What to ask before renting a storage space?

What to ask before renting a storage space?

Whether you are looking for RV storage, car storage, or need free up space for stashing your valuable stuff. You must have some questions in mind that you want to ask before renting a storage unit. Some people might confuse regarding their items when using self-storage containers, whereas some worry about their valuables' safety and security. To avoid any kind of confusion, below, I've mentioned some questions you should ask before moving everything into storage units.

Can I Rent A Storage Container For Both The Short And Long Term?

It's necessary to ask about the duration of storage containers. Some companies offer both short and long-term services even on a contract basis. In contrast, some self-storage companies have their own rules and regulations where minimum storage limits are one month.

Do You Provide Proper Security To My Valuables?

Ask your self-storage providers whether they provide security to your valuables to keep your stuff safe. Security means are they providing special access, a camera facility, and high walls to protect your items?

When Can I Access My Storage Container?

You need to know about the hours of access to pick and drop your stuff. According to self-storage companies, most storage containers are accessible during the 9 – 5 business hours, but it doesn't mean all companies have the same timings.

What About Pricing Packages?

Always ask about the packages as the majority of self-storage providers give special discounts like seasonal inventory discounts, new renter specials, and student package. It's good to look on the websites and social media pages of the company to let yourself know regarding the deals they're offering.

What Type Of Customer Care Do You Offer?

Many storage facilities do not have onsite management and proper customer care. Ask them about the customer services they're offering to their customers. So, if you would have any concerns or questions, you could ask them through call, email, or face-to-face.

Is The Storage Facility Maintain Cleanliness?

Perhaps, it's one of the essential questions you should ask the self-storage providers. Maintaining the storage containers' cleanliness is vital as it helps avoid debris, dust, or dirt from the stuff you're storing.


If you're considering renting self-storage units, it's significant to ensure that you're taking each step precisely. It's good to clear questions circulating in your mind to avoid any difficulty later as it's a matter of valuables!

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