Choosing The Right Boxes And Containers

Are you going to move your belongings into a self-storage unit but are confused will it be safe? It will be safer if you've chosen the right boxes to fit your belongings in a defined space and pack them properly. Choosing the right boxes is essential, especially for business purposes and for keeping your entire belongings secure. On the other hand, it's slightly tricky to select the right boxes for your belongings because it comes in different qualities, shapes, and sizes. In contrast, it's undoubtedly erroneous to throw all the stuff in a large box, which can cause damage. To prevent item damages, you'll have to select the right boxes and storage containers to ensure your belongings are safe in a self-storage unit.

Choosing the right boxes and storage containers mostly rely on the belongings you want to pack. There are different types, sizes, and quality of packages you can choose from.

Types Of Boxes

Cardboard Boxes: The choice of containers used for moving and storing belongings. Cardboard boxes are cheap, easy to pack, and light in weight that you can easily recycle for future use.

Specialty Boxes: These boxes are used for fragile type belongings so that you can pack sensitive items inside the specialty box.

Plastic Bins: Perfect for storing that even can protect against heat, moisture, and other things that might get inside.


Small-Size Boxes: These are the standard type of packages with dimensions 16 x 12.5 x 12.5. Small-sized boxes are suitable for packing small items in size and are not bulky in weight.

Medium-Size Boxes: These boxes have a dimension of 18 x 18 x 16 and are used to pack medium size items safely.

Large-Size Boxes: Extra-large size boxes carry up to 70 pounds, beneficial for large store items that don't fit in large containers.

Ensure that the type of packaging you're selecting are high-quality, sturdy, and right in shape. Also, stack your boxes wisely, label your boxes clearly to prevent breakage of fragile items. Moreover, fill in the stacked boxes' gaps to avoid shifting and needless movement, so it will keep your belongings stable and safe.

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