Why You Need A Summer Storage Unit

Summer wicker furniture on wooden patio

Summer is just around the corner! Many people like to rent a self storage unit in the summer and not only because they may be moving. There are many other reasons why renting a summer self storage unit could be beneficial for you.

Clear The Winter Tools Out Of Your Garage

When you live in a snowy area you definitely probably have winter tools sitting in your garage that are taking up space. Snow blowers, ice drills, snow plow attachments, large push shovels, etc. There’s no point in having them take up space in your garage when they are not going to be used for a few months. You can put these types of items into your self storage unit so they are out of the way, but will be easily accessible when you do need them when it starts to get colder.

Store Away The Winter and Holiday Decorations

If you decorate for the holiday season you probably have a lot of plastic totes or cardboard boxes filled with different holiday decorations. You probably also have an artificial christmas tree, or two, or three. All these christmas decorations only get used for 1-2 months, then they sit and take up space while they wait for the holiday season to come around again. Instead of having them take up space in your home you can get them out of the way and put them into storage.

This also applies to just winter decorations in general. A lot of people will have different decorations in their home depending on the season, this goes from decorative pillow cases, table cloths, wall art, etc. When summer comes around the decorations throughout the home will change and all the winter ones will be stored away.

Make Space In Your Closet By Clearing Out The Winter Clothes

Cold weather clothes are bulky! Instead of taking up space in your closet during the summer time, make some room by putting all your cold weather clothes in storage! You can put all your winter jackets, winter boots, christmas sweaters, knit cardigans, etc., in storage where they will stay safe and in good condition. Climate controlled storage units will help to make sure your clothes do not get musty due to humidity and changing temperatures.

Store A University Student's Items Away Until The School Year

If you have a university student that comes home for the summer a storage unit would be a good place to keep their things until they head back to school. A lot of times university students who live in dorms will have extra dishes, bedding, dorm room decorations, etc that they will not need when they are at home for the summer.

Also there are students who might have lived in an apartment and had to bring all their furniture back home for the summer while they sublet the apartment or plan to move to a new spot when they return to school. A storage unit would be the perfect place to store their items so that your home doesn’t get too crowded and cluttered.

Keep Valuables Safe While You Are On Vacation Or At Your Summer Home

The most popular time to go on a vacation is in the summer. You might even go on a couple months long vacation. Some people might have a summer home they travel to and stay for a couple months as well. If you are going to be away from home for a long period of time you might rent out your home, or leave it unattended. In these cases it’s best to keep your valuables somewhere safe where no one will get at them who isn’t supposed to.

A storage unit is the perfect safe place to store all your valuable belongings while you are away. Storage units are on secure property, they are not easy to break into, and many are also climate controlled so you should have no worries about anything going missing or getting damaged.


Having a storage unit during the summer is very helpful to clear up space in your home. Instead of having so many things stored in your garage you can clear it out to have space for things like camping supplies and bbq equipment instead. All your items will be safe and at easy access in storage. If you are interested in getting a storage unit in Burlington, Ontario this summer, Burlington Storage Barn can give you just what you are looking for. You can reserve a storage unit online now or give us a call at 1(905) 637-8085.

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