Special Occasions with Self Storage

A decorated home ready for a Halloween party

With the seasons changing and some big events coming up, it’s likely you’ll be wanting to host some family or friends. But, getting your home ready to host can be a challenge...

How Self Storage Can Help You To Host This Season

Whether you’re planning a family gathering for Thanksgiving, hosting friends for a spooky Halloween party or getting ready for the festive season with friends, there are plenty of ways that Self Storage can help.

Decorating for a special day

Whether it’s festive wreaths for Thanksgiving or spooky additions to your home for Halloween there are lots of ways to get your home ready for special occasions. It’s always exciting breaking out decorations and dressing up your home.

Before you decorate, think about giving your home a comprehensive clear out and declutter! Take a look at our handy guide to decluttering your home for some tips on getting your space well and truly clear so you have a blank canvas for decorating! Now you can get into the really fun bit of preparing your home. The biggest upcoming days are Thanksgiving and Halloween, and both have very different decor styles!


When you’re decorating your home for Thanksgiving you should think about the theme of the holiday, think:

  • Fall colours rich earthy tones, with vibrant reds and yellows
  • Fresh produce with a focus on seasonal vegetables you see at this time of year
  • Decorative wreaths are somewhere to showcase your fall colour palette
  • Stunning centrepieces to add another level of seasonal decor to your home


Now for a completely different style! Halloween decor should be fun, spooky, and unique to your tastes, think:

  • A Jack O’ Lantern! The first item on any Halloween decor list, carving out a pumpkin is a great way to get into the spooky season
  • Decorations for your front yard, these are always a great way to show your house is in the Halloween spirit
  • Skulls, Skeletons, Spiders Webs, and more… Oh my! If it’s spooky it can be part of your Halloween decor

Preparing large meals and plenty of party snacks

Large meals and small snacks are an integral part of family gatherings, if you’re cooking a big feast, or just a whole lot of snacks and cookies, you might need a few extra bits.

Preparing a large meal for the family and more, like a thanksgiving meal can come with some challenges. It’s not every day you need to cater for a large number of people, and you might find yourself short of pots, pans, plates, and places at the table! If you’re not a regular host you can ask your guests to bring along some extras, however, if you’re looking to make cooking for a number of guests a regular thing, it could be an idea to invest in some spare cookware that you can store away when you’re not using it - and break out for preparing feasts!

Preparing a large amount of snacks can come with the same challenges. If you’re looking to make a big batch of Halloween cookies, or spooky snacks! Having extra baking trays, serving plates and mixing bowls can help you out, but you don’t want them to cutter up your kitchen. Having some hosting and party supplies that you can store away is helpful, you can plan when you need them and they won’t take up your space when you don’t.

The same goes for seating, not every house has room at the dinner table for a number of guests. Instead of having to eat buffet style or serve a large meal in shifts, one good way to solve the problem of finding space for guests at the table is to invest in some temporary chairs and tables. With some light decor like tablecloths and place settings you can make temporary place settings look elegant. The best bit about temporary seating is that you can fold it away and store it when you’re not using it.

Hosting overnight guests

It’s not uncommon for gatherings and events to include overnight guests. Thanksgiving dinners and Halloween parties are no exception. It could be just a few relatives who have travelled a little far, or it could be a full contingent of family that you need to find space for. If you’re struggling to find places to put them we have some tips on how to create a cozy and comfortable space for overnight guests:

  • Give them a proper bed, even if it’s a temporary one. Instead of relegating your guests to the couch or having to try to find a comfy way to curl up in a chair, give them their own bed space. A perfect way to do this is to invest in an inflatable mattress. They’re easy to inflate and turn into a comfortable spot to sleep for a night, and you can pack them down small for storage when you don't need it.
  • Create a private area for guests to sleep. By sectioning off a part of the room your guests are staying with a curtain or screen it can create a relaxing spot where your guests can feel comfortable.
  • Make sure they’re not sleeping around clutter and mess! Even if it’s staying after a party, try to make sure that the area that your guests are staying is free of clutter and mess. Keep in mind the area they will be staying and ensure it’s easy to clear to set up their sleeping space.

After your guests have enjoyed their cosy spot to sleep, you can easily pack it away and pop the mattress, curtains, or screens away stored safely until the next time you need them.

After your big event is over and your guests are on their way, you’ll probably be wanting to think about what to do with those extra place settings, decorations, and any cozy temporary spare room items. A great option for special items like this is self storage. You can store them safely until you need them, and as an added bonus you can use your storage unit to get any of your day to day items out of the way whilst you’re hosting! At Burlington Storage Barn we have units of all sizes to fit your storage needs. Reserve yours today!

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