Back To College With Self Storage

Van packed with students belongings going back to college

Summertime is coming to an end and pretty soon all the college students will be heading back to college or leaving home for the first time to go to college. There’s going to be some packing and moving involved and self storage units can help to make this a bit easier. Dorm rooms are not very spacious so you might not be able to fit everything you’ll need throughout the year in it. College students' parents might also want to use the students room for something else while they are away.

Here are some ways you can use self storage when heading off to college:

Put Your Home Furniture And Items In Storage While You’re Away

You won’t need a lot of the items that are in your bedroom at home. If you’re moving into a dorm on your college campus then you will already most likely have a bed, desk, chair, and dresser there waiting for you. You probably also have a lot of small items like books you’ve already read, decorations, and collectibles from over the years that will not all be able to fit in your dorm room. Putting these items into storage until you have your own permanent place to live is a good idea. Then your parents would be able to use your room for something else or make it into a guest room.

In college you are usually only in a dorm for 8 months then the next school year you move into a different dorm room. Not having absolutely everything you own will make your life a lot easier at the beginning and end of each school year.

Make Space In Your Closet By Storing Out Of Season Clothes

The closet in your dorm room probably won’t be very big, so if you have a lot of clothes, it’s best to store some that won’t be worn away to make some space. Since you’ll be on campus from about September to May you could put all your summer clothes away in a storage unit, maybe leaving just a few summer pieces out for the beginning of September when it’s still a bit hot.

It’s also a good idea you purge your closet before going away to school to see if there are any items you could sell or donate. You might be surprised how many pieces of clothing you forgot you had because you haven’t worn them in years and most likely won’t start wearing them now.

Store Your Vehicle If It Won’t Be In Use

A lot of college students will not need to bring their vehicle when they go away for college. For instance if you are going to a college in a big city, parking is most likely going to be expensive and scarce. Also if you are moving far away from your home to go to college then it’s probably best to leave the vehicle behind than to move it across the country or borders.

Instead of bringing your vehicle to college with you, you can put it in storage. It could make things a lot easier especially in your first year of college so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on gas and parking. Parking spots in a single location can be up to $150 per month alone! Also if your car is parked in storage you might be able to pay less for auto insurance while the vehicle is not in use. Almost all colleges provide their students some kind of transit pass so that you can get around places by bus and it’s included in your tuition.

You Can Use The Storage Unit Next Time You Go Home For The Summer

You’ll only be in your dorm room for 8 months out of the year unless you are going to be doing summer courses as well. Your dorm room is only going to be a short term stay then you’ll be on to the next one. Instead of bringing all your clothes back home from college you can also use the storage unit to store the items you’ll need for when you return to college in the Fall.

You can switch out the summer clothes in the storage unit and replace them with your winter clothes. Store away your heavy textbooks and school supplies. You can also put all your bed linens and dorm room decor in the storage unit until next time. This will help save a lot of time and stress instead of bringing everything home then moving it all back to college in the next school year.

You Can Store Your Moving Boxes and Container For Next Time

When moving into college you're going to have boxes and plastic storage containers that your items will be packed in. There might not be any space in your dorm room to keep all those boxes and containers. Getting rid of the boxes and containers would not be a good idea because you will need them again at the end of the school year.

Storing your extra boxes and containers in a small storage unit would be a good idea. By storing them you’ll be saving them for when they are useful in the future and you will also save yourself some space in your dorm room. The boxes can also be used in the storage unit if you decide there are some things you would like to store away throughout the school year.

How Burlington Storage Barn Can Help

At Burlington Storage Barn we provide you with different sizes of storage units, some that are indoors with climate control and others that have outdoor drive-up access. We also have outdoor rental space where you can store vehicles. You’ll be able to have more peace of mind when going back to college with Burlington Storage Barn’s safe and secure storage solutions. If you’re looking for storage in Burlington, Ontario call us today at 1 (905) 637-8085 or reserve a unit online now.

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