Regular Vs Climate Controlled Storage

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When you’re searching for the best storage unit to get for your needs, you might wonder how well your items will be protected and what types of storage units will be best for your items. Or you might wonder if climate controlled self storage is worth the extra price. In this article you will have all those questions answered so you can ease your mind about putting items into storage or decide what kind of storage is best for you.

What Types Of Storage Units Are There?

Climate controlled self storage is a storage unit that has the ability to keep the climate inside the unit consistent throughout the entire year in both extreme heat and cold. By climate, this means that both the temperature and the humidity of the unit will remain consistent. There are also temperature controlled units, they will prevent extreme temperature changes but will not control the humidity. Then there are regular storage units which do not control the climate or temperature but are still very secure so your items are kept safe.

If you are considering renting a self storage unit but wondering how each type will benefit you, keep reading to learn how items will be kept safe. Climate and temperature controlled storage will help protect your belongings from different types of damage that certain conditions could cause to more sensitive items. While regular storage units will put a secure roof over your belongings and protect it from direct sunlight, rain, snow, wind, and animal/bugs.

Storing In A Regular Storage Unit

Regular storage units without any climate or temperature control usually come at a lower price. These storage units are great for storing items short term while in between moves or doing renovations on your home. Regular storage units are also good for cheaper long term storage. If you will be storing items that will not be easily affected by changes in climate and temperature then regular storage units are great for storing items without worrying about theft or regular day to day weather. If you will be storing items that are more likely to have some damage due to changes in climate then you can take steps while packing your items to protect them from things like moisture. Regular self storage units are a great way to go if you are looking for secure storage on a budget.

Storing Items In A Climate Or Temperature Controlled Unit

A climate or temperature controlled self storage unit will come at a more premium price but might be the best way to go if you will be storing items long term. Such as, if you are storing items that you are not sure when you’ll end up using again. Or if you are moving away for a while but you know you will be back one day to collect the items. There are certain items that will do better in a climate or temperature controlled environment. These are items that are more fragile or tend to hold onto moisture and scents. Here are some reasons you may want to go the climate/temperature controlled unit route:

Keeps Your Clothes Smelling Fresh

Climate controlled storage units will help to keep any clothes you store smelling fresh. Sometimes when you store away your clothes they can collect moisture which can cause them to end up having a musty or stale smell after a period of time. With the moisture control the climate controlled units provide you clothing will be less likely to be affected by moisture and when you go to collect your storage items they should still smell good and be in fresh condition.

Protects Upholstered Furniture Items

Furniture is not cheap so you’ll definitely want to make sure that your fabric and leather furniture items and cushions will be safe while in storage. If you have fabric cushions then without the humidity in the storage unit being under control they could collect moisture which will then start to grow mold and mildew and they could also start to smell. For leather furniture without climate control,l the leather could start to crack if the storage unit environment becomes too cold or too dry. If there is too much humidity in the unit the leather could also start to grow mold and mildew as well.

Keep Your Wooden Items In Good Shape

Wooden furniture could get damaged due to changing climates and temperatures. One way that damage could happen is that with temperature and humidity changing throughout the year it could cause cracks from the wood expanding and contracting. Wooden furniture is another item that could end up growing mold and mildew when there is high levels of humidity. Another worry when it comes to wooden furniture is extreme temperatures and changing humidity could cause the wood to become discolored. By keeping your furniture in a climate controlled environment you will help protect it from damage and keep it looking the same as it did when you first stored it.

Keep Your Appliances And Electronics From Moisture Damage

Any items that would be considered electronics or mechanical absolutely need to be in a climate controlled storage unit. Oven, TVs, computers, game consoles, etc. These are items that can easily get damaged due to moisture in the storage unit. If they get damaged it might be pricey to get repaired or replaced. Keeping your electronics and appliances in a climate controlled storage unit will help prevent moisture damage and might save you some money you would have to spend if they got moisture damaged.

Keep Your Paper Items From Aging

If you will be storing a lot of books, collectible magazines and newspapers, or important files then climate controlled self storage would be the way to go. With the climate control helping keep the humidity at a moderate and consistent level it’ll prevent paper from getting damaged by the moisture. If paper items get damaged by the moisture then it could cause the pages to become discolored and the pages to become wavy and look very old. There is not really any way to repair water damaged paper so you’ll want to keep them safe.

How Burlington Storage Barn Can Help

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