Picking The Right Storage Unit

Renting a self storage unit is as easy as 1,2,3. Renting the right storage unit for your needs might require a little more thought. When you choose a storage unit you need to think about several things in order to make sure it is the right unit for your requirements.

Picking The Right Storage Unit

Choosing the wrong unit can be frustrating and can take up extra time and money to resolve. There are some fairly simple things to consider when you are looking for a storage unit to decide which kind is right for you.


Size should be the first thing you think about when you are choosing a unit. This can only really be considered once you know how much you have to store. Are you looking to store a few easily packed down items, or are you looking to store larger items like furniture or outdoor equipment? Our storage unit size guide can help you to work out what will fit in a unit.

At Burlington Storage Barn our units come in several shapes and sizes:

  • Small: Small units measuring either 5x5 or 5x10 are the smallest available. They are perfect for storing the contents of a large closet, smaller seasonal items, smaller furniture, and smaller rooms or a bachelor apartment.
  • Medium: Medium units measure either 10x10 or 10x15. With a medium sized storage unit you can hold a lot more, roughly the contents of two rooms, sofas, appliances, bedroom furniture and more. In the larger medium sized unit you could even fit a smaller motor vehicle if you needed to.
  • Large: The biggest available. Large units measure 10x20 and 10x25. In a large unit you can store the contents of an average home and still have room for other small items. You can store most vehicles in a large unit.


After size, the next most important thing to consider is the kind of access you will need. If you need to have easy access for items that may be difficult to load and unload then you may want a drive-up unit. Our drive up units allow easy access without the need to worry about climbing stairs or navigating elevators. If you don’t need frequent loading and unloading, or are happy to use elevators to load and unload you could consider one of our great indoor units.

Indoor or outdoor:

If you are going to be using your storage unit more in the winter or rainy months than dry warmer months then it may be a good idea to consider an indoor unit so that you’re not having to worry about harsh weather while you are loading and unloading. Alternatively, you might be needing to load and unload a lot, or have an item you just want to quickly grab and load when you need it, like a kayak. In this case, a drive up unit would be perfect for you.


Security should be a big consideration when you are renting a storage unit. At Burlington Storage Barn our units are monitored 24/7 with a secure gated entrance, meaning your things will always be safely under lock and key.

Easy to use:

Renting a storage unit that is difficult to access and manage can make the whole process feel like a challenge. When you choose a storage unit, choose one that will make accessing it, and managing your unit as easy as possible. At Burlington Storage Barn we believe in making the process of picking, renting, and using a self storage unit as easy as possible. We don’t require long term leases, complicated reservations, or deposits. Once you have stored your things you can also manage your account with ease online anytime.

At Burlington Storage Barn we have units of all sizes to suit any need. Contact us to book your unit today.

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If I need storage again, I will definitely return for their service.”

T.D., Mississauga