Are Heated Storage Units Worth It?

Heated Storage Units

Are Heated Storage Units Worth the Additional Expense?

Many storage offer heated or climate controlled units for an additional charge, but are they really necessary?

You know you need to rent a storage space, but what type would be the best option? Storage units are not a one size fits all type of deal. While sorting through the different options, you discover that some units are climate controlled and are kept at a consistent temperature which is always above freezing but below 80 or 90 degrees. Sure, the area you live in gets below freezing in the winter, but will that really affect your belongings? Is it worth the extra expense? It depends on where you live, what season you will be needing storage, along with what items will be kept in the unit.

Why Would a Climate Controlled Unit Be Necessary?

The reason for storing your possessions in a climate controlled unit is to protect them from extreme temperatures. If the unit gets too hot, your items can warp, crack or split. High humidity levels can create excess moisture, which can create mildew, mould, or rust and completely ruin items like books, photographs, and electronics. Freezing temperatures can also cause excess moisture, which will destroy certain items.

While indoor climate-controlled storage cost a bit more than your standard, conventional storage unit, if you have temperature-sensitive items, it is well worth the extra expense.

Items that you should keep in a heated unit:

  • Art and antiques
  • Collectibles
  • Paperwork
  • Metal
  • Liquids
  • Electronics
  • Photographs

Freezing temperatures are not great on any type of product, but for the items listed above, they could be completely destroyed if they are susceptible to freezing conditions. Metal, for example, will crack and rust. Liquids may freeze and become unusable. Any paper products can become damaged or discoloured, so if you are storing important documents or even your passport, the heated unit would be in your best interest so that they are not ruined.

Extra Care

Even if you do opt for the heated storage unit, there are still some additional steps you should do to ensure your items are safe and do not get damaged while in storage. It would be best if you packed your fragile belongings in high-quality storage boxes or enclosed plastic containers, which will prevent any moisture from seeping in and ruining your items. You can also buy high-quality moving boxes and work in extra layers of protection by using towels or blankets for highly sensitive items.

Other Considerations

If you are on the fence about storing your items in a heated unit, consider when you will be needing to access the unit.

If you will be moving your belongings in and out during the coldest time of year, even if your items will hold up okay, do you want to be exposed to freezing temperatures for extended periods of time?

On the other hand, if you are planning to store your items in spring when you know there is little chance for freezing temperatures, you may be able to forgo the heated storage unit.

Bottom Line You have decided to rent a storage unit for items that are obviously important to you. If they weren’t, you would probably be able to get rid of them. For that reason, storing them in a heated unit is worth the additional expense to ensure they are not damaged or destroyed when temperatures get low. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry! If you’d like more information on our heated units, give us a call. We can discuss sizes, prices and availability.

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