Self Storage In Fall

A table set for Fall

With the colours changing, the temperature dropping, and the evenings drawing in, Fall is a transformative time. It’s a good time to reflect on a well spent summer and time to plan ahead for winter.

Self Storage in Fall

Fall can be the ideal time to make changes at home, and is the perfect period to get your home ready for the coldest months without having to worry about any freezing temperatures! Whether it is having a final clear out of the year, storing away your seasonal items, packing summer sporting equipment away, or getting your winter gear ready - self storage can be a great help during fall.

Store Your Summer Seasonal Items

A great place to start with organizing self storage for Fall is to think about any items around your home that you won’t be needing during the colder months. Some seasonal items that can take up room or just not be easily stored at home are ideal candidates for self storage. This can include sporting goods, tools and equipment you won’t be needing over winter, camping gear, garden toys and games, and more. When you do store larger items, especially large or delicate items take care to store them appropriately, our guide to safe kayak storage is a good example of some good tips for storing a larger delicate item.

Along with your seasonal items you might want to think about having a good declutter around your home after the summer. This will help you to catch any summer items you won’t need in the coming months as well . Take a look at our guide to decluttering your home using self storage for some tips of how best to organize a big de-clutter.

You might want to think about any items you have currently stored outside and how you’d like to look after them in the colder months. Items that are currently kept outside could be prone to damage from the cold weather or the moisture in the air. It’s always a good idea to take advantage of the dry weather to pack up anything you’re storing outdoors and move it to a safe, secure storage unit before the weather turns.

Unpack Your Winter Seasonal Items

As well as the seasonal items to put away for the winter, it’s a good idea to consider bringing items that you’ll want to be bringing out of storage for the season. It could be your winter clothes, winter sports gear, or larger equipment like snow blowers. Getting these out of storage in Fall ready for the snow means that you’ll have everything you need at home, so you won’t need to worry about winter unpacking or unloading of a storage unit. You also won’t find yourself caught out the first time you need to clear your driveway or head out to enjoy some winter sports!

Alternatively, you might take the opportunity to enjoy the space in your home in the time between needing your summer seasonal items and your winter ones. This way you can enjoy having some extra room, which can come in handy for some of the special holidays coming up over Fall.

Prepare For The Holidays

With Thanksgiving and Halloween coming up in Fall, it is the perfect season for getting your home ready for holidays and special days. Self storage can be a big help with these. Before the holiday season is in full swing you can organize all of the spooky and seasonal decorations you’ll need, work out your seating arrangements for big family meals, and anything else you will need to think about for all of those big holiday gatherings. It’s never a bad idea to give yourself as much time and space as possible to plan a spooky Halloween and a memorable Thanksgiving!

After your Thanksgiving and Halloween are finished, a storage unit is the perfect space for keeping decorations you will only need once a year, staching away extra furniture that you only need for large family events, and much more.

Fall is the perfect time to think about storage. As the colours change, so do the things you’ll need around your home. At Burlington Storage Barn we have storage units to fit every kind of need, we can even help you out with boxes, bubble wrap and other moving supplies that are great for storage if you have delicate items. Take a look at our storage unit size guide for an idea of what you can fit in a particular unit. Ready to take the step and take a unit? Reserve your storage unit right now online.

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