Keeping art in a self-storage unit? Consider These 9 Tips

Keeping art in a self-storage unit

Did you know the Halton region is a thriving artist hub? If you’re an artist, collector or dealer, you know the burden of a cluttered studio. You may alternate materials between seasons or stow away work between galleries. Luckily, we offer storage units in Burlington of all sizes to support artists of all backgrounds! Your work is your identity, passion and gift to the world, and our storage experts have insights to help it avoid damage and ageing. So read on and learn how to keep it in mint condition.

1. Allow adequate room between pieces

Your artwork needs breathing room and should never be crushed beneath other pieces. Ensure there’s enough room around each work of art so it isn’t in contact with other items or shoved as you move objects around.

When storing unframed pieces flat, consider using a conservation mat board that is at least two inches larger than your artworks on all sides to avoid creasing and chemical reactions between pieces.

Visit our self-storage unit size guide to choose a solution that meets your needs.

2. Avoid Bright Light

Paintings and antiques deteriorate from exposure to bright lights, especially sunlight. Fading, discolouring and warping can occur due to chemical reactions when the paint encounters ultraviolet radiation. If your storage unit is lit, keep your items in boxes or envelopes to prevent deterioration.

3. Clean your art before storing

It’s wise to clean canvas art, sculptures and antiques before storing them long-term. Give items at least a light dusting to ensure dirt and germs don’t gather on them.

Always choose a cleaning product suitable for the material you’re storing. Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning antiques and vintage art, as old age makes them further susceptible to damage.

4. Choose climate-controlled storage

Your artwork risks permanent damage from heat, moisture and humidity. Therefore, choosing a climate-controlled storage unit is a long-term investment if art is your source of income.

Luckily, we offer climate-controlled storage in Burlington to retain the complete integrity of your art pieces.

5. Wear gloves

Did you know natural oil from your hands can cause chemical reactions to paint? Additionally, your hands can smudge and cause irreversible damage to pieces. Wear cotton gloves when handling art to avoid leaving fingerprints or oil on work and accidentally scratching them with your fingernails.

6. Inspect art for damage

Art is a long-term investment that can gain value over time. Therefore, it’s important to document its condition beforehand to determine if further damage occurs during storage.

Take photos and written reports for each art to account for damage and loss. Visual proof may be required when you’re dealing with insurance.

7. Insure your art

Your art is one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. As art is an investment, consider insurance for unexpected damage, disaster or deterioration.

At Burlington Storage Barn, all storage units must be insured. Don’t have off-site insurance with your home policy? No problem – we offer third-party policies at affordable rates. Otherwise, you may consider insurance plans geared explicitly towards fine art.

8. Don’t roll your art inside a tube

Although convenient, rolling paintings in a tube can result in permanent cracking and creasing. Store your pieces flat if you don’t plan on framing and hanging them.

9. Keep smaller works in a solander box

A solander box is an acid-free, clamshell case for storing precious documents, smaller paints, prints, maps and manuscripts. They’re suitable for smaller pieces and won’t take up much space in your self-storage units.

Your peace of mind is our top priority

Your art is deeply sentimental, priceless, irreplaceable and priceless. Our storage facilities are gated, guarded and under surveillance 24/7.

We’ve offered cheap storage for over 30 years. Additionally, Burlington Storage Barn is highly accessible. Located near the QEW and 403 highways, our storage units near Hamilton allow quick access to your art between galleries, sales and seasons. Additionally, we offer drive-up access to some of our units – helping avoid potential damage while transporting artwork. No need to climb stairs, wait for an elevator or walk from a parking lot.

Ready to make a move? Call us today – you can move your art in immediately – or reserve a storage unit online – free of additional charge!

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