7 Ways Self-Storage Can Streamline Your E-commerce Business

7 Ways Self-Storage Can Streamline Your E-commerce Business

Online shopping continues to skyrocket throughout the pandemic. Global e-commerce sales were nearly 5 trillion USD in 2021 alone. Experts predict this figure to grow almost 50 percent by 2025–with sales reaching 7.4 trillion USD!

As a business owner, your opportunities to enter a remote, global marketplace are better than ever. Additional rental storage units can help expedite your e-commerce business towards long-term success. As leaders in the self-storage space, we've identified a few ways our services can help facilitate your online business and assist with work-life balance:

1.) Cost-effective inventory space

The cost of real estate is sharply rising in the GTA annually. Therefore, renting or purchasing commercial space to manage your inventory often isn't worth it. Luckily, you can rent storage to better fit your budget.

Our rental storage units are an excellent means of affordable inventory space–and can help free up space at home. Additionally, Burlington Storage Barn is accessible. We're next to the QEW and 403 highways–offering storage units near Hamilton, where an Amazon fulfilment centre will open this year!

2.) Enhanced security measures

Self-storage further benefits your e-commerce business by providing additional security for your goods. Inventory can be challenging and expensive to replace, and home insurance is often timely and complicated to reason with. Storing with us is far safer than using your garage or home space, and our staff will assist you with on-site insurance.

Burlington Barn is brightly lit and monitored by surveillance cameras, 24/7. Additionally, our entrances are securely gated, allowing daily access between 7 a.m. and 8:45 p.m.

3.) Indoor and climate-controlled units

Sales of electronics, books, media products, leather and wine are skyrocketing across e-commerce. Suppose your business distributes these or any other sensitive goods. In that case, we recommend renting one of our indoor climate-controlled units, which are available in many different sizes. 

The use of these units helps protect your inventory from mould, dust, mildew, moisture and elemental damage–in addition to freezing or fluctuating temperatures. Therefore, climate control is a must if your inventory consists largely of sensitive items.

As mentioned, our storage units in Burlington are conveniently located next to the Junction (QEW & 403). Our easy access to the Greater Toronto Area allows for fast, reliable and safe expedition of temperature-sensitive goods citywide.

4.) Allows for work-life separation

A key benefit of owning an e-commerce business is the convenience of operating from home. However, this makes it challenging to engage in a healthy work-life separation. Storing work items away from home allows you to detach business from your personal life.

Furthermore, If you share your household, inventory space is likely scarce. With hybrid and remote work here to stay, you'll want as much space available for your personal belongings. 

5.) Store away seasonal items

Do your offerings and sales fluctuate between seasons? Self-storage is ideal if you sell seasonal items such as garments, decorations, and equipment that are not relevant to customers throughout the year. Storage units allow for the flexibility of saving extra inventory until it's needed again.

Additionally, you can place personal, seasonal belongings in your storage rental. Consider stowing away weather-specific attire; baggy parkas, heavy boots, sweaters and outdoor equipment. You'll notice improvements in your daily life through better organization and allocation of trivial belongings. 

6.) Opt out of business fulfilment

In e-commerce, fulfilment refers to the process of preparing and delivering a customer's order. Companies can store, produce, pack, label and ship your orders. However, it's a costly service–often claiming upwards of 20% of your sales.

If your business operates locally, you may choose to save money and deliver online sales yourself or have customers come directly to a physical location. E-commerce services such as Amazon charge fees to resellers for storing inventory. Therefore, many emerging businesses turn to rental storage unit spaces as an economical way to fulfil orders. Our affordable plans and flexible rentals support businesses of all sizes and every stage of your growth.

7.) Flexible arrangements

Your business is routinely changing, and you should never be locked into contracts, unnecessary fees or terms that are longer than needed. At Burlington Storage Barn, we rent by the month, and you can stay for as long as you need. Additionally, as your business grows, you'll need additional space to expand inventory. We make it convenient to rent additional storage units or choose a larger space to accommodate your growing inventory.

All we require is a 14-day notice before you move out of your unit. Whenever possible, we'll pro-rate you out upon your move-out request.

Are you ready to make the move?

We've offered self-storage in Burlington, Ontario for over 30 years and invite you to come to see our facilities first hand. 

Burlington Storage Barn has arrangements to assist businesses of all sizes. Touring our facilities gives you a chance to meet our staff, assess the location and view our state-of-the-art security arrangements.

Call us today; you can move in your belongings right away–or reserve a storage unit online–free of charge!

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