10 Small-Space Tips to Keep Your Living Room Organized & Spacious

10 Small-Space Tips to Keep Your Living Room Organized & Spacious

10 Small-Space Tips to Keep Your Living Room Organized & Spacious

Are you one of many folks in the GTA living in a tiny condominium? With skyrocketing real estate costs, many of us are subject to living in spaces smaller than 500 square feet. We have provided storage units in Burlington for over 30 years, and we've mastered the art of apartment living through our process. Read on to discover ten ridiculously simple methods to make your living room feel more spacious!

1.)Consider multifunctional furniture

To keep a small space organized, adopt a minimalist mindset. So often, we fill our space with excessive (and unnecessary) furniture.

Consider foldaway and multipurpose furnishings if you need more furniture than your space allows. For example, using a foldable recliner chair can eliminate the need for a leg rest or an ottoman. Additionally, nesting chairs or tables will enable you to stack additional surfaces or units away for later use.

Do you find yourself exchanging furnishings throughout the seasons? Then consider our rental storage units – convenient spaces that allow you to stow away and alternate goods for temporary display.

2.)Donate, sell or store

If you've read this far, chances are you're making a proactive attempt to declutter your home. You can't afford any wasted space, so eliminate any unneeded objects.

Consider using woven baskets and pantries. They are excellent for concealing everyday goods – helping your living room remain clean and uncluttered while acting as storage units that add a decorative touch. Remain organized by labelling or colour-coding them to keep similar items together.

3.)Buy furniture with small or tight arms to create the illusion of space

We often overlook the space consumed by large, rolling arms of couches and chairs. Instead, choose furniture with no or tight arms, straight sides and rounded backs to optimize every inch of your living space. They also create the illusion of more space and give visual hierarchy to artwork, walls and windows!

4.)Choose a brighter colour scheme

Although darker hues make a space seem cosier, choosing white and bright, neutral colours can make a small living room appear larger.

By painting your trim and walls in similar tones, you will create less contrast and make your space appear more expansive.

5.)Choose a round coffee table or ottoman

Tables and ottomans are often the largest objects in our living rooms. Therefore, choosing a round one will allow more space for other things, allowing easier navigation of your room – making it feel more organized.

6.)Make use of bookcases and shelves

Bookcases and shelves act as multipurpose, vertical storage spaces that prevent the need to purchase additional baskets and boxes. By painting them the same colour as your walls, you can further harness a minimal and organized appearance.

If you have a bookcase or shelf in your rental storage unit, they are an effective way to keep items off the floor and away from your entrance.

7.)Illuminate corners

Unlit corners often make a room appear smaller and unwelcoming. Make your space appear more spacious and inviting by using wall, floor and table lamps to spread light throughout the room.

8.)Use glass lamps and furnishings

Clear glass lamps, vases and tables are ideal for smaller spaces. They allow your eyes to navigate a room freely, as they command minimal visual hierarchy while providing function and elegance.

9.) Hang your curtains close to the ceiling

If your windows are lower than your ceiling, consider hanging curtains or blinds closer to the top.

By covering the tops of your windows, you will create the illusion of taller ceilings, larger windows and a bigger room.

10.) Use a wall mirror to expand the boundaries of your room

Wall mirrors can make a room seem bigger, as they reflect light and empty space to enhance the liberating effect of windows, although you must consider what your mirror reflects. For example, if it mirrors back clutter or a disorganized view, your space will appear more crowded.

Move your mirror between multiple areas and angles to optimize your view and determine the best reflection.

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