projects, the right planning and skills means that the sky's the limit with what you can do in your home!

Whether you are making small changes or going all out on remodelling your home, you can always rely on self storage to give you a safe, secure space to keep your belongings while you work. Whether you only need a unit for a little while to make sure your things stay protected while you paint, or a longer period of time to keep your household items while you fully remodel, there is an option for you. With drive up access and climate control, Burlington Storage Barn has any unit sizes you could need for any home project.

You don’t need to spend time away from your home to make great summer plans. Home improvement projects can change your living space so much you’ll want to spend as much time as possible there in it. Self storage can help you with any home projects you might have planned this summer. No matter if you need a storage unit for improvements around your house or garden, Burlington Storage Barn has units that can suit any need. reserve a unit today and get your summer home improvement project started.

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