Storing Off Season Summer Items

Protect your summer items from the cold and snow by storing it away until next year. Here are some tips for the best ways to pack and store your summer items!

The weather is getting cool and crisp, the smell of pumpkin spice and apple pie is in the air, pretty soon the sound of crunching leaves will be under your feet. Fall is approaching and it’s about time to put all your summer toys and tools away until next year. Here are some tips on how to store different kinds of summer goods.

How To Store Camping Gear

If you’re a summer camper then you probably have lots of camping gear that you’ll want to store away until the weather gets warmer and you start going on camping trips again. Camping gear can consist of tents, folding chairs, cooking supplies, sleeping bags, and lots of other supplies depending on the type of camping you do.

The tent is probably the most important item when it comes to camping and good tents are costly so you’ll definitely want to make sure it’ll be good to use again next year. The first thing to make sure to do before storing your tent is to ensure there is no dirt or debris inside or on the tent. Check your tent over and see if there are any tears or damage and if there is, repair them before storing. You'll then want to make sure you have all the pieces to assemble it, organize them and put them into the tent bag so everything is kept together and nothing gets lost.

To keep your tent safe in storage you’ll want to keep it in a cool and dry place, so a climate controlled unit would be best to keep your tent at a consistent temperature year round. This will help prevent your tent from growing any mold or mildew on it. Your folding chairs and sleeping bag will also benefit from climate controlled storage.

For your camping cooking supplies it’s important to make sure everything is clean before storing. Usually cooking supplies for camping are not breakable so these should be able to be stored safely in a plastic storage container. Keep it all organized such as having all the plates and bowls together, and all the different types of utensils organized by their different types. This will make it much easier for you to know what you have next year.

How To Store BBQs

Since the summer family barbecues and camping trips are over you might want to put your bbqs in storage until you’re ready to use them again next year. There are a few different types of bbqs which of course will require different ways of storing.

First thing you’ll need to do for all types of bbqs is clean it inside and out. Lots of dirt and grease from grilling gets built up and you do not want to risk any bugs or critters making your bbq their home for the winter. Use a brush to scrape all the debris into a drip bowl or catcher and do not forget to clean the bowl or catcher out as well when you’re done brushing. Cleaning your grills will also prevent mold from growing in it.

If you have a grill that uses propane you will need to disconnect the propane from the grill. Propane tanks should never be stored inside and no storage facilities allow for propane tanks to be stored in their units. Propane tanks should be left outside and kept upright. For the gas line of the grill you’ll want to cover the opening with something like a plastic bag to keep bugs from entering it.

Lastly for your bbq you should cover it with a waterproof bbq cover. This will prevent it from collecting moisture and possibly rusting. It will also prevent it from collecting dust while it is in storage.

How To Store Swimming Pools

Above ground backyard swimming pools could definitely be a concern when it comes to storing. In order to keep your pool in good shape it won’t just be a matter of draining, disassembling and putting it into a box.

One of the most important things to do for your pool before storing is making sure that it is completely dry. You might need to do some planning ahead for this so that you can let it drain and dry on a warm sunny day which will be much easier than trying to dry it with towels. Make sure every crease and piece of pool material is completely dry so that it does not grow mold while in storage.

When folding your pool up you’ll want to minimize the amount of creases in it to make things easier for next year. One good method of folding the pool is to first fold it in half as flat as possible and then roll it up and put it in a large plastic storage container along with all the pool framing so you can keep all the pieces together.

Another important step before storing your pool away for the winter is to make sure to remove any rust from the metal frames for the pool. If you let the rust stay there then it could badly damage the framing and might not be able to support the pool next year.

How To Store Patio Furniture

You may want to store your patio furniture in a storage unit to keep it in good shape throughout the winter. Although patio furniture is meant to be outside, very cold or moist weather can cause damage to the pieces over time. Plastic and wood furniture could crack, metal or wrought iron furniture could rust, and wicker and cushions could get mold and mildew.

For wooden furniture the best way to protect it is to apply a protective coating over the wood. This protective coating would help to prevent moisture from getting into the wood which would cause it to start to crack and could also cause the paint to chip and not look as fresh next year.

Plastic furniture should not be left out in super cold temperatures, this is because if the plastic gets too cold then it could crack. If you are storing your plastic patio furniture it’s recommended to store it in a climate controlled storage unit so that it remains at a good consistent temperature throughout the winter.

Metal and wrought iron furniture is pretty strong but that is only until rust starts to take it over causing it to break down. Metal and wrought iron furniture could be stored covered outside but it is best to store it inside a storage unit for the winter to lessen the chances of it rusting. Before storing metal or wrought iron furniture check it all over and find any spots where it may already be starting to rust and use a rust remover to get rid of it. You can also apply a protective coating to this furniture to prevent rust from forming in the first place.

Wicker furniture is another kind of furniture that is best to keep in a climate controlled storage unit. If wicker furniture is left outside throughout the cold and changing weather then it will be more prone to growing mold and mildew on it. To keep it safe you should first clean the furniture to remove any mold or mildew that might have already formed and then apply some kind of moisture repellant to prevent any further mold and mildew from growing while it’s in storage.

The cushions for your patio furniture definitely cannot stay outside during the winter months. From freezing and thawing it’s almost sure that mold and mildew will grow on the cushions. Storing your patio furniture cushions in a storage box in a climate controlled storage unit is best to keep them in good condition. Before storing them you should also do a deep cleaning so they are fresh and don’t attract any rodents. They could also be protected with a cushion wrap to prevent moisture and dust from collecting on them.

Other Summer Goods

There are many other summer goods that you might have that need to be stored during the winter. Such as golf clubs, canopies, gardening tools, pool toys, etc. In the end they all have some similar things in common when it comes to storing them for the winter season. These things are to first make sure all the items are clean before storing, second is to make sure all the items are completely dry before packing and storing, and third is that the items will most likely be safest in a climate controlled environment. Keep these things in mind for any summer items you are planning to store for the winter months.

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